wedding band + a giveaway!

Funny story: when Viktor and I got married we were young, poor, college students. Emphasis on the young & poor. Viktor isn’t much for sentimentality, or materialism, so he didn’t care much for a wedding band. I really wanted to get one for him but he insisted we save the money, so I didn’t.

Instead I gave him an old silver band I had gotten in high school while I was on a humanitarian trip in Mexico. A simple, beat up silver band. I made him wear it. The man who married us was an old cattle rancher who told us that our wedding bands were like our *brand*. That we belonged to each other now. Viktor wore the ring for less than a year and now it rolls around his dresser drawer, only to be pulled out for special occasions. Like bringing a baby home from the hospital. No, really.

So for Valentine’s Day Viktor, I’ve gotten you a wedding band. An honest-to-goodness, official Platinum wedding band. You deserve a *brand*. I love you.

{via Superior Wedding Bands}.

Who needs a wedding band? Are there any among you who have gone 10+ years of marriage without a wedding ring? Are you about to get married and you need one? How about a Happy Valentine’s Day Wedding Band Giveaway? Giveaway details below:

Giveaway Guidelines:

  1. To enter the Valentine’s Day Wedding Band Giveaway, leave me a comment on this post telling me why you need one, & which one you love best from here. You are eligible for a Tungsten band up to $120.
  2. If you blog about this, you get an extra entry. Email me to let me know you’ve posted about it with a link to the post.
  3. If you twitter about it, you will receive an additional entry. Again, email me. This means you can get TWO extra entries for this giveaway! What are you waiting for? Shoo!
  4. If you post my button on your blog, again, you guessed it, an extra entry.
  5. Leave only one comment please.
  6. Anonymous comments will be ignored.
  7. The deadline to enter is Monday February 16th, Midnight MST. Winners will be announced Tuesday February 17th.
  8. If I don’t hear from you within 7 days to claim your giveaway another winner will be chosen.
  9. Good luck!

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  1. Hugh :

    If anyone needs motivation to get a move on and settle down it’s me. Maybe prepurchasing a ring is the push I need. Some may say it’s putting the cart before the horse, but I like to think of it as building the nest before convincing some little bird to come roost.

  2. PsychMamma :

    I was in grad school when we got married, and money was tight. We had a small, outdoor ceremony in a garden, with only our immediate family attending. We decided not to exchange rings to save money, and thought we would purchase one for me (Hubby didn’t want one due to safety issues at his work) on a trip to Europe after I was done with grad school (a delayed honeymoon). A surprise pregnancy came along (we didn’t think I could get pregnant), and our little girl was born with a birth defect and medical issues requiring longterm care. Needless to say, money is tighter than ever, and the band still hasn’t happened. It seems like such a small thing on my list of priorities now. Funny (and wonderful) how a baby changes everything.

    The commitment to my wonderful hubby is in my heart, and a ring (or its absence) doesn’t make the commitment more (or less) true. BUT, there’s part of me that wants to be “branded” in a way that shouts to the world, “I am taken!” “I am loved!”

    Also, these rings sure are pretty. :-) And I love the durability of tungsten. My favorite is the Women’s Classis 6mm Comfort Fit Dome.

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter!

  3. Painter Mommy :

    What a great idea! This post is for ME!!

    My husband and I got married in 2004. We just went to the local court house. We didn’t have the money to do anything more and my parents were going through a lot of problems in their marraige so the timing was bad. So, our wedding day was really nothing special and I still grieve a bit to this day that I didn’t have a real wedding.

    Later on, we did have a wedding celebration with our families, but I never got to wear the white wedding dress or have my dad walk me down the aisle.

    Our wedding rings we got from a pawn shop, but that didn’t bother me too much…until my husband LOST his ring at work one day. We prayed that God would have it turn up, but it never did.

    It was so important to me that my husband have a ring on. I didn’t want him to be like my dad who stopped wearing his and eventually left my mom (devastating, but that’s another story).

    Because we didn’t have the money to buy another ring, my husband took an old gaudy NON wedding ring that he had and he has been wearing it ever since. I can’t stand it at all, but I would rather him wear SOMETHING than nothing.

    Winning this ring would mean the world to me. I would be so blessed to present my husband with one of these wonderful rings.

    I really love the Titanium 6mm Double Milgrain Comfort Fit Band Half Round Ring. I have not ever seen a titanium ring, so as long as it doesn’t turn his finger green – I would be happy. :)

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. What a wonderful idea! God bless you! DAWN

  4. Anonymous :

    I like the 14K 4mm Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Ring.

