The only food photography book you need

Almost exactly a year ago one of the loveliest people on the planet, my sweet friend Helene Dujardin of the blog Tartlette, wrote a book.  A food photography book called Plate to Pixel.  In fact, she wrote the only food photography book you need.  Ever, in the world.  Period.


food photography book

Photography is tricky for me.  It isn’t intuitive to me like it is to other people, so I’m constantly searching for sources to help a sister out.  I search the interwebs high and low for tutorials, hints, tricks, tips, what to do, what NOT to do.  In the end I shoot about 15 photos for every 1 I use in a post, and even then I’m not super satisfied. It’s something I’m always working on, always, always, always, but am nowhere close to mastering.

Enter Helene Dujardin.  In her book, Plate to Pixel, she holds your hand step-by-step through the process of photography.  Helene explains things in a way I’ve never thought to explore, simply enough for a confused girl like myself to understand.

the only food photography book you need

I keep Helene’s book by my bed and read snippets in the 5 minutes before I fall asleep at night, and I’m telling you, it’s already made a difference in my photography.  If Helene can help someone like me understand the intricacies of photography, she’ll be able to work miracles with you.  Guaranteed.

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  1. Beth :

    Just added it to my Amazon wish list! Thanks for the tip – anything I can do to help my photography is a great help.

    • Allison :

      Beth, she’s amazing. I’m hoping she’ll write another photography book, but this one is perfect for me.