simple makeup essentials + PHONE giveaway!

You know how I’m always blathering on and on about some new “must-have” beauty product or other, and how it will change your life so hurry up and go buy it already so you know what I’m talking about?

Today I’m talking about the opposite of that.

makeup essentials

Today I’m talking about the simplest of simple makeup essentials.

Windows 7 is running a campaign I’m participating in, about doing more with less.  So natch, I thought of makeup.  There’s a lot of more, more, more out there in the world of beauty, but right now I want to focus on the simplest of all these things:

A good red lipstick, blush, and mascara.  Three products.  Total.

My grandmother would be so proud of me right now.

Here’s me before any products at all {you might want to brace yourself, take a swig of whatever strong drink you keep handy}.

without makeup

I have nothing on my face.  Nada.

Now, with 3 simple makeup essentials:

simple makeup products

Sure, my wrinkles aren’t gone and my front tooth still looks a little snaggle tooth-ish, but it’s so much better, right?

Sometimes, less is more.

Now here’s the cool part for you.  As a part of this sponsored post, Windows 7 is giving away a phone.  For reals, yo. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, telling me which makeup product you’d take with you to be stranded on a desert island.  Just one.

You can enter once a day, every day, until November 29th, Midnight.  I’ll choose a random winner and announce on November 30th.  Let the fun begin!


This giveaway is brought to you by the new Windows Phone 7. Less MIA. More PTA: Learn about Windows Phone online and see it in person at local T-Mobile stores today.

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  1. Myrnie :

    Vaselline. Not a fancy girl ;)

  2. Erin Oltmanns :

    HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! That wouldn’t work for me. You have to be a special kind of pretty to pull that off, yo.

  3. Kelly :

    mascara. always mascara. it makes me look less like I haven’t slept for the last 5 years.

  4. Cathy :

    Does chapstick count as make up? I hope so because that’s what I’d take.

  5. Alecia :

    Lipstick. Always some color on my lips, and I’m good to go.

  6. Andie :

    A GREAT SPF moisturizer. And a great SPF lip product. I couldn’t choose just one! – Island survival.

    A great little creamy compact – Real life survival. Lip/cheek/eye color! Or mascara. See, I still cannot choose just one.

  7. Zina :

    I’m a makeup ignoramus but I do wear lipstick every day so I guess that. (I also wear mascara every day but lipstick makes a bigger difference, I think.) Also, my favorite lipstick is the same brand as yours so that makes me feel a teensy bit smarter.

  8. Lisa Boshell :

    I HAVE to have mascara. Or else I look like hairless alien!

  9. robyn :

    lip stain. if i’m wearing any make-up, that’s it. i’m afraid to wear anything that would rub off when i’m wrestling with my kiddo.

  10. Shante Matlock :

    Always lipstick… it can be used on eyes cheeks and lips (my mother’s trick)!!

  11. Megs :

    Does SPF count as a makeup product? If so, I choose a facial moisturizer/SPF so that I still looked great by the time I was rescued. ;)

    If SPF doesn’t count, I choose mascara. — I can only hope I’d be stranded with attractive men like those on “Lost,” and if my eyelashes aren’t lacquered how would I ever expect to survive? wink wink.

    You look great sans makeup, by the way!

  12. Krista :

    some sort of lip balm, however, to look pretty, I can’t live without mascara!

  13. Emily :

    Amazing! Those are seriously good picks! Um deserted island. . . I’d have to say sunscreen and/or moisturizer. Or lip gloss. :)

  14. Courtney :

    My St. Ives face scrub.
    Done and done.

  15. Yvonne :

    I would have to take my concealer! Helps cover up sun damage that is now popping up, argh!

  16. Rebecca :

    Definitely burt’s bees lipbalm. I’d risk going nuts without it.

  17. Rebecca :

    Ooooh I love your lipstick color. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to try that. In the meantime, I’ll stick with my lightly tinted lip gloss on my desert island.

  18. Jenn T. :

    Mascara. Probably L’Oreal Voluminous. Although a good sunscreen might be a better idea!

  19. Pam :

    Under eye concealer. A total lay-down.

    Although I would get a lot of rest on that island…

  20. Jenny :

    My current favorite is Grassroots Vitamin C Brightening cream. It smells so nice and orangey and plus makes my skin feel great!

  21. Amanda :

    Mascara, for ever and ever. It is the one thing I can’t bear to leave the house without applying.

