Stylish outfit for Fall weather

The weather in my hood is ch-ch-changing pretty fast from late Summer gorgeous to super brisk 30 degree Fall mornings.  This weather is a good thing because, you guys, booooooooots.  Boots.  Do they make you feel as happy as they make me?  I mean, a good pair of boots can make a bad outfit good and a perfect outfit outstanding.


Fall boots are totally a thing.

Stylish outfit for Fall weather
What should you wear then, once the weather starts chilling off?  The answer is obviously whatever you want, but I have an stylish cold-weather Fall outfit option for you just in case.


It’s all about layering, just FYI.


Start off with a good base.  A comfortable tank top and some skinny jeans or corduroy pants are perfect under the sexy business you’re going to layer on top.  The thing about Fall weather is that you can be freezing in the morning and start to get a little toasty in the afternoon, so layering gives you options, and options are awesome.


The next layer is the cute stuff.  The cute star blouse and gold unity scarf go on top (obvs) and the gorgeous high heeled boots go on bottom (double obvs).


The crème de la crème is the top layer of gorgeous accessories and a buttery leather jacket.  You don’t have to wear exactly what I’ve got here, but something similar would be lovely.  A crop jacket with skinnies and boots is a magical combination of sartorial goodness.  You want this in your life.  Throw on a couple of ring (if you’re a ring sort of gal), some small earrings (small so they don’t compete with the scarf and patterned top) and a small jewel-toned clutch to hold your car keys, wallet, lipstick, a tampon or two, and your cell phone.  That’s all you need for a night out, yes?


Unless you live in a big metropolitan city, in which case you can scrap the car keys.  But don’t forget the lipstick, that’s one of those things you need in your pocket no matter the weather.  Maybe it’s just me, but lipstick is never optional.


Go enjoy some Fall weather for me.


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  1. chantelle :

    not that I can afford it, but that ring is AH-MAY-ZING!!

  2. Mallie :

    I was just gonna say… that ring…. gonna try to DIY that!!and– why haven’t we gotten the lunch?

  3. Julia :

    That clutch is AMAZE-ing.