This week in Pinterest style

You guys, Pinterest is the new black.  The new shiny + glittery.  The new happy.  The new Best of the West.

I can’t get enough.  And even when I neglect Pinterest because I’m busy, you know working, it doesn’t abandon me for other lovers.  It stays exactly where I left it, filled to the brim with pretty + sparkly.

this week in style

Here’s what I found this week on Pinterest; it’s all about style.  The new high low, the new….  well.  You get it.

this week's pinterest style

this week in pinterest fall styleHave an amazing weekend!

1. Nine West Shoes 2. Pleated Skirt 3. Hobo Bag 4. Bead Necklaces 5. Scarf + Skinnies 6. Madewell

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  1. Erin :

    Where can I get that necklace? The link brings you a blog but I didnt see it

  2. Emily :

    You’re so right, pinterest is the new black. Totally one of the best things of 2011.

    • Allison :

      Emily, it so is! SO so much yes. I can’t believe this wasn’t in my life a year ago.

  3. Catherine :

    Discovered your blog “how to: pore strip” on stumbleupon, tried it, loved it! started reading all sorts of things on your website and really want to subscribe to it!! but i can’t seem to find where to do that! do you accept subscribers? thanks in advance, you’re awesome!!

    • Allison :

      Catherine, I’m so happy you found me and that you love the pore strips. Amazing, right? There’s a subscribe link on the right sidebar for email or a reader subscription. Let me know if you need any more help. Thanks!

  4. Gabbi :

    I think you might be the smartest woman in the world. Quite possibly, my new idol.

  5. Crystal :

    How would I find & follow your pins? There are a few Czarnecki’s, but I didn’t see you. :)