The best Summer outfit ever

Summer is the best.  The best in the west, maybe the east, and certainly the south.  But not Vegas, summer is never good in Vegas.

Anyway it’s hot outside and freezing inside, the kids are home, pools are open, and it’s Snow Cone season.  It’s the perfect storm of happiness and swimsuits and glory.

Did I mention Summer is my favorite?

Summer Outfit - Going to the Market

So what does one wear on the way to the pool, or on a perfectly sunny Saturday at the farmer’s market?  I’ll tell you: whatever you want.

Want to know why? 

Because it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.

But seriously, let’s say you really do want a suggestion about the best Summer outfit ever for you to wear wherever you want (remember the livin’ is easy), what would you wear?

Put on your favorite short-sleeved button down shirt, match it with some shorts or a flirty skirt, find some Ray Bans (or a cheap farmer’s market alternative) and toss on some sandals.  My favorite are Saltwater Sandals, preferably in a bright color (I do love me some color) but you can wear whatever sandals you want (if you’re looking to make your bum look tighter wear some wedges).  Top it off with some simple sexy earrings and a farmer’s market tote and you are officially one hot summer ticket.

Yes, you are.  And don’t ever forget it.

What do you wear all summer long?  What’s your best outfit?

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  1. Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos :

    Girrrrl, I am so with you! If I could only get it together and put on color combos that are as great as this one here and the ones in my head, all would be right in the world!

    • Allison :

      This is what blogs are for. The end. :)

  2. Lauren Webber :

    I love those yellow sandals! Your blog is one of my favorites! Xo

    • Allison :

      Lauren, so happy to hear it! Go get some of those sandals!

  3. Autumn :

    I have almost this entire outfit! Guess what I’m wearing tomorrow?