Thanksgiving Point family pass giveaway

This giveaway is now closed, thanks so much for entering!  The winner is Tiffany, who said: Choose me! Pick me!  Congratulations.  email me asap like: allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom

Today’s post is sponsored by Thanksgiving Point, and if you live in Utah, you want to jump into this giveaway asap.  I’m giving away an annual family pass to Thanksgiving Point.  Thanksgiving Point is the place I take my kids when none of us can take the winter crazies anymore and we want to go visit the dinosaurs.  It’s the place we go in the summer to pet the farm animals, and the place we go in the fall to celebrate Halloween.

What I’m saying is, Thanksgiving Point is our home away from home when we all want to get away.  An annual pass is the answer to all your cabin fever worries.


thanksgiving point annual pass giveaway

The pass is valued at $175, and one of you lucky ducks can have one for the low, low price of a comment.

Giveaway Details:

  1. Leave a comment telling me what you love most about Thanksgiving Point.  I’ll help you out: I love The Emporium the most.
  2. Giveaway ends next Sunday December 11th, 2011 at Midnight MST.
  3. If you want to Like Petit Elefant on Facebook and share this giveaway on your own page, you’ll get two extra entries.
  4. Tweet about the giveaway and you have one more.  Be sure to tell me in the comments.
  5. I’ll choose a random winner + announce on this page by Monday December 12th.

Good luck!

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  1. Julie :

    When my kids were little we loved the Farm. I haven’t been to Thanksgiving Point in a while, so I definitely need/want this pass. :)

  2. Kelleyn :

    This would be perfect for our family since we will be spending so much money on the ski slope. I have only been to the Dinosaur museum there. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Emma Hunt :

    The TG Point deli’s corn chowder!

  4. Cathy :

    I love the dinosaurs!

  5. karen :

    the gardens!

    thank you!

  6. Cathy :


  7. Cathy :

    I like you on facebook.

  8. Cathy :

    I shared the giveaway on my facebook page.

  9. Brooke B :

    I love Thanksgiving Point! I can’t wait for the Museum of Natural Curiosity to open. I love their drive thru Christmas lights. My daughter loves the Dinosaurs or “Dinoseum” as she calls it!

  10. Brooke B :

    I already like Petit elefant on Facebook and I shared the giveaway on my page!

  11. Barb @ getupandplay :

    We love Thanksgiving Point! I think the little petting zoo farm is so cute.

  12. Kiera :

    I love how much my kids loving going to Thanksgiving Point!

  13. Trisha :

    I would love this a thousand times over! I have two little ones and sometimes we just must get out of the apartment!
    Full disclosure, I’ve never been to Thanksgiving Point, I’m a recent transplant to the Salt Lake Area. I hear the greatest things about it and I’m sure it wouldn’t dissapoint.

  14. Trisha :

    Ok I tweeted your giveaway (tlowtlow) and I follow you on fb and shared the link on my wall. :)

  15. Jill K :

    I love the Harvest restaurant’s rock shrimp nachos. And my kids love the Dino museum.

  16. Heidi :

    We love The Natural History Museum.

  17. Tiffany Bills :

    We love the dark space tunnel in the dinosaur museum. We yell “Time Tunnel!” and run through a few times before going through the main part of the museum.

    Also, the free kids’ ice cream cones can’t be beat at the deli, and great prices on regular ice cream.

  18. Ashlynn :

    Just moved to Orem this Fall & we have been to Thanksgiving Point 3 times … So far the children’s gardens are the fav.

  19. Jenny :

    My kids love the dinosaur museum! This pass would be an awesome Christmas gift.

  20. Jenny :

    I liked petit elefant on facebook And I like it in real life also.

  21. Jenna Nelson :

    my kids would CROAK… croak, I tell you.

  22. annie :

    I love the gardens and the amazing food I ate at their outdoor garden restaurant last summer!

  23. Julia :

    We LOVE the dinosaur museum. My kids could spend all day there just running around!

  24. Julia :


  25. Julia :

    Shared on FB!

  26. Julia :

    Liked you on FB

  27. Jessica Astin :

    I love the farm and dino museum, keeps my kids occupied for hours!!

  28. Jessica Astin :

    Liked you on FB

  29. Jessica Astin :

    Shared on FB

  30. Erin :

    I’m thinking these other peeps have never ridden Segways through the gardens, because there is NO WAY anything else at Thanksgiving Point could be your favorite after doing that!

  31. Catherine Glazner :

    My kids LOVE the dino museum is an all time favorite!! We also LOVE the petting farm!! =)

  32. Catherine Glazner :

    I liked you on Facebook!! =)

  33. Catherine Glazner :

    I shared the giveaway on my facebook page!! =)

  34. Cassie Geels :

    I love the gardens! I could spend he entire summer there!

  35. tiff :

    I love the gardens!

  36. tiff :

    Liked on FB.

  37. Catherine Glazner :

    I tweeded!! Its like my 11th tweet EVER! lol. Thanks for doing this, such a fun giveaway!! I hope I WIN!! =)

  38. Beth :

    I live how excited my kids get when gma /gpa cone…because allthey want to do is fo to the farm and ride “Pete” the horse ( apparently my 3yo thinks all horses are Pete. He lives them). We also love the reindeer at Xmas time!

  39. Rachel P :

    I love the dinosaurs

  40. Judy Hunsaker :

    I love farm country and the children’s discovery gardens.