    I bought my husband a gold band seventeen years ago. He was doing a side job (we needed the money) and was up in someones attic. He lost the ring in their attic. To this day he still doesn’t have a wedding ring.


  5. joni chadwell :

    I never got my hubby a ring, we spent all the money on mine,I guess. I bet he would love the
    Men’s Tungsten Carbide 8mm Brushed Dome Wedding Ring

  6. noreen :

    my husband has a band but it is a little too snug, a bigger size would be wonderful.
    i like the Dome 6mm Platinum Comfort Fit Wedding Band with Milgrain

  7. Deci :

    The Dome 4mm Comfort Fit 10K Yellow Gold Ring is nice. Of course, I like all rings involving gold.

  8. Tara :

    My husband and I have been married 9 years. The last two have been very difficult to say the least. In an argument, I took off my ring, and have yet to put it back on again, like the ring itself means a broken promise. We have come a long way, and I know it would mean a lot to him if I wore a band. Maybe this would get me to move ahead.

    I’ve always been a fan of a simple wedding band. I’ve often thought it means more than the biggest diamond because the recipient is proud to wear it regardless of comparision to others and more proud to wear it because of the one to whom she belongs.

    My favorite is the Tungsten Ring 4mm Flat Comfort Fit Thin. This one would do nicely :)

    Thanks so much for the chance.

  9. eyeslikesugar :

    My fiance proposed to me this past June after 3 years of dating. We do not know when we will get married as we are both broke college students. :( If I could win a wedding bad for him, that would be super-helpful on the finances for when we do get married. Who knows if we will have rings otherwise. I like the Platinum Wedding Ring 6mm Beveled Edge Comfort Fit eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. Melissa :

    Ok, so I did buy hubby a ring. And he usually wears it…except for when it disappears for weeks on end or it comes off while swimming at the lake. Somehow he always finds it! But the poor ring has taken a beat over the last 10 years…that’s what happens when your hubby plays lots of sports. At this point I know he would like a new ring and I would love to give him one.

    One of my favorites is the Men’s Flat Step Down 8mm Comfort Fit.

  11. Annie1 :

    My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years and he has yet to receive a ring. We didn’t have any money when we were married and then we started to have children, and as always “things” came up and we never got around to it.

    The ring I like the best is the Men’s Thick 10mm Heavy Comfort Fit Tungsten Wedding Band, its gorgeous!

    Thanks for the chance!

  12. joe :

    We had three visitors here a few years ago in Florida: Charlie, francis and Jeanne.
    They were all hurricanes within two and half months.
    My wife had to pawn her wedding and engagement rings to help pay for all the food we lost and the lack of ANY help from ANY “charity”
    We have never been able to afford to replace them
    I like the two tone ring.

  13. Naomi :

    Bob never wears his ring, either. It’s a cheapie silver band, too, but he keeps it in his dresser because he works with so many tools that he’s afraid it might snag on something and take off a finger since it’s rounded. I like the Tungsten Ring 4mm Flat Comfort Fit Thin Tungsten Wedding Band- it looks like the edges might be smooth enough to lay flat on the skin, thereby ridding my husband of his excuse…

  14. lilac100 :

    I think my husband would actually wear this one: Men’s Flat Step Down Tungsten 8mm Comfort Fit Wedding Ring. We’ve just had our 10th wedding anniversary. He has never had a wedding ring. We didn’t have the money and there has always been something else we’ve needed to spend the money on. We got married at a courthouse in a different state with no bloodtest rules just to save a little money. When we got married we already had our son, he was 7 months old, so he wanted all of our money to go to him.

  15. bison61 :

    I like the Women’s 6mm Beveled Edge tungsten carbide band. we got married when my husband was in college-we had no money, then came the 3 children and we still had no money. I would love this ring

    tiramisu392 (at)

  16. Blake and Laura :

    We have a similar story to you. We didn’t have much money starting out so my husband has a $20 ring we got in Mexico that doesn’t fit right. We’ve been married for almost four years and he still wears that ugly, discolored, cheap ring from Mexico. I would love to give him something nicer to show how much I love him but we’ve just never had the extra money. I like the Titanium 6mm Flat Comfort Fit Band Classic Pipe Fit Wedding Band.

  17. Anonymous :

    My engagement ring while not huge it sticks up. The ring is so thick that we got a very tiny band to go with it. Now that I have kids and have scratched the heck out of them I don’t wear it. I want a wedding band that looks like I care about being married.

