Summer Sandals I’m Loving Right Now

Right now we need to talk about summer sandals.  I know it’s only March, but we all need to start our shoe shopping ASAP-like.  Mostly because it’s March and it’s ugly outside and I’m dying to go on a good Spring Break trip, but I’ll probably be doing yard work and laundry instead. It’s a pretty glamorous life I lead.


Summer Sandals

Do you have your eye on anything special right now?  I’m super loving high heeled sandals, that little peep toe adds a whole other level of sexy, especially in gorgeous muted shades like pale grey and soft pinks and gold.

I think when you have gentle, soft colors on shoes you can go a little more daring with the style.  Imagine those gold spiky little Michael Kors numbers in hot pink or yellow – you might think twice before buying those.  But in gold, or light blue, or grey?  Totally gorgeous.

What’s in your line of sight right now?  Are you more of a flat sandals kind of girl or do you wear only heels, all the time?  I can only wear heels for so long before I start to cry a little, but I do love a good heel on everyone else.  In fact, my closet is full of them.  In neat little boxes, rows and rows of beautiful, terribly painful high heels. In fact, there’s really nothing you could say right now that would talk me out of buying a new pair or two of pretty sandals for Spring.  I’m totally eyeing the Splendid Jessa Sandals, and I’m a little drool-y about the light pink Tom Ford peep toes.  With just the right flowy floral summer dress?  Perfection.




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