  22. Andrea :

    Mascara – MAC’s Opulash. Everything looks better with a little mascara!

    Oh and I should definetely win ’cause you’re announcing the winner on my BIRTHDAY! :)

  23. Debbie Barr :

    Hmmm… it’d either be Mascara or eyeshadow. I’ve been using Covergirl’s “Tapestry Taupe” eyeshadow for years and it is by far my favorite. But then again, I’m not much of a make-up girl…

  24. Lindsay :

    Deserted island? I’m going with sunscreen!

  25. AE Jones :

    Oh SNAP… one item?! I’d have to say Aveda’s “Lip Tint” #550: Verbena. It is kind of a dark rose color – perfect for my skin and eye colors. AND, it smells fresh and healthy. Not goopy or too thick – my lips feel totally smooth and moisturized when I am wearing this. LOVE IT!

  26. Sarah R :

    I NEED foundation with SPF. And then I would steal someone else’s mascara.

  27. Brianne :

    Bronzer! Makes you look awake and less ghost-like in the winter.

  28. Brooke :

    mascara for sure! its the only make up i wear!

  29. AutumH :

    You rock that red lipstick for sure, looks good on you. I would have to take my burgundy eyeliner. I already use it to line my eyes but it can be used to line your lips, smudge a little for blush and even eyeshadow plus if I ever felt like writing something it could come in handy if I found some paper and a glass bottle on that deserted island. :)

  30. Anna M :

    mascara, for sure

    but now I really want to try that red lipstick–you look fantastic in it. WHat is the color?

  31. Lindsay L :

    Lip gloss/chapstick – any lip product!

  32. SarahJ :

    Burt’s Bee’s chapstick. The one with the red lid, because it’s tinted and helps me feel a little less naked-faced. :)

  33. Brit :

    no question-bag balm

  34. Rachel TF :

    I can’t live without my chapstick!! Definitely would take my chapstick. Mascara is my second choice!

  35. Sue J. :

    UV Essentiel by Chanel. Because it’s French and because it’s spf 50. Good for desert islands and such.

  36. girlsmama :

    I use the same mascara. Won’t leave home without it.

  37. Jamie :

    My face would look better if I said mascara – but the truth is unless I have lipgloss or chapstick my lips get insanely dry (which is painful and so unattractive) so I’d go with lipgloss in a great color so it would try attention away from everything else.

  38. Emily :

    Can I please take two? PLEASE? I would take my L’Oreal Voluminous mascara and favorite Revlon lip gloss.

  39. Erin Wilson :

    It would be a fight between DiorShow mascara and Mac’s Pink Poodle lip gloss

  40. the emily :

    concealer. I have the worst dark circles. plus it helps with the occasional zit, which wouldn’t be so occasional if i was stranded without all my face-cleansing products.

  41. Leana :

    sorry to be boring, but it has to be lip balm. tinted is great, but even the plain will work.

  42. Ali :

    burt’s bees plain old lip balm with peppermint oil. love it. couldn’t last without it. it truly is a piece of heaven in a tube!

  43. Irene :

    chapstick, mascara, studio fix. I can not live w/out these :)

  44. Leadia Jarvis/The Breeder's Digest :

    No question…..Bare Escentuals Well Rested eye powder. It indeed makes me look well rested even when the truth is I am FAR, FAR from it!

  45. Amy :

    funny, i’ve been meaning to do a vlog about my must have make-up but croup has left me without a voice and with an ugly cough – so I haven’t done it. Me – lipgloss, eye liner and mascara.

  46. Robyn :

    When I was teenager I would have said mascara. It is the main item of makeup I wore back then. Today I say my “Total Sienna” ColorStay lipstick.

  47. Camie :

    Due to the fact that I inherited my father’s stubby lashes, gotta be mascara. Doesn’t really matter what kind, as long as it’s dark and thick!

  48. mskaz :

    Mascara. Specifically Tarte mascara. I have tried almost every mascara Sephora and drugstores carry and Tarte is my latest best friend.

    (And can I please take an eyelash curler?)

  49. Megan :

    Bath & Body Works tinted mint lipgloss. Yeah. a little tint for the lips and a little burst of minty-tingle, what could be better?

  50. Christina M :

    Butts Bees tinted lip balm, preferably in Raisin. Functional and pretty!

  51. Cody :

    I think it would be dry on a desert island so I would take moisturizer.

  52. Tami Warner :

    I can’t live without my Sugar Lip Treatment from Sephora.

