The time I found myself in Costa Rica

Today is the first day in 2 weeks I’ve used a clock except for checking to see if it’s time for: surf lessons, a waterfall hike, dinner, lunch, or pool time.  It’s also the first time in a couple weeks I’ve known what day of the week it is and that it’s still April.

My family just got back from Costa Rica and I’m the most relaxed I’ve been in about 15 years.

The time I found myself in Costa Rica

I’m not telling you this to be obnoxious, but to remind myself how important it is to take a big fat step back once in a while.  It doesn’t even have to be a big fat step back to Costa Rica (although I highly recommend it), but just a little time to contemplate.  I’ve been dedicated to this blog for almost 5 years now, and it’s always at the back of my mind.  Is what just happened to me worth a post?  Would my readers like this recipe?  What new trend should I try for a DIY beauty tutorial?

Costa Rican beach

I can honestly say that while I was in Costa Rica I didn’t think about my blog.  I didn’t think about email or deadlines or 14 hour days, or the fact that I didn’t have daily scheduled posts while I was gone.  I really and truly didn’t care about anything but my kids and my husband and remembering how to say ‘I really love your shoes, and good luck with that boyfriend of yours!’  in Spanish.

I found myself in Costa Rica

Being completely away, literally away, with no cell phone, computers or TV, wiped clean the slate of my mind and allowed me the quiet space I’ve needed for a long time.  It gave me really ‘big picture’ perspective and allowed me to connect with my children without distraction.

Well okay maybe the ocean was a distraction, but not really.  It was pure bliss.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m sort of happy to be back?  I think?  Maybe it’s a good idea we didn’t liquidate our assets and sell the house while we were swimming in 85 degree turquoise water 45 minutes from Panama?  I’m still not sure, but I do know that I’m grateful.  I’m grateful to you for coming and checking in with me every day.  I’m grateful for my life.  I’m grateful I was able to get up and surf for the first time ever.  I’m so very grateful to be living purposefully, checking items off my Life List, and doing what I love for a living.

Thank you for everything.

Have an amazing, relaxing weekend.  See you on Monday.

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  1. Emily :

    Looks perfect! Great reminder about what’s really important too. :)

  2. Amy :

    I went to Paris earlier this year and felt the same; time away from everything really does reset things. I’m happy for you! What a lovely experience.

  3. Kalli :

    Who deserves it?

    You do.


  4. Erica :

    What a blessing! So happy for you to have this unfettered time with your family. I have a friend with a house in Costa Rica and have no idea why we haven’t taken up the offer to stay there.

  5. leslie :

    for those reasons above, i left my blog behind this year. there are just way too many other things that i want to fill my mind and my time with. in the end, blogs don’t mean a whole lot, or at least mine didn’t. i haven’t looked back once and haven’t missed it for a moment. it was fun while it lasted, and i’m not saying you should quit. but it sure does feel good to reevaluate, doesn’t it?

    pura vida!

  6. Carina :

    You deserved every minute. I’m so happy that you were all able to reconnect. I can’t wait to read more about Costa Rica!

  7. Sarah :

    I am so happy for you, completely jealous, but at the same time happy for you. Welcome Back!

  8. meg :

    We’re thinking about honeymoon destinations and anywhere out of reach of cell phone/internet service is just what we’re going to need. Costa Rica is gorgeous. I think that it just moved to the top of our list.

  9. senja :

    That sounds wonderful! :)

  10. Amy Hackworth :

    Allison, I’m so happy for you. What a lovely post and thanks for the reminder to step back sometimes. This post makes me love you even more. And I agree with Kalli, no one deserves it more than you, and I agree with Carina, can’t wait to see more about Costa Rica.

  11. LoveFeast Table :

    So happy for you too! Inspiring ~ Congratulations for following your dreams and your life list!! Happy Travels ~ CA

  12. Dana E :

    Family Time (love sigh)…. My family also was gifted this amazing trip and we leave 6/9 with my husband, 11 year old daughter and 8 year old step son! I would love the chance to correspond with you to ease some of my travel worries (Re: activities, travel constraints, suggestions and such)… I emailed you, but in case it landed in spamville, my email is . Welcome back!