What was your summer of love?

Love.  It’s practically the theme of Summer, isn’t it?  Right behind pool parties, beach bonfires, house parties, and Summer nose jobs (come on, you had to know a few girls who came back in the Fall with new noses).  I always went into the Summers of my teen years hoping to snag an easy breezy May-December romance, something short term with a cute surfer boy from California who randomly chose to stay with a friend for a summer of awesome in Utah Valley.


A girl can dream.  It never happened but I was never discouraged by that fact.  Every Summer I just knew, just KNEW this Summer would be the one.  I wasted a lot of time thinking about boys.

first love

I had boyfriends all through high school and remember distinctly my first love, a September – June romance (waste of time girls, don’t follow in my footsteps!  just study and get good grades and go to college!  the men’s volleyball team is EVERYTHING you hope they will be!)   The ending of that relationship was so tragic, so painful.  We had a great run all through my Freshman year, going to all the dances and house parties together, holding hands and kissing under the Christmas dance mistletoe.  I really did love him, and I feel a tiny twinge in my heart when I think about those years.  He got a 6-rose corsage for me for prom (yes, I went to prom when I was 14, I was an early bloomer) and boated together listening to Bob Marley during a camping trip with a group of friends the weekend before we broke up.

Marley is perfect boating music, just FYI.

I was a Freshman, he was an older man, (a 15-year-old Sophomore) and  I can report the genuine pain I felt when we broke up at the beginning of the Summer before my Sophomore year in high school. He ended up with an older woman by September.  She was probably 16 and had a car.

first love

I’d post a picture of us from prom, but he’s in social media and I don’t want to embarrass him or his cute wife and family.  (neither of the guys above is him, but they were nice guys nonetheless)

I don’t want you to think I’m belittling Summer love at all, it’s a serious thing.  There are real lessons to be learned from the early relationships of youth.  Every Summer, even the short period of three months, kids came back to school in the Fall a little bit transformed.  There was always the guy who hit puberty somewhere in July and was totally hot by lacrosse tryouts in the Fall, or the girl who bloomed, had braces taken off, switched from glasses to contacts and was finally wearing a real bra come September.

Summer can be transformative.

So what was YOUR Summer of love?  Do you remember?  If you didn’t have a first Summer love, did you have a transformative Summer?  I clearly had a few.  Or five.  So I can’t wait to go see the new movie THE WAY, WAY BACK coming out in a few days (July 5th), all about an adorable kid who goes on a forced Summer vacation with his mom and her douchebag boyfriend played by Steve Carell (am I allowed to say that on this family blog?  oh well, I just did).  The poor thing is in one of the more awkward teenage years of his life, waiting to come into his own with his mother’s overbearing boyfriend demeaning him while he’s at it.

I can so relate.

Minus the weird boyfriend part.  There were plenty of dads in my life (not my own) who filled the part though.


the way back

It makes me shiver just thinking about it.  Teenagers of the world, listen up:  IT GETS BETTER, SO MUCH BETTER.

Anyway, the movie looks amazing.  It’s brought to you by the same people who put together Juno and Little Miss Sunshine, and the award-winning screenwriters behind The Descendants (another fantastic coming-of-age movie).  I can’t wait to see it, sitting comfortably on this side of adulthood, knowing how amazing life can be once you get past the mandatory weird stuff.

It gives me shivery teenage angst just remembering.

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Please, now that I’ve shared two pictures of me at prom, wearing the same dress two years in a row, with braces no less, please share a snippet of your teen angst.  I need to know I’m not alone in the wistful love department.

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  1. Kimberly :

    College. Summer internship at Disneyworld. Super cute boy from Purdue. (Twang goes my heart). I think of him every time I look at Bradley Cooper.

  2. Dottie :

    OK, I just read this and I’m going to see the Way Way Back movie as soon as it freaking opens up because of this! I’m NOT SHITTING YOU!

    This post was so funny that I will go see any movie four times for you to post more Prom pictures of that guy in the full knee brace.

    Thank you for this. No, seriously. Thank you.

  3. ~j. :

    Six proms.


  4. Sarah :

    Love this! Love, love, love this!!
    I think my two kids are having a summer like that right now. We have been able to do and see some “transformative” things. It’s been amazin to watch them and feel that little twitch in my heart as I see them taking those same steps towards their future. It’s freakin amazing!

  5. Mary AA :

    I actually want to go see this movie, the trailer is pretty great and I love Sam Rockwell and Toni Collette.

    I love love love coming-of-age movies and in particular summer ones. They make my heart hurt just by thinking about them. I will share my summer love story on your facebook page.