  53. Sarah Beck :

    Mascara, no wait, lip gloss, yeah a perfect lip gloss. CO bigelow, lemon lip cream from bath and body works. Love!
    Thanks for the opportunity, loved the post!

  54. Kali :

    I would have to choose a foundation with SPF as well. I never leave the house without it! But a close second would have to be mascara.

  55. Lisa Peterson :

    Mascara – even if I get nothing else on me (which is the usual), I have to have mascara on – my eyes just blend right into my face without it.

  56. Lolly :

    I think I’d have to be somewhat practical, and go with tinted moisturizer with SPF. Even if I were being impractical, I might go with a pure foundation. Good(looking) skin can go a long way!

  57. stacy :

    Victorias Secret tinted lip gloss. Love it.

  58. Debbie M :

    a sheer foundation (to cover the redness in my skin)

  59. Erin Morris :

    I MUST HAVE chapstick. Yea, I know it’s not really makeup, but it does make me look better. Without it I’d be cracked and peeling year round – YUCK!

  60. Monki :

    Shiseido premakeup cream…keeps my skin tone even, tones down my shiny face, and it has sunscreen in it!

  61. Peggy :

    I love your thought today using less makeup. You look perfect with the red lipstick.

  62. Heidi Eskelson :

    Burts Bees chapstick, baby!

  63. amanda :

    A good brown eyebrow pencil!

  64. hannahammonds :

    my bare minerals tinted mineral veil.

  65. Peter :

    I agree with some of the above posters – lib balm would be a major plus as would sunblock of some sort.

  66. Audrey :

    I really don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, so if I was stranded I would be content my L’Oreal moisturizer.

  67. Nathalie :

    VMV Hypoallergenics Glow lip and cheek tint :) I am pale so this adds color and life to my snow-face :)

  68. Jean YY :

    It definitely would have to be foundation. Since I can only bring one thing, it would have to contain a SPF.

  69. D :

    I’d have to take sunscreen since I’m so fair-skinned until I learned how to use natural products to protect me.

  70. Barb @ getupandplay :

    The only makeup I wear every day, without fail, is mascara. Although as I get older, I feel like I need the tinted moisturizer more and more!

  71. Samantha :

    I would take Benefit’s That Gal face primer. It evens out my skin tone and I look like I have awesome skin :)

  72. Donna :

    I’m torn between thickening and lengthening mascara and moisturizer with spf in it because I don’t know how much shade is available and I don’t want to get a sunburn. I would probably choose one of those at the very last minute.

  73. Katelyn :

    hands down: mascara

  74. Bahiyyih Baker :

    Burt’s Bees- the minty kind, and rose hand lotion. Going for smells, not looks, I guess.

  75. Heather :


  76. Stacia Simonsen :

    So many practical comments! I think I am swayed to bring some SPF foundation. I’d sure hate for my lips to dry out though…

  77. Amber :

    Must have spf moisturizer. At all times. Amen.

  78. Ashlee Archibald :

    I always put on mascara. But if i’m even too tired for that (hello nursing 4 week old!) I put on blush, it’s even quicker!

  79. lindsey :

    spf 20 lipgloss…my lips burn easily…and since it’s an island and all, lol.
    but I LOVE mascara!!!

  80. Marianne Firth :

    So easy. My little pot of MAC concealer. It is a miracle pill.

    Also- David Sedaris is coming to Salt lake soon! He was here in East Lansing last night for his book tour.

    Saturday, November 27, 2010 Salt Lake City, UT. Sam Weller’s Books

    You’ll be crossing things off your list like crazy this year!

  81. Christie :

    Mascara would be my makeup of choice…I’m thinking the sun would give my skin a nice glow and thus my teeth may look slightly whiter as a result. Maybe? I have what my husband calls “mole eyes” without my miracle mascara!!

  82. Morgan W. :

    I would choose mascara. I am a blonde, therefore, my long lashes are never fully appreciated or noticed without a bit of the dark stuff.

  83. Tami Warner :

    I would also take my moisturizer with sunscreen. I swear by that stuff.

  84. Anne :

    Tinted moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30. Desert island, people. You don’t want to look like show leather when you get rescued.

  85. Courtney M :

    Rosebud Salve – it solves a myriad of my problems.

  86. Anna M :

    CHAPSTICK! Or, Rosebud Salve is pretty incredible, too. Except my lips never feel quite as quenched with it. My old dentist in AZ had a chapstick from Hawaii that he’d give out and I think I went back to him just for another stick of it!

