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What to watch this month: Rosewater.


Rosewater the movie

As part of my gig as a member of the Netflix Stream Team, every month I’ll share with you what’s worth watching on Netflix.  Last month I shared my affinity for the Netflix Original, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is still one of my favorites, (how is Ellie Kemper so darling 24/7?!).  This month I’m sharing a new-to-Netflix movie I’ve been anxiously waiting for: Rosewater.

Do you remember hearing about Rosewater last year?  It’s written and directed by Jon Stewart, of Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show, one of my favorite smart humans on the planet, and it’s wonderful.  I read some of the negative press about the movie (movie reviewers can be pretty jaded and cynical), but I found the story intriguing, and Jon Stewart can do no wrong in my eyes so I gave it a go.  I’m so glad I did.

The story is fascinating; the terrifying true story of Iranian Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari.  Bahari went to Iran in 2009 to report on the country’s presidential elections for Newsweek Magazine.  Shortly after Bahari films, (and shares with international media) state violence against protestors in the streets of Iran he’s arrested as a spy, allegedly in cahoots with the C.I.A.. The basis for his arrest comes from comments Bahari actually made in a satirical interview with The Daily Show’s Jason Jones about “being a spy.”

As a result, Bahari spent 118 days in prison, in solitary confinement, where he was regularly interrogated by a man who smelled of rosewater.

It’s a great film, and I’m not really sure where the poor critics reviews come from, to be honest.  There aren’t any overarching political agendas or subversive messages, and Gael García Bernal does a wonderful job portraying Bahari as a political prisoner.  It’s an interesting inside look at a political system unfamiliar to me, and a government in constant conflict with my own, which is always fascinating to explore.

Worth a watch, especially at only 103 minutes.  Go do it.  And well done, Stewart.  I hope this is a segue into more theatrical ventures on your part.


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