  41. Emy :

    I love the Cornbelly’s Halloween carnival. My kids loved it- we could have stayed all day. Also love their cafe for lunch.

  42. Emy :

    Liked you on facebook and shared the contest on my page (although I hope to win!)

  43. Zina :

    We love Thanksgiving Point.

  44. Melski :

    I love the Gardens.

  45. Alison :

    I love the Tulip Festival.

  46. Stacey M. :

    My kids and I love Farm Country the most, though the dinosaurs are a very close second.

  47. Stacey M. :

    Liked on FB & shared.

  48. Stacey M. :

    Tweeted. @staceymay

  49. vanessa :

    ours expires in jan so pick us!!!

  50. Karen :

    Our family loves the Dinosaur Museum… We spend as much time as we can there during our once a year visit (August $2 Tuesdays).

    Thank you!

  51. Karen :

    Like (absolutely LOVE Ya) and Shared on FB… :)

  52. Molly Jones :

    We love the farm country… riding a pony every time we go is a big hit for my 4 year old!

  53. Brooke @ The Crafting Chicks :

    I love the gardens too, but my kids love the dino museum and farm country the most. :)

  54. Jennifer :

    I love the gardens and the Tulip Festival!

  55. Suzanne B :

    I love seeing all the lights!!

  56. Queen Scarlett :

    Sweet! I would be the coolest aunt to give this to my adorable nephews. Also, I love my sister, she totally deserves this. ;-)

  57. Allison Arsenault :

    I love the botanical gardens.

  58. Sarah Kimmel {Tech4Moms} :

    ME ME ME!!!! We love the Dinosaur Museum in this house! And then of course the Children’s Garden in the summer.

  59. ashlee :

    I’ve only been to the dinosaur museum and loved it. I’d love to visit the rest, the emporium sounds amazing. But my most favorite thing would be that my sister has a family pass and it would mean the kids and I could enjoy more cousin/aunt/niece time by being able to go together!

  60. Melissa Kelley :

    I love the SMELL of Thanksgiving Point – it smells like “country” instead of “city”, and the smell suits the gorgeous gardens, the adorable animals, and the UNDENIABLE Dinosaurs! Great Post! :)

    I am now “Liking” you on Facebook and Posting to all my Friends. :)

  61. Jen :

    Gotta love the cool dinosaur collection!

  62. Justin :

    I love the gardens the most.

  63. courtney carlson :

    I love Thanksgiving Point! I love to take my kids to the the Tulip Festival every year. My boys love the Dinosaur Museum. My daughter loves the pony rides. We love to take the kids to see the lights and the Reindeer every year also. It is an amazing place for families and it is just right around the corner from where we live.

  64. Abby Latimer :

    Love the lights this year along with the corn belly maze. What’s not to love about thanksgiving point??

  65. The redhead :

    Farm land is always a hit with the kiddos. They like to ride the horses.

  66. Jerusha Beckstead :

    I love everything at Thanksgiving Point! I have to say we have visited the Children’s Adventure Park the most, and I can never get my children to leave once we arrive. That is always a good thing.

  67. jen fuller :

    we live in salt lake, but still drive down to Thanksgiving Point for almost every holiday because they always have something going on!

  68. Lori :

    My kids enjoy the dinosaur museum, but I like the outside areas the best. Even though the animals are stinky, it reminds me of my hometown.

  69. Lori :

    I sure like you, Allison, and I’ve let all of my facebook friends know it!

  70. Lori :

    I sent out a tweet, too.

  71. Rachel Smith :

    We loved playing with our cousins at the huge water/sand tables in the dino museum the most!

  72. Rachel Smith :

    I shared on facebook and “liked” Petit Elephant too! Fun giveaway!

  73. Laurel Enke :

    I need somewhere to take my children that won’t cost a student/single mom a lot of money!

  74. Tiffany Crawford :

    We LOVE the dinosaur museum!

  75. Kalli :

    For serious, mine expires in a week. It saved my bacon this summer.

    Love TG point.

  76. Kalli :

    already like you of course

  77. Kalli :

    shared it!

  78. Kalli :

    aaand the twitter

  79. Heather Baker :

    I LOVE Thanksgiving Point all together!! My kids really enjoy The Dino museum and the Farm!!!

  80. Heather Baker :

    We’ve never had a pass,we always go on the $2 days, this would be way fun!!!!

  81. Laura Murdoch :

    Love when my kids do the log roll down the hill in the gardens.

  82. Laura Murdoch :

    Shared it too….

  83. Jill K :

    I got my tweet on.

  84. Lesley :

    I love the dinosaur museum, and during the holidays, we love the lights!

  85. Nadia :

    We love the water table at the dinosaur museum, but our favorite is the super inexpensive soft serve ice cream. Even in the dead of winter!

  86. shayla :

    My daughter loves farm country the best!

  87. amelia :

    i like the gardens but the kids like the dinosaurs the best.

  88. tiffany :

    Choose me! Pick me!

  89. rebekah :

    I’ve never been to the emporium, but I love the gardens!

  90. Bobbi T :

    The Secret Garden is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the quiet, surrounded by the incredible flowers. My son proposed to his now-wife there and the beauty of the place and event took my breath away. (All the gardens are lovely, but the covered path leading to the Secret Garden is SO Frances Hodson Burnett!)

    p.s. posting on my facebook page!