  18. The Dreamer :

    I would love to give my hubby the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 8mm Brushed Dome Wedding Ring. When we got married 8 years ago my husband was uber skinny. (6’2″ and 145 lbs.) It’s been my mission to make him a little meatier and I’ve done it. He’s up to a nice normal 180 lbs now and looks healthy and happy. So with the extra weight his ring is too tight. He still wears it, but the mark it’s left on his finger looks a bit uncomfy. With this economy and being on a single income so he can be a stay at home dad to our 9 month old – there’s no extra cash to buy him a ring that fits better. This would be perfect.


    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  19. Aimee :

    We have been through a lot already together. Since Sept 1, we have been living with my parents to care for them, my mother is battling breast cancer, and my father had spinal surgery. My father is not easy to get along with and my fiance has bit his toungue many times by my request.

    On Sept 28, our daughter was born. He has worked his tail off for all of us, helping support my parents as well, after supporting only himself since he moved from home.

    Now his company is closing the plant where he works. He has already been searching for a new job, but we do not know when they will lay him off and haven’t even found something to submit a resume to.

    We are fighting to go on with our mostly paid for wedding as most of what has been paid is non-refundable. I would like to surprise him with something like this, because though we haven’t been married ten years, he’s sure shown some stamina that he’ll last.

    I would love to surprise him with the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 6mm Comfort Fit Dome Wedding Band and the only way to make that happen would be through this.

    Thank you for the chance


    Platinum Wedding Ring 6mm Beveled Edge Comfort Fit is beautiful for my sweetie but would let him pick it out-he has not had a band in years- the old one was stolen and got one to replace but it was cheapo and rusted- this would be great and be a great anniversary present

  21. Reiza :

    This year will mark 10 years of marriage. My husband was 122 lbs when we started dating. Not so much anymore (he’s not at all large, but he’s far more average now). His old wedding band hasn’t fit for years. I’d love to get something that does.

    He stopped wearing his ring completely when he was deployed. In the desert, his hands swelled so much from the heat that he couldn’t wear it at all.

    My favorite ring from that site is the Comfort Fit 6mm 14K Two Toned Gold Designer Wedding Ring

    It doesn’t qualify for the giveaway, but if I win, I’d let dh pick anyway.
    YiddishBitterRose at gmail dot com

  22. jp26 :

    We have been married 15 years and about 8 years ago my husband lost his band while he was working. I replaced that one and he lost the next one down a drain. He now goes wedding band free and I would love to be able to surprise him with a new one and possibly renew our vows.

    The rings are fantastic and love this one

    8mm Band Tungsten Triangle Beveled Edge 8mm Wedding Ring

  23. yadgirl :

    I need this because he asked and I haven’t told him yet.

    I like the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 6mm Comfort Fit Dome Wedding Band

  24. Alexis AKA MOM :

    Oh wow love your story, ours is around the same. We spent so much money (mind you a back yard wedding) and on my ring and engagement ring that I almost forgot to get Rick a ring. I felt so bad and ran to Fred Meyers Jewelers and picked up one that was so inexpensive. I’ve felt bad all these years, he could careless but it matters to me. We’ve never had the money to buy something he finds are just not that important. Thank you for the chance to give him something special and to let him know how special he is to me.

    Oh yeah the ring I like … LOL

    9mm Flat Stepdown Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

  25. Laura :

    I’d love the Platinum Wedding Ring 6mm Center Milgrain Comfort Fit PT950.

    I’d love to win so that I can finally give my sweetie the kind of simple, gorgeous band she always wanted. Instead of the dime-store ring that was all I could get her at the time. Though she wears it with pride anyway!

    seattlevess at

  26. Jinxy and Me :

    My husband really needs a new band. He has lost about 45 pounds since our wedding and his will no longer stay on his finger. (Which is really a GOOD thing.) But, he would really like to have a wedding band and I would like for him to have one too. I think he would like the Men’s 6mm Beveled Edge Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Shiny.

  27. strawberry3d :


  28. mar :

    I need one since I lost mine. I have looking for a replacement for some time now. My favorite ring is the 14K White Gold 4mm Channel set Diamond Ring. thank you

  29. Mary_freebies :

    I like the Euro Comfort Fit Dome 3.5mm Platinum Wedding Ring PT950.
    I would love to get it for a relative who’s getting married this year.

    internationalfreebies [at] gmail [dot] com ==

  30. this week for dinner - jane maynard :

    oh my goodness, we need this. when we got married nate picked a yellow band with a medium dome. totally NOT his style. go figure. I was going to get him a new one for our 5th anniversary…but we were still poor (see “eternal student” in the dictionary). anyway, our 10th is this summer, and since we are STILL students (yes! not kidding!) I so so so want to give him this ring!!!

    happy valentine’s day, petit elefant!

