Spring Fashion Style Trends For Women 2015

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Ladies, 2015 is officially jam-packed full of gorgeous fashion style, and I’ve been spotting fun, trendy new Spring lines practically all over the universe, (the internet counts!). So, girls, women, ladies, let’s get started.

Heeeeey, hey laadieeeees!

I can’t help myself. I sort of apologize.

 Spring Fashion Style Trends  2015Please hear me when I tell you there are some Spring 2015 trends you want to check out. Today I’m hitting a few that I’ll share below, but first, let’s break for a video. I’m starting up style videos again with the magical sparkly editing skills of my friend Jenny so let’s pause and watch. (are you excited about this? do you have topics you want me to cover? let me know in the comments!)

Now that we’ve seen the fun style stuff I hauled in almost-3D, let’s talk about discount shopping for a minute. You know I love a good deal, so much so that I’m genuinely incapable of buying anything full price. ANYTHING. Food, clothes, airline tickets, hotel rooms, cars, homes, stickers, you name it. I’ll be honest though, I haven’t bought any stickers for awhile so I’m not sure what the negotiated rate is for those right now. Everything else though, I’m your girl.

Anyway, I digress.

accessory trends 2015My point is that I don’t shop full retail, especially when it comes to fashion. There are just too many cool ways to shop without paying all of the monies, and I love sharing those cool ways with my friends, aka you guys, so no one else has to pay full price either. Burlington is a store I periodically shop when I’m looking for a good deal on style. They sell all sorts of fashion + home stuffs for 65% off retail; that’s the kind of deal I can get behind.

women's trendy accessories This week I went to Burlington with $100 in my pocket to shop Spring 2015 trends, and I came out with:

  1. two new tunic shirts
  2. a pair of pants
  3. a statement necklace
  4. 4 pair of earrings
  5. stack of bangle bracelets (spangle, whatever)
  6. a cross-body purse
  7. a bra

It wouldn’t be appropriate to share the bra with you, so I won’t, but let’s examine all the other Spring trend goodies I found. I think I came away with a fair haul for $100, no? Yes.

bead necklace One of my favorite purchases is this chunky, bead statement necklace. A good bold necklace can go with almost any basic top or dress so don’t be afraid to go with it! This necklace follows a couple of Spring trends that won’t go out of style anytime soon (or for me, ever):

  • a bright pop of color
  • color blocking

Did you know your jewelry can color block, too? It totally can! I’ll wear this necklace with all sorts of things, but it will be a favorite of mine to wear with a white tee and jeans, almost like I’m wearing below.

spring fashion trends 2015Next trend:

  • blue + white
  • (bonus round!) color blocking
  • (double bonus round!!) color blocking + blue and white + bright pop of color

You can incorporate this trend however you like, and I’ll show you two ways to style it. The above photo is the first way to style blue + white. You can wear separate pieces of blue and white and layer them together for an outfit like I did here, or you can do what I did with the next trend and wear it all in one piece.

patterned tunicTrend:

  • blue + white
  • (bonus round!) pop of color
  • (double bonus round!!) unusual animal print in the purse, how about some BEEEEES?

This look is super easy: a blue + white tunic, dark blue skinny jeans, white ballet flats. A bonus (trend alert!) accessory is the adorable cross-body bag / purse in a bee print. I don’t know what I love more, the bees or the bees on a coral background. Amazing.

 Spring Fashion Style Trends For Women 2015

Last trend, but maybe my favorite encompasses two trends:

  • black + white
  • (bonus round!) military
  • (double bonus round!!) color blocking

Again, I unintentionally color blocked with this outfit in both a black top and a white + black skirt. I’ll be honest, I’m loving the color black as a Spring trend. It’s so easy to accessorize with pops of color and looks good on everyone. Also, the military trend, when done carefully and used sparingly, is so darling. I love it!

Do you have any fun style trends you’re loving right now? I want to hear what you love!

// Friends, if you shop at Burlington, right now for every dress purchased through March 31st $1, up to $25,000 will go to Burlington’s Red Dress Event in conjunction with WomenHeart, a women’s heart health organization whose mission is to educate women about heart health. You can also donate $1 when you check out at the register. P.S. did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death in women? I didn’t! //

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