Whats in My Purse Series Winter Edition

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winter purse contents

It’s been a while since I’ve done a What’s in Your Purse Series post, but it’s time again.  Do you miss it?  I kind of love the purse series  and I really miss seeing what’s in your purses!  Should we get it started again?  I’ll be first.

This is my purse right now.  The only thing I edited out was an extra huge stash of lip products.  For reals, I had an extra 5 or 6 lip glosses and lipsticks and just thought it might be a little excessive for this photo.  I always carry around too much makeup in my purse, it’s just part of who I am.  You never know when you might need red lipstick. Or hot pink!  What if you’re out and you need hot pink?  I mean, that’s a worrisome situation and I’m prepared for any potential beauty disaster.

Here’s what you’d find in my purse this very minute, if you dumped it all out on your living room floor.

What’s in My Purse Series Winter Edition

  • my wallet
  • Band-Aids
  • car keys, with a gym membership I haven’t used in 3 months
  • granola bar (for me)
  • 6 lip products
  • L’Occitane hand lotion (This is my very favorite hand lotion and I always have some in my purse.  Utah winters are so harsh on my skin and I use this constantly!)
  • Ricola cough drops: both the original (my favorite) and the new extra strength cough drops (because at least one person at a time in my family has been sick for the last 3 months)
  • tampons
  • statement ring (obviously. we all need an emergency statement ring in our purses at all times.)
  • 2 of my very favorite pens, for writing down ideas
  • 1 black Sharpie marker (because my kids swim in at least one meet a weekend, and Sharpies are for racers)
  • 2 bags of some of my favorite tea (because I’ve turned into an old lady who carries tea with her everywhere)
  • a pouch of applesauce (see above re: swimmers. they eat ALL of the things.)


What would you find in your purse right now if you dumped it all out?  Mine at any given time would always include a variation of what you see above, and in the winter there’s almost always a knit hat and my driving gloves.  Both of those were in my car when I took this.  I have cough drops on my nightstand, in my purse, and in my car at any given time between September and April.  I really and truly am partial to Ricola.  Utah winters are hard, yo.


Because you’re the sort of people who have Mary Poppins handbags full of awesome, we have a giveaway for you.  YAY!

What’s in Your Purse Series Winter Edition – GIVEAWAY

  • Ricola Soothing Relief Kit (you want this, the cough drops are so yummy)
  • $100 Gift Card (VISA or MasterCard)
Giveaway runs now through Monday December 23rd.  Leave a comment telling me the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in your purse.  My laundry list of weird things is so long it would freak you out if I shared.


// Sponsored by Ricola.  I hope you know I wouldn’t try to sell you something I wouldn’t use myself.  I’m obsessed with Ricola and have been for years.  I’m grateful to you for understanding that part of running a blog full time means great sponsorships like this one from the good folks at Ricola.  Reeeeeeeee-koooooooh-LA! #ricola4Lyfe //

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  1. amelia :

    Oh yes, bring it back. The purse series totally satisfies my nosy side.

  2. Becca :

    I can’t say I’ve ever found anything exceptionally weird in my purse but I have definitely spilled chocolate in there on more than one occasion.

    My fiance and I are the same way about cough drops – once it gets cold we put Ricola stashes in coat pockets, car consoles, and desk drawers.

  3. Michelle Noami :

    The strangest thing I’ve ever found in my purse was chewed up gum inside a diaper (a clean one, well clean before the gum made contact with the diaper.) Gotta love working with kids!

  4. Lori Garcia :

    The weirdest things I ever found in my purse were muddy rocks. My son thought they were shaped really cool and wanted to keep them in “a safe place”.

  5. Rhea :

    I love butter! Lots of butter and in my work bag I have found butter pats. Some have been melted because it was summery. Some have been opened and smeared all over every where! Some have been hanging out just waiting for a yummy piece of bread. I work in a bakery-cafe and my employees know my love of butter and I suspect that they have been tossing butter in there when I am not looking. It’s always a nice surprise!

