what to wear with a pencil skirt

Have you ever wondered what to wear with a pencil skirt?  The thought keeps you up at night, I’m sure of it.

pencil skirt

Well, even if it doesn’t, I’m here to show you how I like to wear mine.

Last Fall I showed you how to dress like Mad Men, and this tweed pencil skirt is a pretty similar look.  The great thing about the pencil skirt is that if you have plenty of curves {AHEM} it puts emphasis in all the right places, and if you’re not curvy but wish you were, the cut of the skirt will give the illusion of curves.

Not a terrible illusion to have.

how to wear a pencil skirt

I prefer to dress up a pencil skirt, I think it plays up the strengths of the skirt and gives an overall look of wonderful femininity to the outfit.  I wore this tweed skirt from with:

  • A tailored white button down shirt
  • 3/4 length button cardigan
  • Fabric belt, stolen from a black dress in my closet
  • Red vintage heels
  • The perfect small gold necklace

Pretty simple, right?

Guess what? 

No really, guess.

This is a giveaway!

If you want a pretty tweed skirt for your closet, now’s your chance.  This skirt is gorgeous, and heavy, and lined, and cut just right to make you look foxy.  Who doesn’t want that for the new year?

Giveaway Details:

  1. To enter the Tweed Skirt giveaway, tell me which Mad Men character you are.  Please tell me you know what that means.  I don’t think I need to tell you I’m Joan.  In body only, I’m not a tramp people!
  2. Giveaway ends next Thursday, December 23rd at Midnight MST.
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  1. Erin P. :

    I think I’m Hilde (sp?). We’re both shaped like rulers, unfortunately. And we LOVE Mad Men at our house. We are waiting impatiently for the next season to make it to NetFlix!

  2. Dora B. :

    OMG I need this skirt, more than you know!
    I’m totally a Joan…can you say bodacious behind? I also had red hair at one point, so that helped too :D

  3. Rachel :

    This might come as an enormous shock, but I have never seen Mad Men! Eep! *hangs head in shame*
    I hear wonderful things about it, so it is on The List of things to see. One of these days…
    In the meantime though, I could totally go for a hot new skirt. I am sad to admit that the skirt I wore to church this last Sunday was a skirt from high school almost a decade ago. Fer reals.

  4. Kalli :

    Hi, I’m a Joan, Der.

  5. Jill K :

    Ah crap. I’ve never been able to see a whole episode of Mad Men! I blame my children. But if there really is a tramp on the show, I’m the tramp.

  6. AE Jones :

    DARLING! I am a huge fan of the pencil skirt. I love yours in this post – love the pleats. Such a flattering style.

  7. Aisha :

    I’m a Joan. I have a freakishly hour-glass like shape and my hair is red – though mine has to come from a box! Seeing the way she is dressed on Mad Men has really, truly inspired me to dress better and more appropriately for my shape. :)

  8. Andria :

    I’m a Joan.

  9. Erin Davis :

    I haven’t actually seen the show, but I guess I would not be a Joan cuz I’m not a tramp, and I don’t know any of the other characters! Way cute skirt tho!

  10. Alyssa White :

    I love Mad Men, i want Don Draper as a husband minus the whole I live another life, cheat frequently, but look so darn good looking!!! I am a mix between Joan the Fox and Betty the housewife…

  11. Meghan :

    Definitely Betty. Although I have Joan’s hair (but not body!).

  12. alimartell :

    100% Betty Draper.

  13. Emily :

    That skirt is amazing! I’ve never seen the show- scandalous, I know. Love the fashion though.

  14. Jessica Mae :

    I have never seen Mad Men. =( Can I be Joan too? I love the skit. So hot!!

  15. Linda :

    I don’t know anything about Mad Men but that tweed skirt is to die for. LOVE IT!!!!

  16. Hil :

    Oh boy, I’ve never seen Mad Men but I hope that doesn’t disqualify me from winning this adorable skirt! :)

  17. Myrnie :

    Am I still eligible if I don’t have cable (or any channels) and haven’t’ seen Mad Men?? :) Such a gorgeous skirt! Something like this would definitely get my rear in gear to get back in shape once this baby makes it’s debut!

  18. Maura :

    I, unfortunately, am Peggy. I like her character, but I identify with the mousy, work-a-holic tendencies, which I don’t admire. I do not have a secret child with a huge dork, though.

  19. colett yarro :

    I’m a Megan for sure. Love the skirt! Shame on the heads of all the non-watchers

  20. lorchick :

    You know what, I was just about to say ‘You may send me your skirt. We are the same size so this shall work nicely.’ and then i kept reading and its a giveaway! Hoorah!
    I think I am Joan as well, but same, not a tramp. Or at least I’d like to convince myself I am. Joan I mean, not a non-tramp. I’m pretty sure I have the non tramp part covered regardless.

  21. Cathy :

    I’ve never seen Mad Men but I really really really like that skirt.

