Step By Step Spring Makeup Look

Today, a spring makeup look, step by step, with easy instructions so you can learn recreate it on yourself at home.

// This post is in collaboration with Burt’s Bees® and EcoTools® both of which are sold at WalMart.  Thank you for your kindness and support of Petit Elefant sponsors. //

step by step spring make up look

 It’s been awhile since I’ve done a step by step makeup look, so I’m excited to share today’s post, which is a really simple tutorial for a gorgeous, dewy Spring look with just a few makeup products.

make up brushes

The first thing to know, before you start any makeup look, is that it’s really important to start with the right tools.  Good makeup is no different than any other job; the results are always better if you start off with the right tools for the job.  For this makeup I used these really affordable brushes from the EcoTools® Day-To-Night brush set which includes a highlighting fan brush, a pointed concealer brush, an eye shadow brush, a detailed lip liner brush, and an angled face brush.  They’re a great set of soft, inexpensive brushes that do a really good job for a great price.  I also used a blending and bronzing brush and a skin perfecting makeup brush and an EcoTools® Skin Perfecting brush which is great for BB Cream and foundation.


bb cream

To start out I used Burt’s Bees® BB Cream, which offers really light facial coverage and smells delicious to boot.  We’ve talked about what BB cream is before; it’s a lighter version of foundation that moisturizes and covers facial imperfections and redness at the same time.  It’s perfect for someone like me – I really don’t love the way foundation feels on my face but I need coverage like everyone else, so BB Cream is a good middle ground.

Burt's Bees

I also used Burt’s Bees® lipstick which smells really yummy, (naturally) and is nice and creamy and luminescent in a satin finish.  There are 14 gorgeous shades, which means there’s at least one color for everyone.  I really love all of them.

burt's bees lipstick

Now that we’ve got all the tools together, let’s talk about how to do this gorgeous spring makeup look.

spring makeup

I used my daughter as a model for the makeup, and we both loved seeing the whole look come together at the end.  It’s hilarious because she never trusts me until it’s over, and then she’s always delightfully surprised.

You can see the before and after, with and without makeup, which shows you what some good makeup products can do for a girl.  She’s gorgeous regardless, but it’s fun to play with makeup and see what can be done with just a few products.

washed face

We started with a clean, washed, and very moisturized face.  Just like when you’re getting ready to apply lipstick, you want a nice moisturized palette before you start.  I’d never apply lipstick without exfoliating my lips and moisturizing first, just like I’d never apply BB Cream or foundation without an exfoliated face that’s been washed and super moisturized.  It helps create an even, smooth look.

bb cream

Once the moisturizer has been absorbed, apply BB Cream.  I use the back of my hand (or my daughter’s) as a palette, so I can really load the product onto the brush before applying.  I used the EcoTools® skin perfecting brush, which is made just for BB Creams and foundations.

The trick with foundation (and any makeup product, really) is to blend and blend, and blend and BLEND until the product is completely spread out and absorbed.  Blending is ESPECIALLY important with BB Cream and foundation, so the face doesn’t look like makeup has been caked on.


See how much the skin tone evened out, just by applying a good BB Cream?  It’s a miracle worker, I tell you.

face contouring

Once we had a good blank slate, I contoured her face using bronzer and highlighter using the EcoTools® Blending and Bronzing brush.  The trick with face contouring is to make a backwards #3 along the top of the brow, underneath the cheekbone, and along the jawline.  And then blend like mad.  You always want to avoid stark lines with both bronzer and blush.  Everything needs to be blended until it looks completely natural.

Apply highlighter where the light would naturally hit: on the above the brow bone on both sides of the face, above the apples of the cheeks, right underneath the outer eyebrows, down the middle of the nose, along the cupid’s bow of the lip, and a dot on the front of the chin.  Bend, blend blend, and then apply blush to the apples of the cheeks.

pink blush

Using just BB cream, bronzer, highlighter, and blush, we ended up with a really fresh, gorgeous face.  After that I applied 3 different colors of eye shadow and some mascara.

light pink lipstick

And then I topped it off with Burt’s Bees® really pretty pink lipstick, in Iced Iris.

Spring makeup look

Isn’t that such a fun, gorgeous spring makeup look?  I love how youthful and fresh it looks, and how much it transforms to a dewy, glowy look with just a few steps.

Do you wear different makeup in the Spring and Summer?  I totally do!  I love playing with different makeup palettes to match the seasons and am kind of obsessed with the right pink lipstick for any Spring makeup look.  Have fun playing around with variations of this, and let me know if you try it, I’d love to hear about it!


// This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Burt’s Bees® & EcoTools® both of which are sold at WalMart. The opinions and text are all mine. //

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