This is 40 movie

this is 40

Movie weekend has arrived at our house.  Over the holiday break we try to hit as many new movies as possible, because man, that’s when all the good ones for the entire come out.  All at the same time.  Do you do this?  Now that our kids are old enough to sit through (and enjoy) movies, we take full advantage of all the bounteous Hollywood movie glory available.

This weekend I’d really like to see the movie: This is 40.  Have you heard of it?  It opens today, and even though I didn’t want to see it initially (I’m closer to 40 than I’d like to admit, and totally leery of anything reminding me of it), now I’m dying to see it with my husband.

The preview kills me.  Clearly Judd Apatow has been married for awhile to have written and directed a movie so (painfully) close to the truth.  I think the best part is that the movie stars Apatow’s real life wife, Leslie Mann.  Hilarious.

So what does any of this have to do with you?  Aside from the fact that you need to go see this move ASAP, I’ve got a little sponsored giveaway: a This is 40 movie prize pack for one of you lovelies.

this is 40 package

This is 40 movie giveaway includes:

  • $100 Visa gift card for a *date night*
  • Plush robe
  • Personal fitness kit (ankle weights, hand grips, exercise band + jump rope)
  • T-shirt

(valued at $170, yo) courtesy of Universal Pictures

To enter the movie giveaway leave a comment on this post with your contact information so you can be contacted if you win.  The giveaway will last one week, ending at midnight MST on Friday December 28, 2012.  Good luck, and happy holidays!

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  1. RebeccaF. :

    I turned 40 this year but I don’t know if I can relate to this movie. Also, need a babysitter!

  2. lisa :

    yes please – closer to 40 than 30 now. BOO!

    and those are Apatow’s kids in the movie too.

  3. Kylie :

    Love love love Paul Rudd. He can do no wrong.

  4. Michelle B :

    I’d love to enter. My email is newtomom

  5. Adriana C :

    I’m not quite at 40 yet but winning this would be AWESOME! :)

  6. Danielle Dashiell :

    This movie looks like a winner. This is such a great cast of actors. I just turned 30, which was hard enough.Thank goodness 40 is a llittle ways away.

  7. Lexie :

    I adore Paul Rudd am going today with my friends. Have a great weekend

  8. Tommye L :

    Having passed 40 a while back, I can testify that it only gets better! And, even at my ripe old age of 60, date nights are a lot of fun! I would love to see this movie.

  9. Tina :

    I love Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow’s movies are hilarious!! I would love to take the hubby on a date night!

  10. Alaine :

    I’d love to win!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  11. Heather :

    We both want to see this movie. Love his movies and his wife is so funny.

  12. sarapete :

    That movie looks awesome! We don’t go to many movies in the theater because our kids are little. This one might be worth getting a sitter for!

  13. Heather :

    I can’t wait to see this movie and a few others over Christmas, we may even do a movie marathon over the holidays!! Can’t wait to relax with loved ones next week! Merry Christmas everyone and I love your blog Allison!

  14. Tiffany :

    I can’t wait to see this movie either!

  15. Teresa :

    Always find something of interest or to do from your blog postings. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed! Happy holidays from Sacramento, California –

  16. MJ Argo :

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for offering it.

  17. Elaine :

    I love comedies and unfortunately there are not that many out lately. This movie looks so good,I remember when my hubby turned 40-it was 4 bad years! This is a definitely going to be on our list of things to do over the holiday

  18. Katie :

    Cool! The exercise stuff would be especially nice to win!

  19. Heidi E :

    Previews look hilarious! I love going to the movies around the holidays too!
    bnheskelson at hotmail dot com.

  20. Dana S :

    Finally there’s good movies out again! I’ll go see this movie. I’m inching closer to 40 but not quite there yet! And I love Paul Rudd. :) danaleigh2121 at gmail dot com

  21. Tiffany Winner :

    probably wont see this one but id like to win anyway

  22. Sara :

    This movie looks a lot like my life right now :) And I could use a date night too! Thanks!

  23. Emily :

    Awesome! I didn’t know his real life wife is in it- so cool.

  24. Aarika :

    I agree with the above commentors – Paul Rudd rules.

  25. Brooke Foster :

    So excited for it!!! That woman is SO funny; I loved her in seventeen again.
    This movie is definitely on the top of my list.

  26. von :

    When I was younger 40 seemed so far away, and now I am right there.

    sellbabyphat (at) gmail

  27. Emily Woods :

    It looks funny!

  28. Alecia :

    Oh…I have seen 40. And maybe even 42. This is definitely on my list to see next week with my hubby! Can’t wait!!

  29. Emily C. :

    We’d love to create a movie marathon tradition this week too. Thanks!

  30. Mami2jcn :

    I loved them in Knocked Up and I’m looking forward to seeing this!

  31. Jennifer (mom of 4) :

    Saw this movie the other night with my husband. We loved all the funny parts. Cracked us up!

  32. Michelle H. :

    I’d love to see this movie…I can relate. Thanks for the great giveaway
    shel704 at aol dot com

  33. Eileen :

    Looking forward to seeing the movie…all the goodies will really make it special!

  34. JK :

    I’m not quite 40, but from the trailers I’ve seen, I can certainly relate to a lot!!!

  35. Veronica Alcaraz :

    Not yet 40 but married 13 years. I’m looking forward to seeing this with my hubby and laughing at the similarities to our marriage :D

  36. Laurie Zollicoffee-Neal :

    40+ is the new 20+ ladies! lol I’m forty-three and wouldn’t trade the wisdom for the 20+ body at anytime! lol

    Love your site, giving out the sugar scrub as KWANZAA gifts!

    Peace and blessings. Happy Holidays!