  87. Jody M :

    I would have to take my MaryKay Nourishine lip gloss! I absolutely love it – comes in pretty colors, not sticky, & keeps my lips moist! (No I’m not a MK rep)

  88. Deb :

    Carmex. Which wouldn’t make my desert island routine too different than my daily routine. So maybe since I’ll be able to harvest coconut oil of my own on the island, I should say a compact with a mirror, so that I could Macgyver a firestarter/plane communication device. I might be overthinking this.

  89. Emily :

    A foundation with sunscreen. Definitely.

  90. KHONDA :

    I would have to take moisturizer & lip balm!!

  91. Courtney :

    Some sort of foundation/pressed powder because HELLO OIL SLICK!

  92. Heather :


  93. Erin B :

    My green makeup…. It acts a smoother and a concelaer for my red complexion.

  94. Alicia W. :

    Moisturizer with sunscreen in it. No doubt.

  95. Stargirl :

    I’m hoping there are trees to hide under, because I’m picking chap-stick instead of sunscreen. I couldn’t do without it.

  96. Lindsay N. :

    I recently purchased a Revlon liquid lipstick that I love. It could double as blush in a pinch!

  97. lu :

    I really like my Sephora eye shadow. There are three colors and they look great any time of the day. Love your before and after.

  98. Amanda :

    Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm. I (sadly) literally cannot live without it!

  99. Ilene :

    It would have to be mascara.

  100. Carey M :

    Brown eyeliner…

  101. heather :

    good, old, reliable covergirl mascara. black. waterproof.

  102. Kari :


  103. Darcy Gray :

    Mascara baby!!!

  104. Vivian :

    Does chapstick count? If so, then I would definitely bring my chapstick!

  105. Erin :

    Mascara is my only must, I think. It makes you look alive and awake even when you’re not. On a desert island, though, I’m not sure I’d care that much about my makeup.

  106. Aubrey Archuleta :

    Definitely some kind of lip balm. Something made by Burt’s Bee’s for sure.

  107. Em D. :

    Chapstick with SPF! No one will see me so comfort is most important and I hate dry lips.

  108. mafong :

    I don’t even take out the garbage without puttting on mascara.

  109. Kristi :

    Lip moisturizer. Hands down.

  110. Sara B. :

    Hmm, just one…I’d say face moisturizer!

  111. thepricklypinecone :

    I would need to take my mascara, waterproof of course!oof of course!

  112. Denise McK :

    I’d have to go with my chapstick for sure.

  113. Ali :

    translucent powder…i have oily skin and without a light dusting of this powder, my makeup would just slide off!

  114. Jennifer (mom of 4) :

    I would have to bring my mascara! You look great by the way with your three essentials. I think if I put red lipstick on I would look like a clown haha

  115. Heidi Eskelson :

    Burt’s Bees chapstick!!

  116. Mindy :

    MASCARA… it works wonders. I wouldn’t even care what brand!

  117. Samantha :

    for a more natural look, i love to keep brown eyeliner on hand, black is too hard for me.

  118. Amanda :

    Right behind mascara is some sort of chapstick/ lip balm/ lip gloss. Right now I’m using a Nivea milk and honey balm that I am LOVING.

  119. Shirley M. :

    tinted lipbalm :DDD keeps your lips moisturized and adds a little color ;]

  120. Nicole :

    I’d have to bring my sunblock to avoid looking like a lobster!

  121. Charity :

    Hands down, Concealer.

  122. Becky :

    Face lotion with major sunscreen….I wouldn’t want to get more skin cancer.

  123. Sarah Beck :

    Hello, it’s me, I am entering every day! On an island, give me lipgloss!

  124. Michelle :

    Tough decision – today I say moisturizer with spf. The island is stranded after all:)

  125. Anna M :

    Is lotion considered makeup? No? Then mascara!

  126. Mandy :

    I would totally take my mascara. Can’t live without it.

  127. Emily :

    TINTED. CHAPSTICK. for real, it doesn’t matter how pretty your eyes look when you have a deadly-pale, dry, cracked mess going on.

  128. Lacretia :

    I’d take my highlighter with me. If I put a little in the inner corners of my eyes, on my cheekbones and under my brow bone, I look much more awake, and better than a million bucks!

  129. Dele O :

    All the make up needed will be on the deserted island. charcoal for eyeliner, and a natural tanning salon. With a sand bed and sun-light. LOL.