  31. susan :

    Married 9 years. Just had baby number 1. No ring, ever for hubby. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something sentimental to look at and remember our never ending love?! He bought one for me but never got around to him. Would love for him to have the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 6mm Comfort Fit Dome Wedding Band. Thank you for the chance to give him something special.

  32. little erin :

    here is my comment.

    my brother mike and his girlfriend have two children. they don’t have much money. my brother is trying to put aside every single penny he has left to save up for a ring for jill. needless to say, there are not many pennies left over at the end of the week. both jill and mike ae not showy people, so they aren’t trying to be showy.
    also he needs a tungsten ring because he works on cars, so he needs a strong ring.

    i know its not a super fun convincing story, but he needs it.

  33. Lilly :

    Because I am getting old and need to get married! I am kidding. Everyone would love to use a wedding band like this one.
    My favorite is Flat Comfort Fit 4mm 18K White Gold Wedding Band. Gorgeous!

  34. bettycd :

    Men’s Tungsten 6mm Wedding Ring with Brushed Finish
    After gaining weight, my husband has not been able to remove his ring for years. It needs to be cut off and replaced with correct size. The touching thing, you drawing is on our anniversary date.

  35. ~ Cee ~ :

    We celebrated our fifth anniversary yesterday, and are still young and poor ;) I have just become a stay-at-home-mom, and we’ve had to severely limit our budget for me to continue to be so. My husband is a custom carpenter, and his first wedding ring was crushed (while on his finger!) when he was lifting a staircase section into a house. Fortunately, his finger was okay, but the ring has never been the same — it retains an oval shape.

    We love the Men’s Dome 8mm Comfort Fit Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  36. jeanilyne :

    We are coming up on a milestone anniversary. We too got married young and also poor. We purchased our rings from Kmart for both of us. Mine is a crystal type stone meant to look as close to a diamond as possible on a low budget. Hubby’s was a very thin silver plated band. It didn’t take long for the silver plate to wear off his and of course mine not only discolored quickly but the stone fell out soon after.

    jeanilynne at gmail dot com

  37. jeanilyne :

    **Not meaning to double post** but I forgot to mention which ring I liked best. It is the Tungsten Carbide Brushed Dome 8mm.

    jeanilynne at gmail dot com

  38. mickeyfan :

    For our upcoming 30th anniversary, I’d love to give my hubby Men’s 6mm Beveled Edge Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Shiny. His current one is too small==needs to be CUT off. Due to his job, he’d be safer if he had one he could remove when he needs to.

  39. ann schaller :

    I bought my husband i cheap silver one for less than $20 that actually is bent! Would like to get him something nice since i don’t have the funds to splurge on something like that but i think he would love that. We don’t own a car, we can’t afford the heat on that much or the air in the summer so at least i want to give him one thing he will cherish.

  40. agordon10 :

    I like the 14K 4mm Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Ring, it looks alot like the one I lost after a year of marriage.

  41. bonnieb :

    My dear husband of 44 years lost his so many years ago. Well at least he said is was accidently. But I would love him to have another one. Please help!

  42. blondiagw15 :

    I love either the platinum or white gold rings.

    My husband is in the air force and he has lost two rings at trainings. I need a ring for him to wear not at work but when he gets home. It would be fantastic if he could have a great ring to wear when we go out.

  43. DePro :

    My sister needs a band and has not been able to afford it. This would make a nice gift. Count me in!

  44. dbacksfan001 :

    We will be celebrating our 37th Wedding Anniversary in April. My husband lost his ring 3 years ago, and we haven’t been able to afford a replacement. I would love to give him the Men’s Dome 8mm Comfort Fit Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring.

  45. joannaonthelake :

    I would love to surprise my husband Hudson with a new wedding band! He truly is the most unselfish person I know and rarely does he purchase anything new for himself, in spite of how much there are things (like new underwear, LOL) that he desperately needs. He always put our 3 young children first, then me before himself. There are so many reasons why I fell in love with him, and his kind, gentle demeanor and heart is one of them. He actually lost his original wedding band a couple years ago when he was in a little boating accident and cut his arm. Somewhere along the way from the time he was in the hospital having stiches and the time he arrived home it vanished. We replaced his wedding band with, now don’t laugh, a sterling silver band with inlaid turquoise that we purchased when vacationing in New Mexico shortly after the accident. The ring was purchased as more of a memmento of our wonderful trip and sort of at the time replaced the missing band, but it really is not worthy of being called a Wedding Band. I would love to honor our Love and My Commitment to him with a brand new beautiful band. Seeing your giveaway may be the opportunity and right time I have been waiting for! I would choose the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 8mm Brushed Dome Wedding Ring if I were to win. It is just perfect for him! I want to thank you for allowing me to share my story and for the opportunity to enter.

