two-way radios.

I’ve been in denial about this whole Christmas thing because frankly, my life is too busy for it to be the holidays already. I need another month or two just to catch up on my laundry, never mind holiday shopping.

But I know there are those of you who are die-hards for day-after-Thanksgiving crazy sales. Raise your hand if you get up in the dead of the night to wait outside in the cold with your sisters/girlfriends/husbands/mothers/neighbors/strangers.

Seriously, I won’t judge. But I do have a brilliant idea for you. Now, if you really are a seasoned pro, this post will make you yawn because you probably already own a pair of binoculars, two-way radios, and layouts of every department store in town. But for the rest of us? A little idea: these Motorolla Two-Way Radios.

These babies have a range of 35 miles, yes MILES, so your girlfriend can be at the big box across town shouting out which Power Rangers she’s grabbing by the cartload for you over there, while you can shout right back that you have her back where the Barbies are concerned. It’s a win-win scenario.

Round up your troops, grab your sales fliers from your incoming massive Thanksgiving day newspaper, have a strategy session, and get a hold of a pair or two of these radios.

May the best mama win.

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  1. likeschocolate :

    That is hilarious! I am glad I am finished with my shopping!

  2. MiaKatia :

    So not going to happen for me! I might or might not have my Christmas shopping actually done by Christmas. Having two kiddos birthdays between now and then doesn't help matters.

  3. vanessa :

    I used to be big into this. I have been known for telling ladies to shut it and pushing people out of my way to get in line.

    And then I switched to online shopping about 3 yrs ago.

    And it is MUCH better. Online shopping is my favorite and my best.

  4. KJ :

    I'm definitely not a black friday gal (shopping done, yay!) but I totally want these radios.

  5. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    What a GREAT idea! I don't hit the shops, but my sisters do and I'm going to send them this!!

  6. Petit Elefant :


    you lucky thing. seething with jealousy!


    All our birthdays are in the fall and winter too, what's up with that?!


    i'm not a fan personally, i think it's bananas, but i have friends who are SERIOUS about it. riot gear and all.


    Those radios are the cats meow. Serious fun for boys and their daddies.


    I think it's the only way to go, frankly. Save those cell phone minutes and use two-way radios.


    I totally get it. The thrill of the hunt, going out early with your girlfriends. It's all the elbowing in the face that gets me down!

  7. Jill K :

    I usually do go out shopping the day after Thanksgiving.. I don't think I will this year.

    I get so excited about it that I can't sleep Thanksgiving night.

    These two-way radios are a perfect idea!