  6. Stacia :

    Dirty dishes. You know, from breakfast on the run, they get left in the car, I try to clean up the car at a stop light by shoving random items into my purse, and then the purse doesn’t get cleaned out for a few more days. This is a reason to use a smaller purse – it limits what I can shove in there.

    • Rachel :

      Besides a lot of junk, including actual garbage, I have an asortment of odd things in my purse, which rarely includes cash. (Maybe that explains why someone turned my purse in when I left it in a store bathroom recently. After my initial relief that it wasn’t stolen, I was quite embarrassed at the amount of crap the security guy had to sift through to unearth my drivers license.) I finally cleaned out my lucky purse for the first time in forever (I’m breaking into song in my mind. Name the movie! Hint: it’s a recent Disney movie) So back to the subject of my weird purse items. I have a lot of the usual stuff like most people; credit cards, hand sanitizer, brush, checkbook, tampons, expired coupons, lots of receipts for groceries but not for the printer that broke and some inkless pens. I also have almost all of my paycheck direct deposit statements for the year, 3 gift cards I keep forgetting to use and are probably expired, my entire makeup collection (I only put on makeup while driving) spoons (the cereal bowl gets stowed under my car seat on the way to work) and a toothbrush and toothpaste (I’m a hygienist so I try to practice what I preach). But the strangest thing in my purse is probably the emergency ketchup packets for my picky daughter who dips pretty much everything in ketchup.

  7. Erica :

    I usually have some spare Superhero figurines and Hot Wheels cars in my purse. Recently I found a bag in my closet that had a clementine orange from WHO KNOWS WHEN. It had surpassed the mold stage and was hard as stone. Ew.

  8. Suzanne B :

    Half eaten food, rocks…

  9. Kristen :

    So it’s not strange as much as it was strange that I had it when someone needed it…
    We were outside a basketball game and I can’t remember why but someone needed a wrench for something. Lo and behold, I had cleaned out something earlier in the day and had stashed the wrench in my purse until I got to the toolbox. Anyway, they were quite impressed that I had one in my purse ;)

  10. La Yen :

    I have a mail key in my purse from two moves ago. I don’t know why. But I do. JUST IN CASE.

  11. Ana Connery :

    Nails, a measuring tape, stuff I take to Home depot to replace or buy new and then forget about. Half-eaten granola bars. Pens that no longer write. Several lip glosses, all in some shade of beige. Arcade cards that no longer have credits on them. Flyers left on my door that I stuffed in there 18 months ago.And every once in while, my dog, Lola, is in my purse. I carry her around like that. “Cause I can.

  12. Lindsey MacMurray :

    I found a little orange in a baggie with pine needles sticking out of it.

  13. Liz Lemon :

    Yo! I need that kit pronto! Christmas colds are not funny. And neither are the contents of my purse. Diapers, wipes, cheerios, new toothbrush, gloves, one of those push-a-button-and-a-little-spinny-light-thing toys and more very exciting things like lipstick and a baby spoon.

  14. Kelly Tirman :

    the weirdest thing I had found in my purse? A dirty diaper. Worse part, I am not quite sure how long I had been carrying it around.

  15. mare dowl :

    Glasses, not one but two pair of panties (not sure why) 2 lip gloss, migraine med, mints, mint gum-2 packs, floss picks(running low nee d2 restock) eye drops, 5 packs of splenda, anti bac hand wash, wet wipes, 2 coffee gift cards, coupons-gotta have coups, empty compact?! Receipts galore, 5 pens, car key, house keys, mail box key (all on seperate rings) key ring of members rewards cards, ear buds, nail clippers, a bottle of perfume and 8 free drink coins at my favorite restaurant. Hoard much?

  16. Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig :

    I totally hear you about the Sharpies! My daughter only started swimming last year, and that was one “never knew that!” things that I learned. Let’s see…my purse is pretty tame right now. But I’ve been traveling, so I have things like two portable device chargers, Wet Wipes, mints, and various other things to help out in unexpected situations. :)

  17. jane maynard :

    I recently found a baggie of something organic (I’m blocking the memory so it’s all a little fuzzy, I just know it was food that is meant to be refrigerated), but what I DO know for sure is that I’m really really really really glad that the ziploc held strong. does that count as weirdest? it’s definitely the grossest!