  46. housewife55 :

    me and my husband married on may 9,1970. we will be celebrating our 39th anniversary in may of this year.when we married we could not afford to buy bands for us because we didn’t have the money. i would love my husband to have a band to wear but we just can’t afford to buy one. i like the men’s dome 8mm comfort fit tungsten carbide wedding band.i would sure love to win this for my husband to wear.

  47. linda lou :

    my sister got mad at me and had my car crushed
    my wedding ring was in it
    my husband is gone and it meant a lot to me
    thank you
    i hope i win
    linda lou

  48. Stephanie's Blog :

    we never did get around to getting a wedding band – now, I think it would be great to have one

  49. sillelin :

    When we got married twenty-seven years ago, we bought our wedding bands at Target where they were very inexpensive. I got pregnant the same year, and had to have my ring cut off due to swelling and weight gain. We were never able to replace it. Our son is now 26 years old. I would like to get a new wedding ring. My favorite ring from the site is the 14K White Gold 3mm Round White & Red Diamond Ring (.76 carat)Thanks for the contest!

  50. Qwill :

    Husband and I are still wearing plain gold bands after 21 yrs of marriage because we have never had the extra money to trade up. Now I like my simple band. From the site I liked the Titanium 8mm Double Milgrain Comfort Fit Band Half Round Ring

  51. andrea v :

    It all started on our honeymoon when my husband lost his ring in the ocean. We bought another exactly the same and he lost that one watersking in the river. See a trend here. We will be married 10 yrs this year and should probably replace it, although he won’t be wearing it in any water.
    vickers at comcast dot net

  52. Cat :

    We are not married (and don’t plan to) but have been together 12 years. With our second baby due in April, it would be a nice gift. I like the Comfort fit carbide newport 8MM. Great giveaway!

  53. tony :

    i dont have a wedding band my wife would love the gol and diamond earings

  54. ronald :

    i don’t have one

  55. LilyBiscuit :

    Like many others here, I was married at a young age. I saved my money and bought my husband’s ring at a local jeweler who gave me a good price on it. Shortly after the wedding my husband lost the ring. He did not want to replace it because he said rings are uncomfortable for him. I didn’t push the matter, but it has always bothered me a bit. Well, we have a major anniversary coming up in June and I’d love to see him wear a ring….one that is comfortable! I love the “Platinum Ring 7mm Euro Design Double Ridge Comfort Fit PT950”, but I’m sure I can find another comfort fit style. Thanks!

  56. Bebemiqui :

    Here’s the story…about a year into our marriage, my husband lost his first wedding band in a rafting accident. Then 2 weeks later he accidently lost a loaner ring from my parents out the window of the car.
    Then, last year, (our 7th year) he lost another ring in the bowels of our friend’s van! His current ring is a $10 cheap ring off of Ebay. I would love to give him the real thing again and hope he doesnt’ lose it.
    I like the Flat Stepdown band!

  57. Anonymous :

    Getting married in May & have been thinking about platinum…Pick me, Pick me!!!!>>>>>>>>

  58. Nf7mate :

    I need one to replace mine, which was stolen. I like tungsten.

  59. dawn0124 :

    Hubby’s wedding band was cut off him at the hospital after he was rear-ended on the motorcycle. I would love to give him a new wedding band. My favorite one from Superior Wedding Rings is the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 8mm Brushed Dome Wedding Ring.

  60. z. Smith :

    We are celebrating our 35th this year – would love to have this ring to give my sweetie. My favorite is 14K Gold Wedding Band 6mm Yellow and White Gold Two Tone Ring.

  61. Sweetpeas :

    I've gained weight & my wedding band doesn't fit anymore, the way it's designed,I'm pretty sure I couldn't have it re-sized (it has a pattern that goes around it). I tried buying a cheap band to wear instead (because I just feel NAKED without it!) and it's already looking ratty, I'd love to win the 4mm comfort fit band!

  62. Reva Skie :

    I need one because my husband has gotten a little, er, too fluffy for his band. Resizing it will cost almost as much as buying a new one. I like theMen’s 8mm Flat Tungsten Carbide Comfort Fit Wedding Ring.

