thanksgiving plans.

So one of us {I can’t remember if it was me or Viktor} thought it would be a great idea to head to L.A. for Thanksgiving. Warm, summery temperatures and memories of the sea tempted us. It seemed fun at the time. Harmless even.

We are idiots.

There is nothing even remotely fun about packing up a household to drive 12 hours straight in a car with two kids less than 36 hours before Thanksgiving.

Nothing, I tell you.

While you are reading this I’m either driving through St. George begging Viktor to stop for a potty break, driving through Primm begging Viktor to stop at the outlets {there is a Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn outlet to.die.for.} or I’m asleep as we pass through the Nevada border into California.

Good times, good times.

I’ll try to post while we’re gone. We’re having a Polish/American/Taiwanese Thanksgiving so it ought to be interesting. Plus, we’re staying in some really fun hotels. With pools. Which totally equals hot tubs, and that’s all I really care about.

Happy trails.

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  1. Emily :

    That's why we call it a family "adventure" or family "trip," never a family "vacation." Enjoy a pool or two for me and get some extra sand between your toes. I'm jealous!

  2. Jill :

    you can use my potty here in st. george!

    happy thanksgiving! hope it's truly lovely!

  3. Kami :

    I love a good hot tub! Happy Thanksgiving Allison!

  4. Andie :

    Oh Primm! Totally would be worth the car ride for me! With kids even! I miss that drive. There is a Japanese restaurant there that I miss almost as much as the shopping. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. vanessa :

    Have fun Miss Allison! PS Now we have matching cameras with the extra lens too…now just gotta learn how to use it to it's MAX. I know there is SO much more I can be doing with it but am lost.

  6. Robertsons :

    we just came back from UT…I have to admit I am glad to be back in the warm weather! Im not used to the cold any mor!

  7. Azúcar :

    I hope the pie helped.