  130. Heidi Eskelson :

    Burts Bees chapstick!

  131. cathy :

    Tinted moisturizer with SPF!

  132. Andria :

    I would take my burts bees chapstick. I could do without the rest.

  133. Selene :

    Eyelash curler :)

  134. Jean YY :

    Moisturizer with lip balm

  135. tony :

    eyeliner brings out the beauty of a person,
    some people think they need alot of makeup to look pretty but simple things such as eyeliner can dramatically change a persons appearance its the little things in life that count and doing more with less helps a long way.

  136. Hannah :

    I would definitely bring some tinted SPF moisturizer :)

  137. Kari :

    that would be mascara! gotta have it!!

  138. Kristin :

    a good waterproof mascara

  139. Katelyn :

    love, love, love my mascara (hope this is okay since this is my second time saying I love my mascara)

  140. Samantha :

    I also love using concealer just to brighten my look so a good all over concealer like cliniques is good.

  141. Anna :

    I kick my husband out of the kitchen! Sometimes its easier and faster when he’s NOT helping! lol

  142. Pastor Jim :

    I’d take whatever makeup my wife was wearing–preferably with her!

  143. Kari :

    mascara for sure!!

  144. Tami Warner :

    Let’s see…what else would I bring? Tweezers! For me those are an essential beauty item. Who wants shaggy brows?

  145. andrea :

    Foundation! My skin is really uneven and patcy, it just need a bit of foundation to make it look “normal”.
    You have great complexion!

  146. Emily :

    I’d bring a really thick lotion, maybe like the Pond’s kind that comes in a tub, to keep my lips and skin fresh.

  147. JJ :

    I’m a guy, so I typically dont wear makeup, except for halloween as a panda bear! BUT, my wife always has her powder on her. ALWAYS.

  148. Becky :

    Chapstick for sure….think of the chapped lips.

  149. Dele O :

    My wife will definitely be bringing her Mac make up set

  150. Yogi :

    I’d be bringing my Carmex lip balm.

  151. Jenn T. :

    Burt’s Bees lip balm. Love it.

  152. rian :

    I’d have to say mascara. Hands down.

  153. Heidi Eskelson :

    Burt’s Bees chapstick! It can’t be beat!

  154. Annabelle :

    I don’t wear make up but seeing how great you look after those 3 items only could change my mind! I love my nivea lip balm, because it smells gooood!!

  155. Suzanne :

    I am not sure if you would consider it make up – but I would take my face lotion with me! My face gets VERY dry!!

  156. Matthew :

    I don’t wear makeup, being the dude that I am.. but my wife says mascara, mascara, mascara!

  157. Sarah Beck :

    Hi, me again. Did I mention lip gloss?

  158. Katelyn :

    I really want this phone….I LOVE MY MASCARA! Second in line is lip gloss :)

  159. Samantha :

    i also really like macs cream shadow stick in champagne. great primer and highlighter

  160. Alison F. :

    I would bring Neutrogena’s tinted moisturizer. Better than foundation and it has SPF.

  161. Yogi :

    By using Quick Steps in Microsoft Outlook, I do more and do it quicker.

  162. Erin H. :

    I’d take a nice powder blush – multifunctional.

  163. Emily :

    Tweezers, probably. First of all, I’d be so bored on the island, I’d spend hours crafting my brows into amazing shapes. Second of all, I might get a splinter or something.

  164. Kelli :

    Ugh, that’s my problem! I can’t pick just one. But if I ABSOLUTELY had to? I guess it would depend on how my skin was at the time. If i was temperamental as usual, CONCEALER. If it was miraculously clear, black mascara!!

  165. Dele O :

    I’m all about replacing my stone-age phone with a revolutionary one. And I’m sure with it, i’ll be doing more in less time. Thanks for the giveaway.

  166. Erin :

    My practical answer would be chapstick, which I’m guessing would be much appreciated on a desert island.

  167. Overfriendly Concierge :

    Hmmm…I’d have to say Stila’s sheer color tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 would be crucial.

  168. Megan M. :

    I’m a fan of the C. O. Bigelow Minted Lip Tint … and Estee Lauder Idealist … and good mascara.

  169. Katelyn :

    after my mascara (mary kay ultimate mascara) I love my lip gloss

  170. Becky :

    Can I trade one make-up item for a really good book? I would really rather take a book.