  63. makeetis :

    My husband and I have been married going on 12 years. He has a wedding band but it was a cheap one. You can tell to. It is majorly bent and looks kinda crappy. He wears it though. We both need new ones but for now I would be grateful to get him one. I like the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 8mm Brushed Dome Wedding Ring. brewerchickey78(at)

  64. jamaise :

    I would love to win because we aren't married yet & after 11 years, winning this ring might just be just the thing !! This could mean a proposal!

    Good luck to all of us :))

  65. jamaise :

    oops – I know you said only one comment – I forgot I’d like the – Men’s Tungsten Carbide 8mm Brushed Dome Wedding Ring
    I have Petit Elefant button :))

  66. samsakara :

    We waited a year after my daughter was born to finally get married. We kept hoping money wise things would get better so we could have a nice wedding. My husband went picked out a 100 dollar ring for him self and let me get a nice one. I ended buying a 60 dollar wedding dress at a thrift store. It fit nicely to which helped a lot. We then had a wedding out back behind the inlaws house luckily near the salmon river so wasn’t to bad. Basically handed disposable cameras out to people and had deli meat for sandwiches and a cheap cake. Are honey moon was much worse a place that looked wonderful on brochure but not in person. We were the youngest there with a ton of old people and the place was run down we actually wanted to leave early and go home. Anyways my husband ring is so small and it cuts into his fingers and would love a bigger size for him. I think he would love the Tungsten Ring 4mm Flat Comfort Fit Thin Tungsten Wedding Band or something similar as long as it’s simple plain and silver color. This one is also neat to Men’s Tungsten Carbide 6mm Flat Comfort Fit Wedding Ring.

  67. jayne :

    Ok-i need to win this badly! After 25 years I deserve a ring !!
    my fav is 14K Two Tone Weave 6mm White Gold Wedding Band

  68. Lisanne :

    My husband is using an old band that irritates his skin and feels uncomfortable, so I would rather get him a new one than have him not wear one! I like the Men’s Tungsten Beveled Edge 8mm Comfort Fit ring. Thanks!

  69. Leland's Mama :

    I would get my fiance the Men’s Tungsten 6mm Newport Comfort Fit Wedding Ring. We’ve been engaged for about a year and I can’t afford to buy him one because we’re saving up for a car and most of our extra money goes towards something for our baby. Thanks for the chance.

  70. cathleen nash :

    If money was no object, I’d get a Palladium Dome 3mm Comfort Fit With Milgrain Wedding Ring. It’s simple, ovoid and elegant. I am not married yet, but I would love the tungsten ring because I own no jewelery for myself or to give to the special someone in my life. It’s not meant to be a sob story, but I wasn’t raised to be obsessed with precious metals and gems. Now that I’m a little past the tomboy stage, I realize it’s time to start investing in rings and other baubles! Thanks for the entry, and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

    c81280@hotmail dot com

  71. Greg R :

    This would be great for me

  72. luckichicka :

    I love the Flat Step Down Tungsten Ring. I would give it to my soon to be!

  73. Ardy22 :

    I like their Men’s Tungsten Carbide 8mm Brushed Dome Wedding Ring. Our budget is so tight that it squeeks and this would help out!

  74. MommaGambina :

    I like the 8mm brushed dome comfort fit band, looks classic.

    My husband and I were married one afternoon in our jeans and t-shirts. We were in the yard working and I stopped for a minute and looked at him, he smiled and I asked if he wanted to go today meaning go downtown to be married and he said yeah he did so we were off. I had my simple wedding set but nothing for him, it was a bit embarassing when the man told us to go ahead and put on each others rings but it wouldn’t have a made a difference if we didn’t have any for me, really, I loved wanted to be his wife because I loved him not what he could give me.

    It’s been 10 years soon and I’d like to put a ring on his finger. I haven’t had the money to do anything for him and he said he’d like to have a ring so this is perfect for me, for us. Thank you for the chance to put a ring on the left hand of the man I married without one so many years ago. :)

  75. intime :

    My husband lost his wedding ring while at work one day. He was throwing waste into a dump and said he watched as his ring flew in. What a helpless feeling. Obviously , he could not get it back.

  76. WWillows6 :

    I would also love to surprise my husband with a new wedding ring. We have been married 11 years and he’s always worn the same wedding band. He works outdoors all day and his ring is very scratched from the work. This would be a wonderful surprise for him if I won. Thanks!

  77. JRG :

    My wife got a new diamond ring a couple of years back, but I could use a new one. And that tungsten type looks really cool.