  22. Katherine :

    A combo: Peggy in personalty and drive and Betty in style. I also identify with Faye some too. You can’t win the skirt if you’ve never seen the show! :)

  23. Jill S. :

    Body-wise? Joan. All the way.

  24. ECLeeds :

    Darling skirt.

  25. Theresa :

    You can call me …Betty. Oh, and by the way, you forgot to mention that super cute ring as an essential part of the outfit!

  26. Lauren :

    Totally Peggy and not ashamed of it! I’m not a siren like Joan or a total fox like Betty. Average looks, and a better than average brain.

  27. Jennie Spear :

    I’m a natural red head with big hips. I suppose that puts me in the most like Joan category :). The skirt is to die for :)

  28. Ella McKinsey :

    I guess I’m Peggy, but only because I’m not Joan and definitely not Betty.

  29. Jenny :

    I would LOVE to win this skirt! It is adorable. I love Mad Men, and I am Betty.

  30. Cindy :

    As a matter of fact, I don’t know what that means. Never watched it. I’ll just be Joan, like you. :0)

  31. Audrey :

    Don’t hate me, but I’ve never seen Mad Men. Are any of the characters petite? Because that’s what I am. I’d love a new cute skirt!

  32. the emily :

    Okay I am dying for that pencil skirt, but can I still win if I think Mad Men is the stupidest show known to man? I do NOT get the appeal. I seriously don’t. So, I’ll say I’m the dorky secretary from season one with too-short bangs that sleeps with that sleaze-ball that’s about to get married. Because that’s about all I know, beyond the smoking and the adultery and the drinking, about that show.

  33. Melissa :

    Love Mad Men, Love this skirt.
    I’m a Betty – at first glance, “just” a housewife but really so much more!
    I would love to have this skirt to work it with a killer cardigan and say something like “”Honestly, I think she’s jealous of me. I’ve seen it before, I was in a sorority.”
    –Betty Season 1, Episode 4: “New Amsterdam”

  34. Emmilee :

    My character is similar to Peggy, though I envy Betty’s style much more.

  35. Elizabeth :

    I have been wanting to watch Mad Men for the longest. I’m not sure which character I would be but from glancing at the comments I sound like a Betty. :) That skirt is way hot!!

  36. Valerie H. :

    I am sorry to say I have never watched Mad Men. I guess I have a new show to watch.

  37. Gina :

    Hmmmm…not Joan, don’t really want to be Betty. I guess more like Megan! Beautiful skirt!

  38. Piper :

    I would also like to think that I was Joan in body heh nettysgirl AT gmail.com

  39. Lori :

    I’ve never seen the show, but a little birdie told me my hubby was getting the DVDs for Christmas, so I will soon. I’m guessing I’m a Betty!

  40. SS Sews :

    I haven’t ever watched the show but I have season 1 in my Netflix queue. I like pencil skirts, and I’m not a tramp :)

  41. Adrien :

    Aw, Joan isn’t a tramp!

    I’m a Peggy who wishes she was a Joan.

  42. man :

    joan! also, on the skirt’s site, apparently i’m a size “sexy’. heh.

  43. samantha :

    yeah, totally a joan. on the bottom at least. could use a little help up top. *sigh*

  44. Anne :

    Betty. Sigh.

  45. Karen :

    Sorry to say I’ve never seen Mad Men (we don’t have cable) but I LOVE the skirt. Anything that looks like its from the 40’s is terrific in my book.

  46. Jen McDonald :

    Umm…I hate to admit that I have never seen Mad men…we don’t watch much tv around here, but I’ll have to check it out on Netflix if you think it’s that good. :) So, I hope my ignorance doesn’t disqualify me for the chance to win that awesome skirt!

  47. Sarah :

    If I say that I have no idea what Mad Men is, can I still win? I love the skirt!

  48. Robyn :

    Can I still enter if I have never seen Madmen and don’t know who any of the characters are? I love the skirt and you!

  49. Alicia W. :

    I’m another who hasn’t seen “Mad Men” (and probably never will), but I do love the skirt!

  50. Rebecca :

    I am Joan, for sure! LOVE the skirt!! :)

  51. Danielle :

    This is one sexy outfit! Love, love, love the skirt. I think my generous curves would appreciate it. And, yes, I’m Joan.

  52. elz :

    Clothing wise, I’m a Betty with a side of Peggy. Although the black dress Megan wore with the cut-out? I NEED.

  53. Liz Lemon :

    Love the skirt – you tell me who I am. :)

  54. Angie :

    I am Betty, but my husband is so not Don Draper.

  55. Trainer Momma :

    I’ve never watched an episode, but what I can gather online I’m a Betty Draper.

  56. Stacey M. :

    So, I’ve never seen Mad Men despite the fact we own the available 3 seasons on DVD. For shame. But, my husband said I’m Peggy. Looking online I’m not sure I would agree. I’m not Joan because I’m built fairly lithe so whoever is built like that is me. :) I love that skirt!

