what’s in your purse series: week eleven.

Ready for another purse?  I am.  I’m always ready for another purse.  Bring it.

This week’s What’s In Your Purse Series purse is from Vanessa Brown of I Never Grew Up.  Let’s take a peek:

blue purse

purse purse in her bag sunglasses in purse

#1 My business card holder from Freshly Picked
#2 Where I store all the business cards I receive holder from Lotta Jansdotter
#3 Bracelets, when I go somewhere we I feel like I am too dressed down I throw one of those on and in my head I am all dressed up to par!
#4 My Grandma always said to, “Put some color on your lips!” so I do the best I can and carry around the most natural color of lip gloss or chapstick to keep her happy.
#5 Sunscreen because in the Summer I turn red and get 100 new freckles in about 5 seconds flat.
#6 A little journal from some sort, this one is from Marta Writes and I record my favorite things from the day.
#7 Stationary for when I need to write a quick thank you note or thinking of you note
#8 A soothing CD to pop in the car when my girls are tired and cranky, this one is Baby Mine and is very well used.
#9 I am potty training my youngest right now so I have emergancy pull ups in stock always
#10 A book for me to read when I just need to zone out for a few
#11 Our Yearly Visit Salt Lake Connect Passes, gets us into 13 Utah attractions and we love them all
#12 “Book on Tape” for my girls, this make the long car rides to different things bearable, they love books on tape.
#13 My Wallet
#14 One billion seeds, pine cones, leaves, etc. from all of our nature “adventures”
#15 Two billion girl hair things that never stay in their hair
#16 Some sort of cookbook or recipe magazine, I am obsessed with them.
#17 My husband’s dog training business cards
#18 Cell Phone (Google MyTouch)
#19 My Flip or other Video Recorder
#20 Sunglasses to hide my tired eyes!
#21 Some sort of random craft or toy of my girls, these are monster puppets that we use late at night to make shadows on the wall.

Thanks Vanessa!  If you want your purse featured send me some photos and detailed information about your purse to allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom

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  1. kalanicut :

    That’s one incredibly handy purse! And gorgeous too!

  2. Brenda C :

    Love the bag!!! What is it? Where can I get it??

  3. Donna :

    The bag! Gorgeous! Where is it from?

  4. Vanessa :

    Handbag Heaven! In the hobo section

    Thanks Allison for having me!

    • Brenda C :

      Bummer… I can’t find the bag on the site. Thanks for the info.

  5. Michelle :

    Adorable! I love that it holds EVERYTHING! And that it still has the little plastic thing from the tag on it. I’m glad I am not the only one who does that. ;)