  78. karree :

    My husband had to have his ring cut off when he broke his wrist.
    I would love to be able to win him something cool like this tungsten ring.

  79. leandrew :

    I really like the yellow gold wedding band! After almost ten years of marriage, I still don’t have a wedding band!

    When my wife and I got married, we didn’t have much money, so my mom loaned me the money to get my wife’s ring. Yet, there was no extra for me to purchase a ring for myself!

    Every year, I make plans to get a wedding band for myself, but something always seems to come up to prevent me from getting it ( a new roof, unexpected car repairs, etc. , etc, etc.).

    This would be a ‘dream win’ for me!

    Thanks for the ‘great’ giveaway offering and good luck to all!

  80. Katt :

    I just lost my job, so our wedding budget is shrinking by the day. I wanted to get him a tungsten ring since they don’t scratch easily. I really like the Comfort Fit Tungsten Carbide Newport 8mm Wedding Ring Designer, and think my FH would love it too! Thanks!!!

  81. hoppyandoreo :

    I really need this giveaway! I gave my husband a beautiful platinum ring when we married eight years ago. He switched jobs five years ago and has rarely worn his ring since. It just gets in the way and he’s afraid of scratching it or getting it caught in machinery. He mentioned recently that he would wear a tungsten ring and I went searching online. But, now two kids later, money is tight and I don’t have extra to spend on replacing his ring. But, they are beautiful! My choice would be the 6 mm comfort fit dome wedding ring. Hope we win!

  82. arvard :

    I like the 14K Gold Wedding Ring 6mm Yellow Gold Middle Groove Band. I lost my wedding band and have never been able to replace it so I would love to win this one.

  83. Auriette :

    My DH never wanted to wear a ring because (a) he worked with equipment that he felt could snag the ring, and (b) he’s a DIYer and didn’t want to damage the ring. His excuse nowadays is that his finger is too fat! After nearly 17 years of marriage (May 16), I would like to see him finally start wearing a ring. You are right — a husband needs a brand!

    The ring I like best is the Men’s Tungsten Dome Step Down 8mm Comfort Fit Wedding Ring.

  84. Kt :

    My Mike designed my engagement ring for me (its amazingly awesome), the least I can do is get him something cool like the Tungsten Ring 10mm Flat Satin Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Ring! thanks so much!

  85. Susan :

    My honey is always complaining – as I remove the ring the minute I hit the door. This would be perfect to still show “Hey – I’m married” while running errands and cleaning house! I would pick the: Women’s Thin Tungsten band and engrave something sentimental inside!

  86. Salleefur/Jesslyn/Jesster :

    My husband has stopped wearing his wedding band (after 17 years) because it’s too small/tight – and we’ve already had it stretched, twice. I think he would really love the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 6mm Comfort fit Dome Wedding Band.

  87. 3boyzmom :

    We need a wedding band desperately! My husband lost a lot of weight and his wedding ring kept slipping off and slipped off one day while we were helping his grandparents do some work! We don’t have extra money for things like that right now either. The one I’d get is Dome 4mm Comfort Fit 10K Yellow Gold Ring.

  88. Jen :

    My husband and I got married a.5 years ago. He has since gotten into excellent shape so he will be around a long, long time for me and our 2 beautiful babies. But, now his ring doesn’t fit (and hasn’t since we were married about 2 months). It cannot be resized, so I would love to give him a simple band to wear everyday to remind him how much I love him.

    I like the 9mm Flat Stepdown Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring for men.

  89. Karen A. :

    I have been in a “common-law” marriage for 24 years. I have a plain gold band that I have worn for all these years. We are planning to do the “courthouse” wedding this summer as we are both getting older and don’t want any legal problems down the road. It would be nice to have a new wedding band to start the new period of our lives.

  90. Annette :

    We bought my husband’s wedding band at Walmart for like $40. We just needed one for the ceremony. He can’t wear a band to work because of his job (mechanic) but I’ve been wanting to get him a “real” wedding ring since we got married.

    I love the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 8mm Brushed Dome Wedding Ring.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Anonymous :

    The Women’s 8mm Band Tungsten Triangle Beveled Edge 8mm Wedding Ring would be great for me. I’m too active for my diamond ring and keep damaging it and having to get it repaired. Wish I would’ve got a band in the first place!

  92. borealis777 :

    My brother is scratching together money to purchase his sweet girlfriend an engagement ring. I couldn’t think of a nicer gift for them! He and I have very similar taste in things, so if I could guess I would say the “Men’s 6mm Beveled Edge Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Shiny”, but I would have to ask him to be sure.