  57. Jeanine :

    Peggy. I can relate to her desire to focus on her career and the conflict it causes.

  58. Lorena Morgan :

    I’m also a Joan in body type only! Love this skirt…please be mine!

  59. Katie :

    Betty by day, Joan by night :)

  60. Mrs. G :

    Ummmm…. I’ve never watched an episode of Mad Men in my life. Please don’t hold that against me. I love that skirt!!

  61. AMY :

    i AM A JOAN!!!

  62. Monica :

    I know you did not just call Joan a tramp… She would not stand for that no way, young lady!

  63. Megan :

    I’m a total Peggy. :) And that skirt would look so cute on me! It looks great on you, too! :)

  64. Marsha :

    I’m a Betty – I love that skirt!

  65. Kristi W :

    I haven’t actually seen Mad Men, but I love that skirt. I need it!

  66. Camille :

    um – full disclosure here: never seen an episode, but totally know what you’re referring to. If I could LOOK like any character on Mad Men, I’d choose Joan – for the curves! :) and since I’m lacking, I need the illusion. Cute skirt!

  67. DAna :

    Peggy in personality and drive

  68. Angela B :

    Great skirt. Great style, great color. Love it all. And I LOVE Mad Men (so does my husband!) Great contest.

    I am a Betty but only beacuse I am married with young kids. I’m not a crazy, delusional perfectionist, nor am I mean to my kids! Personality wise I guess I’m a Peggy – overachieveing and wanting to be everything to everyone and please everyone around me!

  69. Amanda :

    I’m a very not blond Betty.

  70. Kristen :

    Oooooh, which character… LOVE Joan–for her style, confidence and ability to take control of the situation. Betty has that classic Grace Kelly look but seems to be a bit of a hot mess lately. Meg, Don Draper’s finance, is so charming with his children. I’m eager to see how that plays out. Peggy–love that she’s made her way in that office. Hmmmm, tough question. I don’t know that I have an answer. Though I dig that pencil skirt!

  71. Suzanne :

    I would LOVE to win this skirt – and I already facebook like you:) BUT I do have to say I don’t watch Mad Men – so I am not sure who I would be. Can I still win the WONDERFUL skirt if I don’t watch Mad Men?!? Please say YES!

  72. Ashlee :

    GORGEOUS!!! you are right, I NEED that skirt. Just lovely. I have to say *I’ve never seen mad men* I’m SO sorry. It looks fun, I just already have so many other shows that keep me up at night not doing what I should be (sleeping) that I’ve been hesitant to add another one. maybe I’ll catch up next summer… But I’ve seen the actresses… I’m the one with the excessive BUST in looks, but beyond that I’m not sure!

  73. Angela :

    I’ll go with Sally…not because I’m a child, but because I can see some paralells. Oldest sister, two younger brothers. As a child, when my parent’s hosted events, I wanted to be one of the adults, serving drinks and listening to their stories.

  74. Heidi E :

    You look smashing. Now go put on your SNOW BOOTS!!

  75. Sarah L :

    I’m TOTALLY Peggy. And I <3 this skirt :)

  76. Nancy :

    So… I didn’t realize Mad Men was a show. I thought it was a news/entertainment thingy. So sorry. But I LOVE the skirt and need all the fashion help I can get.

  77. katelyn :

    I don’t watch Mad Men – I initially thought it was movie called Mad Money. Regardless, I think this skirt is super cute. We have similar body shapes and it looks awesome on you! Keeping my fingers crossed for this one :)

  78. MamaKaren :

    I think I am maybe a Peggy, with the continued struggle about whether to try to succeed in business or have a personal life. At a conference last April I was wearing a 60’s style dress at a reception and my hair was curled, and one of the attendees said I looked like Joan Holloway. I should be so lucky!

  79. Erin :

    I’ve never watched a second of “Mad Men” in my life, but I srsly want this skirt!

    glycinemax at gmail dot com

  80. Erin E. :

    Ali- You look adorable. You have a way with making outfits amazing. I will fly you out here to be my stylist for a weekend.(not kidding.) I don’t know which character I would be– I just want to dress like them.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Erin, give me the word and I’m there. Can you even imagine the fun, shopping all weekend in NYC?

      Make it happen.

  81. Cassie M :

    People have said I look like Betty, and I also have three kids!

  82. Nancy :

    I’m Peggy Olson.

  83. Nancy :

    Wow, what a gorgeous skirt! It would be perfect for one of my debate tournaments where the debaters all dress up :)
    While I’d love to have the curves of Joan (*sigh*), I think I have more of the ‘flat’ body of Betty Draper/Francis. Hopefully the skirt could help with that a bit!
    Thanks for the great giveaway,

  84. Allie :

    Amazing Skirt! I really don’t know who I am on Mad Men since we don’t watch TV. So I am giving this a shot in the dark and saying Joan Harris. Thanks!