What’s in your purse series week fifty three

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series purse is from Katrina.  Thank you!

If you want to submit your purse to the series take two photos of your purse {nice, clean non-blurry ones} one of the outside, one of the inside, along with a listing of the contents to allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom.  I’m almost out of purses so get moving, will you? —

coach purse

what's in your purse series
The top left corner to start:

  • This paisley book from Target has a magnetic hinge to keep a CD enclosed if I need, I use this book for any blogging ideas/crafts for blog that I may come up with.
  • My nude Rimmel fingernail polish that I blogged about recently. Love this stuff!
  • Emergency hair clip in clear (so that it will match any outfit)
  • Neutrogena hand lotion, seriously can not live without this stuff, it is the ONLY lotion that doesn’t feel gritty on my hands after a bit. It actually soaks into your skin.
  • Two lip glosses: top one is Victoria Secret for all the time use. Honestly I just love the smell/taste of Birthday Cake. I got it with my birthday money I get every year. Happy Birthday me, everyday!
  • Second one is Clinique, when I need to spruce up my lips a little if I am going somewhere fancylike in a hurry. It stays on your lips for a long time, it’s sticky-like-that.
  • One of those fancy-pants Sephora nail file/buffer. Love how shiny it makes your fingers.
  • Sunglasses. A must for me. Got these cuties at Kohl’s
  • My owl. This is my coin purse from Thirty-one purses, a fairly local purse lady (Columbus, Ohio) she started it out of her home. Inspirational!
  • My wallet, as you can see is jam packed full… Cards and Cards! In the coin part, I forgot to picture, is my key fob. Also a must have for blogging, when using more than one computer.
  • Checkbook with next bill in it to be paid…lame!
  • Bubblegum, mini kaleidoscope, and a McD’s toy for instant entertainment to get young ones outta my hair…
  • Coupon baggie with coupons that probably doesn’t belong in a Coach bag (hehe)
  • My birdie journal. This is by far the most important thing in my bag. Believe me when I say if my purse got stolen, this one be the thing that I would cry about most. This journal is with me at all times, because I jot things down at whim about my kiddos. I am not proud to say that I haven’t kept a baby book on my kids, but I have kept a journal about our daily lives, and this is the most recent one.
  • My camera. Self explanatory. I LOVE taking pictures.. I don’t claim to be a professional photographer though.
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  1. Katrina :

    THANK YOU Allison.. for the opportunity :)
    you made my day! I am famous now heheehe

  2. elizabeth :

    I MUST have that bag. Do you know the name of it? Your bag looks pretty organized to me!!! I must try that Nude Rimmel polish. Yes, you are famous now!

  3. Jenni :

    I love the idea of this series! So fun… (I am so glad I’m not the only one interested in the contents of other people’s purses.) Katrina… the owl coin purse is just ADORABLE! I also really like that you keep a notebook in your purse for ideas (I totally do this too).