  171. Brooke :

    Chapstick, for sure! Nothing is worse than chapped lips

  172. Samantha :

    I really like to use a white eyeliner to highlight the inner corners of my eyes because it helps make my eyes look more awake and bigger

  173. Mely :

    Why only One???…It will have to be my Mascara, can’t live without it!

  174. Tiffany :

    Pretty lady! Red lipstick looks AWESOME on you. I could never pull that off.

    As for the makeup I can’t do without – mascara! My eyelashes are short and straight and I love how mascara can enhance your eyes.

  175. Dele O :

    Calendars are a huge help. And the Outlook Quickstep is a great shortcut tool that helps me quickly create some of my common tasks, appointments, and emails while on the go. The win phone 7 will be a great mobile tool to aid in this

  176. Brooke :


  177. Celeste :

    Maybelline Full & Soft waterproof mascara.

  178. Emily :

    A mineral foundation. I hate how blotchy my skin gets some days.

  179. Alison F. :

    Mascara would be a plus, especially if it is waterproof since we would be on an island :-)

  180. Sarah Beck :

    Bath and body works bigelow lemon cream lip gloss. Yummy!

  181. Overfriendly Concierge :

    okay, if I couldn’t bring the tinted moisturizer with spf 30, my next pick would be orange chap-stick.

  182. Turtle Mom :

    I use moisturizer, blush, and sometimes lipstick. Less is more in my book!

  183. Celeste :

    Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm!

  184. Cecilia :

    A good moisturizing (and sun-protectant) lipstick!

  185. Sharon :

    Less is more, I know, and it really should count with makeup, but even on a desert island, I would want to look my best. *sigh*
    I pick a melon lipstick as *the one*!

  186. Selene :

    Eyelash curler was my first entry, but now that I think about…some form of chapstick with some color preferably :)

  187. Katelyn :

    after the mascara and lip gloss, I would bring moisturizer with SPF

  188. Erica Best :

    i would take chap stick im a simple girl.

  189. Yogi :

    I get more with less by doing comparison shopping using Bing.

  190. Overfriendly Concierge :

    I guess third in line after the moisturizer with spf 30 and orange chap stick would be Lacome Defincils mascara.

  191. Emily :

    If it was a non-tropical island, I’d go with blush. I am palepalepalepale.

  192. Charity :

    burts bees lip balm, pomegrante.

  193. Kelli :

    I seriously die if I have to go the day without chapstick or lipgloss. I need moisture for my lips!

  194. Dele O :

    I’m all about doing more with less by using free tools such as the Google calendar to organize my day, week, month, year…need I go on!!!

  195. Sharon :

    My more for less: Bake family goodies instead of buying storebought. Make extra and freeze for later. Do the same for meals: cook more, freeze extras.

  196. Heather D :

    I definitely cannot live without my tinted chapstick. I have to have moist lips or I am always thinking about how dry my lips are. Besides, if I’m stranded on an island it really doesn’t matter what I look like. :)

  197. Jennifer Lyday :

    Waterproof mascara :)

  198. Becky :

    Um maybe I would take chocolate chapstick so I don’t forget the wonderful smell of chocolate.

  199. Shelby M. :

    Has to be chapstick, even on a desert island I want to have very kissable lips.

  200. Ellen C. :

    I’d have to choose my eyeliner. Thanks for the chance.

  201. Rick Y :

    Stop spending money on makeup. You don’t need it. Less is more.

  202. Sarah Beck :

    Love me some lipgloss xx

  203. Samantha :

    i love clinique city block. its like using a very sheer foundation with spf protection and evens out my tone.

  204. Turtle Mom :

    I make do with just sunscreen in the summer – and sometimes a little blush if I’m too pale.

  205. Celeste :

    Cera Ve lotion!

  206. Kari :

    must have mascara!

  207. Mandy :

    My CO Bigelow lipgloss. Can’t live without it!

  208. Dele O :

    I do more with less by using awesome phone apps. There are many useful, fun, and creative apps out there that help make life a little bit easier to manage.

  209. Shelby M. :

    If stranded on a dessert island I am taking some sunscreen!

  210. Emily :

    Cetaphil! There’s no point in having perfectly-lined eyes if my skin is a mess.

  211. Sharon :

    Doing more with less means creating a tight budget and sticking to it, avoiding impulse buys, and saving for rainy days. Peace of mind generates productivity.

