The first time I met my daughter

the first time I met my daughterEven though my pregnancy was less than standard, my labor (thankfully) was as smooth as silk.  I pushed for less than twenty minutes while my family congregated just outside the delivery room door, but when my daughter arrived she didn’t make a sound.  Of course I was terrified something had gone horribly wrong.  For several minutes there was absolute silence while I cried and looked frantically from face to face, hoping for some sign of an answer from one of the nurses.

To read the entire story about the first time I met my daughter go to ABC’s Million Moms Challenge.  It gives me chills just thinking about it now, thirteen years later.

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  1. simply heidi :

    The first time I met my daughter she was two days old. I couldn’t believe how tiny she was – less than five pounds. I introduced myself, “I’m your mom and this is your dad” then said a silent prayer of gratitude for her lovely and brave birth mother.

    • Allison :

      Wow, that’s amazing. Tiny little thing! And honestly, what would we do without selfless birth mothers? I don’t know.

  2. Kayli :

    The first time that I saw my daughter I was in absolute wonder. I remember looking over at her from the table – I had a cesarean – and being in absolute awe of the beauty. The lights seemed like they were heaven’s lights shining on this precious gift from God. I was so amazed that the little angel inside of me was here, not inside anymore. She was here for me to love, to hold, to kiss, and to pour every bit of love I had into her heart.
    I am a birth mother so those days in the hospital with my angel meant everything to me. I knew that if I gave her every piece of love and adoration, her soul would recognize it when we met again and she would realize my love for her with more clarity each time from now on.

  3. Kenia :

    My daughter was delivered by C-Section. As I lay on the operating table minutes before her birth tears were streaming down my face. I clutched my husband’s hand and just kept saying, “I can’t wait, I can’t wait to meet her.” In no time I heard her little cry and laid eyes on the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen. That moment literally took my breath away, nothing in the world will ever compare to that feeling.

  4. Kerry :

    The first time I held my son he was 10 months old. The moment he was put into our arms the weight of emptiness, sadness, grief, loss, paperwork and the trials and emotions tied to the adoption process melted away. He was, in that instant, the absolute joy of our lives; and our reason for being was crystal clear. I truly felt as though I was breathing for the first time in my life.

  5. Jessica @ One Shiny Star :

    I realize I missed the contest, but wanted to share any way. My water had broke with meconium in it, so the doctors said they were hoping Ginny wouldn’t cry at first, so they could clear things before she took her first breath. But of course, she came out screaming (and hasn’t stopped!). I didn’t get to hold her, my husband didn’t cut the cord, the doctors just whisked her away to intubate her. When I finally did get to hold her I tried breastfeeding her but as I watched her, she stopped sucking, and started going pale. She had stopped breathing, and was whisked away again. Thankfully she is well and healthy now, but the first few times I was with my sweet baby were stressful.