great love songs for valentine’s day.

Call me old fashioned, but I really like to purchase actual CDs. I do love iTunes, but sometimes I want the jewel case, the sleeve, all the details. I love making my purchase, unwrapping it in the car, popping in the CD and scanning all the songs while I peruse the sleeve and liner notes.

Since B and I don’t make a big whoop-de-doo over Cupid’s busy day, we often gift each other a special children’s book, a novel, or a CD. Sentimental and budget friendly. So, if you still need a little token of affection for your sweetheart, or some ambiance for your Valentine celebration, I recommend:
This is B’s gift this year–he’s wanted it since it’s release. It’s fantastic and earned several Grammy’s over the weekend, for good reason. Plant. Alison. Perfect.
For truly romantic types, this is also nice. There’s something about love songs  in Italian that makes them even more romantic.
And for those, like me, that love the standards, you can’t go wrong with an Etta James, Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., or Michael Buble–especially this album and this album.
I think if he asked me tomorrow to run away with him forever, I’d strongly consider it.
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  1. jae :

    I’m with you…I still buy the CD’s.

  2. Cat :

    Those “big bands” songs are great! I love my fellow canadian MB and am so happy that he makes these tunes back in style (same goes for Harry). Both are also great to see live even if they know that the guys are only there to make the girls happy!!!

  3. Petit Elefant :

    Oh Etta. And Harry. I haven’t gotten into Buble so much, but I think I must. Everyone seems to love him.

  4. KJ :

    Buble isn’t quite the all-around musician Harry is, but he is every bit the performer. Does everything with a little bit of sweetness and p’zazz. Love them both. I was actually a member of the Harry Connick Jr. Fan club.