Taylor Swift 1989

Taylor Swift 1989Here is the point in our relationship where I confess to my closet love for the one and only Miss Taylor Swift. Or T. Swift, if you live at my house. Or if you are cool.

I finally gave into my urgings a few days ago and downloaded her new, 1989,  album and it’s been looping on repeat since. Taylor Swift 1989. IT’S THAT GOOD, ear worm type stuff. So what, I’m a 30-something wife and mother with decidedly more mature tastes than that of an early (and I do mean early) 20’s country-to-pop-crossover star. But I love her, I do.

Taylor Swift, I couldn’t quit you if I tried.

Don’t judge me, it just feels right.

I’m guessing if you haven’t admitted it already, you probably love her too and that’s okay. This is a safe space. A safe, Taylor Swift friendly place.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.



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  1. karen :

    Pushing 50 here, and young at heart. I’m with you!

  2. Daniela :

    It SO does feel right! It’s so hard NOT to love Tswizzle. I even caught my boyfriend humming to Blank Space when he claimed to not acknowledge her as an artist! pft! He admits he was wrong…

  3. Gia :

    I too, love Taylor Swift and in a household of boys and we’ll into my 40’s, I listen to her as much as I can. Even with the eye rolling in my family!

  4. hwd :

    Couldn’t agree more. Like how she is in charge of her career and seems to be handling celebrity very well for someone so young. She’s managed to be cool, age-appropriate and wildly successful on her own terms, which is impressive.

  5. Jennyonthespot :

    I too love Tay Tay. And don’t tell my girls but I got us tickets to see here in August! I got the CD to wrap & give girls on Christmas Day :)