Best Summer Movies on Netflix

Summer Movies On Netflix

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Like it or not, summer break is here! And so are a whole truckload of awesome summer movies on Netflix, perfect for your backyard movie nights.  Lighthearted, but still with heart, hip but still relaxed. Plenty of silliness, a few scares, and maybe some catchy tunes, courtesy of Netflix. Bust out the lawn chairs and picnic quilts,  then kick back with your favorite people and cool movies on a balmy summer evening.

young frankenstein movie

Young Frankenstein with Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder. Really, that’s all you need to know for this cult classic nod to classic horror films. Kinda creepy, kinda corny, but totally cool and maybe even sophisticated.

Moana movie

Moana is a Disney original that does not disappoint. Visually, it’s gorgeous. Character-wise, it’s original. Musically, it’s fresh and inspiring. Culturally, it’s noteworthy. Plus, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. All ages will enjoy this one. Available on Netflix mid-June.
Scream Summer Movie

Older teens and college-age crowds will appreciate the very 90’s Scream, since it’s probably not on their radar these days. Just gory enough and silly enough, and just scary enough to enjoy with a date. Wink wink. There is a bit of language, blood and adult references, so plan accordingly.

ET Summer Movies

A whole new generation (or two) of kids should experience the bittersweetness of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. After all these years it’s still a gem of a movie. Don’t forget the Reese’s Pieces.


Anyone who experienced the 80’s, and anyone who should have, will go for Big Trouble in Little China. Best described as quirky mash-up of Western plus Kung Fu plus Fantasy  plus action. It’s kind a great B-movie, it’s great for a crowd PG-13 and up.

Moonrise summer movies

Also noteworthy: Moonrise Kingdom and also Sing Street, which have both been mentioned here before. Two very cool independent films with unique personality and totally different vibes. One features A-list actors, the other features a great soundtrack, both with edge and tenderness. Preview before watching with kiddos, though, and make your own judgment call.

Sing Street Movie


What summer movies are you watching?

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