The Body Shop

The Body Shop seems to keep reinventing itself while still staying true to it’s philosophy. I love the natural approach to body care and cosmetics, and I especially love the body butters. (Mango and Brazil Nut and Shea). Scrumptious. Their newest addition is all about your newest addition: Buriti Baby. It’s a complete line of baby bath and skin care products and they are fabulous. 

The product line includes body wash, organic cloths and towels, lotions, and my favorite: Buriti Baby Body Butter. Fabulous. Did I mention that already? I think I need to try the massage gel, too. It all sounds wonderful for baby and for mommy, no? Especially when battling the winter’s attack on sensitive skin. 
view the entire product line here
The Body Shop is currently offering free shipping on all baby product orders. Might as well get something for yourself, too!
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  1. Petit Elefant :

    Mmmmm. Love The Body Shop.