  18. 2wellsmade5 :

    Oh, my….weirdest thing. That’s hard to say, because I have 5 kiddos. So, weird to you may be the norm! I currently have the usual diaper bag items, then add Chuck E Cheese coupons, tickets, tic tacs, gum, 3 pens, crayons, note pad, gummy bears, skittles and a handful of dum dum suckers. The applesauce pouches, 5hr energy, Goodys, 4 lipglosses, 2 chapsticks, keys, straws, plastic spoons. Jiffy peanut butter travel cups in plain and chocolate. Umm….there’s O.B tampons, panyliners…..and a few toys from Happy Meals and a Hot Wheel helicopter! I love when you do the purse series….I actually feel a sense of normalcy! Thanks :-)

    • 2wellsmade5 :

      I didn’t mention the”honey do” list and about 10 paint chips with cut out s of DIY things I could possibly try!

    • WorldTravelerWannabe :

      I have a bag of teddy grahams that have been in my purse for so long….that they are now Teddy dust! Not weird, but thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Allison :

    A used Pull-Up and the price tag for a pair of shoes….but i promise I didn’t steal the shoes.

  20. Swampmomma :

    I still have a diaper bag…so I really don’t have weird things. Gross things, maybe! I think this is funny, I found that dog poop bags work just as well for dirty diapers as the ones actually made for dirty diapers. So, we found some on sale and bought a ton! So, now all my dirty diapers have dog paws and bones on them or the letters “poop” “woof” and “bark”. I have gotten a couple of weird looks!

  21. ~j. :

    No, YOU had a rolled up dirty diaper in your purse because after you changed it you couldn’t find a trash can.

  22. Cora :

    A wet diaper wrapped in paper towels- thanks to the husband on the job and no trash can in hos arms’ length. Hater.

  23. Leidy :

    The weirdest thing I’ve found is my son’s homework, worksheets that he supposedly turned in but somehow ended up on my bag.

  24. REK981 :

    Booze. I think it was one of those little bottles of booze like you get on an airplane in my purse. Also, a pair of my undies that somehow ended up in the cuff of my pants once (they got twisted up in the dryer) and I didn’t notice the bulge until I got to work one day! Hey!! That was um, embarrassing.

    I love the purse series so please bring it back!!!

  25. donna :

    How about tweezers? Cuz the only time I can see the chin hairs is in sunlight

  26. Heather :

    Once my purse smelled strongly of spray paint. I’m crafty but I’m not THAT crafty! I discovered a blender pen had opened and leached into my purse. A blender pen is a clear pen that is basically made of paint thinner. Anyway… The spray paint smell didn’t go away for a week.

  27. Peggy :

    Random keys that I have no idea what they are for. I’m afraid to throw them. I’ll figure it out someday!

  28. SS :

    I am always finding flashlights in my purse that my husband sticks in there “just in case.” Apparently he thinks it is dark everywhere I go. I’m glad he’s looking out for me though.

  29. Ashley Gillihan :

    I love the what’s in my purse series! I love to see everyone’s goodies and must haves. The weirdest thing I have found in my purse has got to be the beetle I had to save for my son’s bug collection. Mom life.

  30. Sydnie :

    Nothing super weird, but I’ve definitely found half eaten food

  31. mj :

    yay … glad this series is back … please keep it going its so fun!! nothing too weird in my purse just lots of essentials! :)

  32. Cherie :

    Melted chocolate I found in my purse during a concert!! How in the world did that end up in there.

  33. Rachel :

    The strangest thing I ever found was a pair of my own thongs. I still have no idea as to why they were in there and I was too baffled to check if they were clean or dirty. It was really bizarre as I had no recollection of what would have caused me to put a black lacy thong in my purse!