What I wore Wednesday head scarf

Today we’re playing What I wore Wednesday.  Yes I know it’s Tuesday, that’s the kind of Tuesday I’m having.  I’m just going to pretend today is Wednesday and that the week is on fast forward.

Okay?  Okay then.

what I wore Wednesday head scarf what I wore Wednesday head scarf what I wore Wednesday gold clutch

Here’s what I’m wearing:

  • denim cap-sleeve,  thrift store {GAP}
  • green cuffed jacket: Anne Taylor Loft
  • brown leather belt: Lands’ End
  • head scarf: flea market {Warsaw}
  • jeans: Lee* jeans
  • shoes: Bass {via Nordstrom Rack}
  • gold clutch: Banana Republic
  • jewelry: Forever 21

I never thought I’d have use for a purse/clutch any smaller than a large sack of laundry, but it turns out clutches are okay by me.  I’m attending a lot more “events” than I used to, and usually a cute clutch gets the job done better than my usual duffel bag size purses.

And I’m still working to get the whole head scarf thing down, but I’m telling you there’s nothing better on the books for a bad hair day.


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  1. jane maynard :

    I don’t know if I could ever get up the gumption to do a head scarf! looks so cute on you! :)

    • Allison :

      Jane, you’d look AMAZING in a head scarf. Swear it.

  2. Rachael :

    Are those White Mountain shoes? ;)

    • Allison :

      What in the good green earth are White Mountain shoes? Do they sell at R.E.I.?

  3. Erin O. :

    I was about to send a denim dress/tunic to the thrift store because the belt loops are too high. When I tie it up, it looks funky and I look pregnant. But it needs a belt because…well, it just does. BOOM. After seeing this post, now I’m going to just try a wide belt over the tunic.

    GENIUS. Thank you.

    • Allison :

      Nooooo! You can cut those belt loops right off. Put a belt up there, and…. Boom!

  4. Maria :

    I wish I could pull off a head scarf like you! You are gorgeous!