  93. Peg :

    I accidentally threw my husband’s ring away and he hasn’t had one since. Would love to give him another one!

  94. Mommyhood is Thankless :

    Men’s Comfort Fit Tungsten 6mm Flat Step Down Wedding Band would be my choice, my husband never got one for himself because we were poor and he only wanted to get me one.


  95. kathy pease :

    i could use a replacement mine is 24 years old and i must say a little worn i would love to have this :)


    I would choose the Men's Dome 8mm Comfort Fit Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring~because it's bold & beautiful like me!
    I would gift this to myself for be alone & proud & strong…………Sober for 5 years now & celibate too.
    This would be a symbol a promise to myself to love myself & have faith.

  97. Sarah S :

    My husband would love a lighter wedding ring – I bet he would be thrilled to get this: Men’s Tungsten Carbide 6mm Comfort Fit Dome Wedding Band

  98. ktanjatk :

    I can relate! Our story is quite similar! Ours are also in the drawer :) Just plain silver ones.
    That was 10 years ago.

    And here’s the funny part, a week ago I started looking for a nice wedding bands for us and I thought Tungsten is the way to go! and now you have a giveaway!!!

    I like Comfort Fit Tungsten Carbide Newport 8mm Wedding Ring Designer.

    Thanks for the chance!

  99. Helen :

    My husband lost his wedding band years ago and for a big anniversary, he purchased me an anniversary band and we had my original ring sized to fit him. I think it’s time he gets a new band and I think he’d love the Tungsten Ring 4mm Flat Comfort Fit Thin Tungsten Wedding Band.

  100. Swtlilchick :

    I like the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 6mm Flat Comfort Fit Wedding Ring.
    My husband lost his wedding band
    when he was working on the car.
    We never did find it

  101. SimplySavvy :

    I'd get the Men's Tungsten 6mm Wedding Ring with Brushed Finish for my husband. It flew off his hand in the garage one day & bounced under the car never to be found. This was 6 months after I lost my engagement/wedding band in the car & never found again either. But mine has been replaced in the meantime.

  102. esther :

    I lost my ring years ago! I would love to have a wedding ring again! I really like the Dome 3mm Platinum Comfort Fit Wedding Ring with Milgrain PT950!

  103. AmyLynn :

    My husband out grew his ring awhile ago and he needs a bigger size. I would love to get him a new ring. I really like the Men’s Tungsten Dome Step Down 8mm Comfort Fit Wedding Ring!

  104. lilyk :

    I love the Men’s Tungsten Carbide 8mm Brushed Dome Wedding Ring!

  105. Rachel Leigh :

    My husband and I had to pay for our own wedding (our families were not financially able to) so we had to scrimp on several things. One of those things being our rings. We got him a ring from craigslist for $20. It is pretty ugly, and he hates it but he wears it for me (most of the time). Anyway, this would be such a great gift for him. Thanks for extending the deadline!!! Hope you are feeling better from the flu!

  106. jodi b :

    My husband and I have been married for 21 years….we were young and the wedding rings we picked were very inexpensive. Needless to say about 4 years ago my husbands ring broke in half:(
    I would love to win one to replace it with….it would be awesome to have the Tungsten 6mm beveled edge brushed center wedding ring.
    What a great surprise it would be!

  107. one6ylady :

    When hubby and I got married we were living in a trailer and saving for our first home together so we couldn’t afford nice rings. Then we were making home payments and saving to buy me a new car. Then we were making home and car payments and paying for braces. Now we’re making home and car and braces payments and paying for our first kid in college, with our second kid following the first one in about 18 months. I’d love to not have to worry about paying for a nicer set of rings.

    My favorite from their Titanium collection is the 4mm Double Milgrain Comfort Fit Band Thin Ring


    P.S. I Tweeted the contest here

  108. Anonymous :

    My fiancee and I got engaged on February 14th, Valentine’s day this year. I have absoluely been on cloud 9 since that moment, literally nothing could bring me down, not even my horible boss who has been able to make me cry in the past. Nothing until we started looking at wedding venues and realized that we are not going to be able to have the wedding of our dreams, the money is just not there. So here I am thinking of anything I can do to make this day the celecration we having been hoping for. I know that my financee would love a beautiful wedding band the white gold with 2 lines absolutely caught my eye. Thanks for considering us.

  109. tungsten wedding bands :

    I was thinking if its ok if our wedding rings would be from pawnshop? you think its gonna be a practical to me?

    by: rhianne

  110. sam :

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