Twelve New Year’s dresses for under 100

12 new year's eve dresses under $100

12 New Year’s Dresses for Under $ 100


For an event that only comes around once a year, it can be pretty crazy how much
money people spend on dresses for New Year’s Eve.  But you don’t have to spend a lot to find a quality party dress that you’ll be able to wear more than just one night.

I’ve rounded up 12 adorable dresses all under $ 100 that you can wear to
ring in the New Year, or to any other party throughout the year! Take your pick of dresses and lose that guilt – these frocks are totally affordable.


1, peplum dress, 2, sparkle dress  3, silver dress 4, metallic dress 5, brocade mini dress 6, gold dress 7, pleated tunic 8, bow dress 9, black lace dress 10, black tulle 11, copper dress 12, pencil dress

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  1. Bulkmarketplaza :

    i love the 4th and 8th one
    after all white is my fav shade…:)

  2. Deborah Burchard :

    Love 2,3 and 9 my fave. Now if only I had the body to go with it. LOL

  3. adamsshoesva :

    beautiful dresses..