  212. Kelly King Anderson :

    eyebrow shadow, seriously I look 100x better if my brows are darker. and the phone? i totally need one because mine is only vibrating now and I can never find it or hear it because when I was washing my face recently it got wet. thx! btw, wish I could wear red lipstick like you, you’re gorgeous with it. ;)

  213. Sarah Beck :

    Still loving the lipgloss, not sticky, not goopy just smooth and lemony!

  214. Alison F. :

    Chapstick. Brand name but just the black stuff. Could not live without it. Don’t even want to think about it.

  215. Yogi :

    I get more done by using the Microsoft Outlook junk filters to see less spam.

  216. Katie :

    definitely mascara

  217. Overfriendly Concierge :

    I have to agree with the prior mention of Cetaphil. That stuff is completely awesome.

  218. Kelli :

    Waterproof mascara! Any other kind rubs off my eyes by the end of the day.

  219. Crystal W :

    my newest can’t live without is my Philosophy primer I finally broke down and bought (I resisted the ” you need an extra step aka primer” bit for as long as I could) now I’m never without it!

  220. Yogi :

    I get my screen more organized with less hassle using Windows 7’s Snaps feature.

  221. Overfriendly Concierge :

    I almost want to say I’d also take some kind of undereye concealer with me to my desert island, but I think I’d be so relaxed and well rested while chilling on my island that I wouldn’t need it. In which case, less really IS more!

  222. Heidi Eskelson :

    Burt’s beeeeeees! (chapstick)

  223. Sue J. :

    Perfume. Coco by Chanel. Gotta have it.

  224. Dele O :

    Doing more with less means keeping your cars as long as possible especially when they are paid off.

  225. Djangelic :

    probably chapstick… its hot out there…

  226. Jearv :

    Hmm, if there’s one thing I can’t live without, it would be chapstick. There’s nothing attractive about crusty lips ahah! It’s a life saver, especially on the dry weather where I live. Hope I win!

  227. Kate :

    I would take my eyeliner- don’t know how much good it would do me, but I still want it lol

  228. Turtle Mom :

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for people who put their hearts and souls into blogging for us! I am thankful that the giveaway is a phone as I am in real need of a new one.

  229. Schmidty :

    Doing more for less means buying a gently used car that’s been cared for and maintaining it carefully for another ten years.

  230. Samantha :

    loving rare minerals right now for concealing and healing blemishes

  231. Kate :

    If not my eyeliner, I’d take my lip gloss

  232. Celeste :

    Garnier Fructis hair smoothing cream… bye-bye frizz!

  233. Dele O :

    Doing more for less is all about doing dishes before, during, and after thanksgiving dinner. Saves a lot of time the next day.

    P.S. happy thanksgiving

  234. Schmidty :

    More for less: Host a get together with your friends and have a clothes swap …exchange your don’t-likes and never-worns for things you can use. Everybody wins!

  235. Mandy :

    I love my CHI straightener. Its the one hair product I couldn’t live without.

  236. Heidi E. :

    Burts bees chapstick!!

  237. Steph :

    SPF BUrts Bees face lotion! No burn or wrinkles here.

  238. Overfriendly Concierge :

    okay, I’m running out of must-have on a desert island beauty products. How about Eau Des Merveilles by Hermes so I can at least smell good?

  239. Yogi :

    I do more with less redundancy by syncing my files using Windows Live Mesh.

  240. Dele O :

    doing more with less could mean budgeting and adhering to it. It allows us to save properly and spend wisely

  241. Heidi Eskelson :

    Burt’s bees chapstick!! Love it, Love it!!

  242. Sarah Beck :

    Some of these comments have nothing to do with make up? Weird
    But I am sticking with lip gloss, love it. Wearing it right now, but reading some of these other responses I realize that I may need to broaden my horizons. You have a very chic readership!

  243. andrea d :

    i would take my mascara i cant live without it~ love long thick eyelashes! it was hard to pick just one but hey I had to! lol!

    drea8685 at yahoo dot com

  244. Overfriendly Concierge :

    I don’t know how long I’m going to be stuck on this island, so I’m thinking some aloe gel would be helpful…

  245. Heidi E :

    Burt’s Bees chapstick!

  246. Kate :

    I like my eyeliner- no matter where I’m at

  247. Samantha :

    mm chapstick, strawberry flavored please. the cherry one smells like tylenol :D

  248. Schmidty :

    My grandmother taught me to “save steps”. During chore time around the house, always have something with you to be returned or replaced as you move from area to area and room to room.

  249. Turtle Mom :

    I am trying to do more with less by entering to win wonderful freebies!

