Travel Face Wash

I’m a bit obsessed with any beauty shortcut on the market, it’s just the kinda gal I am.  I’ve had a long love affair with Costco’s make-up remover wipes, and I recently rediscovered an old beauty flame from my past:

Olay facial cloths.

Have you ever used these?  They’re cheap {so am I}.  You can pick up a box of 33 for about six dollars and recycle them when you’re done.  What?

That’s what she said.

face wash for travel

I used these face wash cloths in college, when I was super tired and wanted to make sure my face was clean and makeup free for even the paltry handful of hours I was sleeping.

Some things just never change.

I wouldn’t go back and tell my college self just how tired my future self is; I couldn’t do that to me.  My college self would lose the will to live.

wash cloth


What I realized when I started using this face wash again is how perfect it is for travel.  I love my regular makeup wipes, but they aren’t always convenient to take when I’m traveling, especially when I have a full or nearly full pack of them.  So when I traveled to L.A. a few weeks ago I grabbed a few of these to stash in my carry-0n, and they were perfect.  Happy day.

All you do is add water and start scrubbing.  The cloths are already soaked with facial scrub and gently exfoliate while you wash.

Bam, boom, bing!  You’re clean.

I’m seriously going to keep a stash of these everywhere I go.  In my office, car.  Car, office.  Kitchen, laundry room.  Office…

Well, okay, maybe I don’t get out so much.  But when I do, I’m taking these with me.


— These travel face wash wipes were swag from a conference.  Booty.  Beauty booty.–




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  1. Emily :

    I love these for travel too, especially since they don’t have to be in your quart sized bag of liquids in your carry on luggage. Did I miss the part about recycling them?

    • Allison :


      Well, I let mine dry, and then I recycle them with the rest of my paper goods. Easy, peasy.

  2. Erin O. :

    “Office, car, kitchen, laundry room.” Dude. We hang out in all of the same places! I remember these from college too! I’m going to have to grab a pack, I loved them.

    • Allison :

      It’s like we’re the same person, only awesomer. It’s a word, look it up.

      These are just as fabulous as I’d remembered them to be, go pick up a pack asap. Even if it means traveling outside the normal radius of office, car, kitchen, bed. Laundry.

  3. Mary :

    Ooo, these were also a total love affair of mine in college! Also, to extend them, I never needed the full sheet, so I would just cut them in half, double the cleansing cloths for the same cost.

    • Allison :

      You clever clever girl.

  4. La Yen :

    In Army, the go-to for cleanliness in the field are baby wipes. Which would work for one day, but for an entire deployment to Iraq? Breakouts like you would not believe. These are the best because they always have water around to get them wet and they don’t smell like butt when they are through. And don’t come home looking like they are sixteen. If you every need to fill a box for soldiers, throw these in for sure. (Also throw in gum. And razors.)

    • Allison :

      “In Army” reminds me of that line from Arrested Development where Buster says: “We had half day at Army”. Best line ever.

      I’d love to talk to you about a little project. A little something something Army.

  5. Payden :

    I cut mine in half and get twice for the price of one box. You really only need half of a cloth to do the job. Saves some mooo-lah!

    • Allison :

      You’re so clever Payden! It never occurred to me to slice these in half, but you’re right!

    • Juan :

      That is a really good idea!