sunny southern california.

I’m on vacation right now with my family in Southern California. It’s sunny here. Warm too. I was beginning to wonder if sunshine was just a figment of my imagination but as it turns out, no, it’s real enough, you just have to go pretty far south to find it.

The whole family is going to head out to the beach today, maybe find some sea glass, collect shells, scream, run in the surf, boogie board, and blow bubbles into the warm ocean air. I might read a trashy magazine or two on the sand while I work on my tan, and sip sparkling water from Trader Joe’s. Ahh, my version of heaven.

The restorative power of a little R&R; is a true thing. I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately, and it started melting away as soon as I turned off my phones, laptop, television, and radio. I’m playing U-NO with the kids, reading a novel {can you believe it?!} and hanging out with my husband. Even if you can’t run to Southern California, or Mexico, or Paris for that matter, do something for yourself today. Take a hot bath, lie down for a quick nap, or reward yourself with a little bit of chocolate and your favorite show. You deserve it.

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  1. Lindsey Johnson :

    Bring me something back from Trader Joe’s, ok? Seriously. I’ll make it worth your while.

    I’m totally jealous. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. KJ :

    Alas, I’m settling for a diet coke. Soak up all that sunshine and send some to me!

  3. Michelle :

    Totally jealous! I need a break. Maybe after this event is over I can enjoy some R & R myself. What are you reading?

    Though, the weather is great here, and I'm about to take little G for a walk. Probably all I'll get for myself today, if that counts!

    Have a great trip!

  4. Vanessa :

    Oh I know this past weekend I finished a whole novel and I could not believe it, I have not done that in forever. Have fun in CA I am glad you are relaxing!!

  5. Victor :

    Cafe Johnsonia:

    Tell me what you want from TJ’s and it’s yours. Seriously.


    Sending sunshine your way STAT. Enjoy the diet coke for me.


    Reading 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult. It’s fantastic. Hope you had a great walk with G!

  6. KIM :

    OOOOOOO I wish! The snow is starting to melt here. Hopefully we wont get a late season snow like last year. So jealous right now. Enjoy it for all of us in Alaska!

  7. Kristen :

    So happy that you are enjoying your vacation! Relax- you deserve it!

  8. Linda :

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  9. Robertsons :

    that is why we love living here…hope the vac was a good one! Although there is rain this weekend…hope you left before it got here!

  10. Shannon :

    I live in Huntington Beach, still think it’s on the cool side. I do shop at Trader Joe’s regularly though.