Teenage Gift Lists and Ideas for You

You need some gift lists + ideas for teenagers? I can help. Thanks to eBay for sponsoring this curation of gift ideas for tricky, lovable teens.  Check out my ever-growing collections for more ideas on gift giving, I have many, gift ideas and collections, I mean.

teenage gift lists and ideas

If you’ve ever been in charge of shopping for a teenager you understand the plight that is finding the right gift.  See, it’s different for teenagers, because they’re more like toddlers than not during the teen years, and it can get ugly if you don’t get things juuuuust so.  I say this as the mother of a teen and someone who WAS a teen for several years of my life.  The emotions, they are everywhere.  So many hormones, so many feeeeeeelings all. of. the. time. and no one does anything right.  It’s genuinely a hard time of life but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to get it right, and I’m always here to help; in fact I sourced my own teen to get some gift ideas so not ALL of you will be hated at your family holiday parties.

Teenage Gift Lists and Ideas for You

(so as not to lose your mind this holiday season)

  • electronics of every kind
  • good books for the formative years
  • devices on which to read good books
  • iTunes gift cards with which to buy electronic books for devices on which to read said good books
  • headphones so the teen in question can be LEFT ALONE, please, and thank you
  • Doctor Who understands (even if you don’t)
  • Sherlock can call ME Holmes

Thanks to eBay for sponsoring this curated gift guide for the teen in your life.  Use the hashtag #followfindit to discover more goodness.

I’d love to hear what gift ideas you have.  What gifts have worked in the past and which ones are you thinking of for this year?

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  1. Harper :

    I’ve worked in the book retail business and books for just one of the teenagers are one of the best gifts to give. If it becomes their favorite, they’ll remember you whenever they read it again and again.