What’s in Your Purse Week Thirty Two

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series Purse is from Kate, who’s in school, and stylish while she’s at it.

If you want in on the series email me two {high quality, non-blurry} photos of your purse, one of the outside one of the inside to: allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom.  Thanks!

whats' in my purse what's in my purse series
  • Red Moleskine Planner- seriously could not live without this thing.  A week per open page (so really 2 pages per week), a neat little expandable file in the back, and stickers for holidays, bills, errands, birthdays, etc.  Who doesn’t love stickers?!  And who doesn’t love listing their to-do’s and then putting a happy check-mark next to each as you complete the task?  Oh, not everybody is that OCD organized and list happy?  Well, I enjoy it and this lovely planner helps me get there!
  • Green wallet from DSW- slim, simple, it works (on another note, I have about 4 other wallets and rotate as I get bored with one)
  • The “rainbow-y” bag at the top came with an umbrella.  It now holds mirror/brush combo, Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Wipes, mini Purell, nail file, bandaids, Nivea lipgloss (my fave is a Labelle I got in Prague on the honeymoon and sadly can’t find here.  This is a close 2nd), inhaler, and, not shown here, deodorant because nobody wants to smell when they’re out of the house from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on a daily basis.
  • Fun green “pencil box”- mini-stapler, pink highlighter with post-its in the cap, yellow regular highlighter (the one with post-its lost its highlighter juice), blue and black pens, a pencil or two, flash drive, red pen, staples (which I’ve never had to replace yet . . .could probably take them out of the box, but then you know I’d need them the very next day).
  • Assorted books.  This semester it’s Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Special Education Law.
  • MacBook.  Love.
  • Oh . . .also not pictured, laptop power cord, phone, and phone charger.  And most days a big water bottle.
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  1. Pam :

    OMG I need a pencil box. That is completely genius.

    • Allison :

      I know, brilliant right?

    • Allison :

      Me too! Love yours.

    • Allison :

      Ooh, I think so! Thanks Libby, it looks awesome.

  2. Rachael :

    Look how pretty and organized! I’m going to write a post for you just to show you what a train wreck really looks like

  3. Erin m. :

    yes! I love my moleskin planner. It is truly the best!