whitening teeth at home: results

Last week I showed you my manky yellow teeth {and wrinkles, but that’s neither here nor there} before I used some whitening strips on them.

whitening teeth at home

They were manky and yellow {or brown some say}, and now:

how to whiten teeth at home

What do you think?

I put them on while I worked for two hours and no one noticed.  Sure, I work at home, but I was able to do a whole bunch of phone calls without anyone telling me I sounded 12.  With braces.  My gums were a little sensitive, but not much.  And can you believe what happened in two hours?  That was only using one strip and there are three more in the box.  I’m super stoked.

The other thing I was really happy about is that the actual teeth whitening strips are way stickier these days.  They didn’t slide around at all and I had to peel them off my teeth when I was done.  Huge bonus.

What would you whiten your teeth for, in only two hours?  Wedding?  Just for you?  Reunion?  Trip with your significant other?

–This is a One to One Network sponsored post.  The now white teeth belong to me.–

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  1. Emily :

    Your teeth look great. I’m glad you used the word “manky” hahahaha.

    • Allison :

      I can’t help myself with the manky stuff. But they did a great job, I’m super happy!

  2. Carina :


    • Allison :

      Right? I love it. Relatively cheapo too.

  3. kitty :

    now….if i could just get the hubby to use them…. hmmmmm…

    • Allison :

      I know! My dear husband couldn’t care less about white teeth. He thinks Americans are crazy to be so obsessed with teeth.

  4. Sylvia :

    Hi allison, im so curious about the whitening stips. My dentist said that it just works on healthy teeth, is it? How long does last ?thx

    • Allison :

      I have no idea if it just works on “healthy teeth”. It worked just great on mine, and I think the results last awhile if you use all the strips and take measures to keep them white.