What’s in your purse series week fifty six

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series purse is from Cora.  You’re the best Cora!
– P.S. you guys, I need more purses.  If you love this series and want more of it, submit your purse.  I only have a couple purses left in the lineup, I’m totally dried up in my stash.  It’s time to get a move on.  If you want to submit your purse to the series take two photos of your purse {nice, clean non-blurry ones} one of the outside, one of the inside, along with a listing of the contents to allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom.
brown leather purse
what's in her bag
Bag: brown leather, from a Dutch company (Manfield)
  • my day planner (with the pretty fishes)
  • an extra pen
  • a memory stick
  • a notebook for work (blue)
  • my private notebook (called ‘Darn Itch’, by Paperblanks, from the Good Dog series)
  • tea bags (because I’m a tea snob)
  • a pack of gum
  • shea butter lip balm
  • my wallet
  • a brush
  • sun glasses and case
  • my phone
  • and my ‘make up bag’, filled with tissues, band aids, hair bands, an extra lip balm, and no make up

not shown: my keys. Usually, I also carry a book (or two)

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  1. Kalli :

    Love the bag, looking for a nice, camel colored one meself.

    Also, those tea bags look a bit like condoms. WHAT? IT’S TRUE.

    • Cora :

      What can I say? I like to drink my tea safe.

      • Allison :

        Cora, you’re killing me here.

  2. Qui :

    i have a dog notebook like that one!! :D
    love the leather purse.

    • Allison :

      I had to leave the site asap, because I want every purse in the line.

  3. Heather B. :

    I will email you a photo of my purse the second my USB doohicky arrives.

    • Allison :

      Please to be sending. ASAP.

  4. Jessica Samson :

    Funny, my purse is quite similar to yours; I think I recognized the Occitane lip balm :p
    You should try those from ASILiI (http://www.asiliscosmetics.com). It’s pure and unrefined shea butter. The brand has also developed shea butter scented balms. My favorite one is basil ;-)