fitness magazine 30-day fitness challenge.

Victor got me a subscription to Fitness Magazine last year, and I was a bit chagrined until I opened the cover and started reading. It’s fantastic! I’ve never met an issue I didn’t like, and I’m inspired to be a healthier person every time I read. It’s not one of those fitness magazines, it meets every woman at her level and strives to help her improve.

Their most recent issue has a 30-day fitness challenge for women everywhere. 30-days to lose 10 pounds. I’m in. I’ve gained 10 lbs. since starting this website, and my general lack of fitness is getting to me. So, will you join me in the 30-day fitness challenge? If we don’t lose 10 lbs. so what? At least we’ll be getting more physical, more healthy, more conscientious. And there *might* be some sweet goodies {the non-food kind} involved at the finish line.

Are you with me?

{sign up here}.

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  1. Noelle :

    every year i do sugar free january and i’ve had a few people sign up on my blog so we are all with you up here in sandy. way to go. i have 25 pounds to go to my pre baby weight and i love this post. it lets me know i’m not alone in this.

  2. Petit Elefant :

    No no, you’re far from alone. That’s what I love about this challenge. It’s all about community, doing it together! You can do it!

  3. KJ :

    I’m with you in spirit, what with delivering a baby in 8 weeks. You go girls!

  4. Jackie :

    I’m with ya! Just signed up and excited to get started.

  5. gmistudio :

    i just signed up too !! yes, Let do it together !!! We can do it !!

  6. Kathy :

    Count me in! Oh yes, I’ve got baby weight to lose too! The baby just turned 29 and is being married in the Caribbean in the first week of March, and I’ve GOT to lose some weight! All of their friends are young and thin, and I’d like to look halfway decent, so please help me to do this. Thanks!