  250. Sarah Beck :

    Have I mentioned that I love lip gloss? After reading this poet over and over I am thinking that I need to try red lipstick….:)

  251. Overfriendly Concierge :

    Nars the Multiple in Orgasm. Almost old-school at this point, but also crucial.

  252. mina :

    concealer. Oh, I have so much to conceal.

  253. Dele O :

    Doing more with less sometimes means reusing grocery bags, or buying the recyclable types and using those. Saves the environment and saves the grocery stores money, which in turn saves you money.

  254. Suzy Q :

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…for a new phone!

  255. Anna M :

    I am trying the red lipstick. So far it’s OK. But I still say chapstick for the island!

  256. Kimterese Boone :

    My Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner Chapstick

  257. Heidi Eskelson :

    Burt’s Bees chapstick! I hate dry lips.

  258. Lucy :

    Alright…if looks counted I would be taking Mascara…but if I’m going to be alone and roughing it forever I’d totally take a lifetime supply of Cocoa Butter…you can use that for everything! Well almost

  259. Katelyn :


  260. lacie@creative attempts :

    I would take my beauty rush lip gloss from victoria’s secret I always have one on hand in my desk drawer, in my pocket, in my purse, or in my jacket lol (op and I even keep one in the drawer by the fridge in the kitchen ha ha)

  261. Sarah Beck :

    Seriously, you know how to rock that red lipstick, and you honestly make me believe that I maybe could, maybe…
    Anyway on an island I would need to have my lip gloss, gotta stay glossy!

  262. Turtle Mom :

    This phone would help keep me organized so that I can do more with less!

  263. Jearv :

    One thing I can take. Hm, I’m not sure if this would count as “make up” but it fits in with the facial products. Haha, I’d definitely bring my facial scrub because it helps me feel fresh every morning. If I was stuck on an island, I’d at least want to feel good. Hope I win!

  264. Kate :

    i need my eyeliner and my lotion

  265. Schmidty :

    Doing more for less means delegating more responsibilities to the kids so my time can be used more productively.

  266. Samantha :

    one ideal piece I need isnt even make up because you need good skin to make any make up look better so I love clay masks and they come relatively cheaply now

  267. Overfriendly Concierge :

    okay, last desert island item. Kiehl’s Pore-Reducing face scrub stuff. It’s awesome.

  268. Jennifer Barr :


  269. Erica Best :

    i would take my lotion i going to need it lol.

  270. Annette D :

    I would take a foundation with sunscreen!

  271. Kari :

    would have to be mascara!

  272. Julie L :

    Mine is definitely my SoftLips lip balm-:)

  273. tina reynolds :

    I would take my light pink shiny lipgloss thanks so much for the chance!

  274. Emily :

    maybe a lipstain, so i can put it on first thing in the morning and focus on coconut-gathering or whatever all day, instead of reapplying makeup. LOL.

  275. Sarah :

    here i am on the last day!!!
    i still would want my lip gloss, lemony and smoothy goodness.

  276. Charity :

    Estee lauder mascara and burt’s bees moisturizer!

  277. Kate :

    I still would want my eyeliner even though it wouldnt be that most practical thing

  278. Lisa Ault :

    I would want foundation with a spf. I always put my foundation on even if I skip everything else.

  279. Turtle Mom :

    This phone is amazing! I’ll be able to get so much more done with less when I get a smart phone. I’d still want my blush though.

  280. D :

    Lotion – I would probably get dry at some point.

  281. marcia :

    burts bee lip balm. definitely something for the lips.

  282. John :

    What about your male readers? I guess blush. The island is deserted, right?

  283. Heidi Eskelson :

    Buuuuurrts Beeeeees chapstick. It’s my fave! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win. Sorry, just a little positive vibe I’m throw’in for the last entry. Fingers crossed, one eye open.

  284. Dele O :

    Doing more with less could be decorating the christmas tree as a family. More work done in less time, and lots of family time together.

  285. Schmidty :

    More for less mean having an emergency kit in my car when I travel, and also carrying our own snacks and drinks so that we don’t have to make expensive stops.

  286. Kelli :

    I looove my liquid eyeliner! Smooth that on the top lid, use a pencil for the bottom, and blended perfect. …(close enough to just one thing,…right!?)

  287. Denise :

    Mascara, no question. My eyelashes are invisible my eyelids look bald without it. I appreciate mascara immensely!

  288. Sean :

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