Shellac Nails


Do you know what my favorite beauty tricks are? Low-maintenance ones. So, concerning the love and care that nice-looking nails require, I often come up short – literally. I am a notorious nail-biter. Sometimes it’s absent minded, other times it’s stress related, but either way the only time I really seem to kick the horrible habit is when my nails are painted.


This polish is 3 weeks old.

Nail-painting itself is not an easy endeavor, and common polish always chips off your hands within days (and yet, somehow, pedicures could withstand a nuclear war without even a blemish.) Gel and acrylic nails often require too long a commitment, they damage your nails, and leave your hands looking more mangled than glamorous when they come off.


This is after I removed the shellac (on my own, and without acetone).

Fortunately, there is a happy in-between manicure solution: Shellac. And gals, it’s the bomb. The substance Shellac is a blend of gel and polish. It is applied like a polish and so it can’t be used to extend your nail, but it does add strength and durability. In the long term, Shellac is much less harmful to nails than gels and acrylics, and it is easy to remove. The main benefit though, is that it drastically reduces chipping, while you go on doing everything the way you would with normal polish. There is no fear of broken nails, or painful snags because you are essentially wearing normal polish – only the superhero version.


I decided on french tips this time.

I always pick a nice neutral color, to go with all my clothes: nude, grayish blue, French tips, or blush. I put an extra clear coat on top when I get home from the salon, then presto – I have perfect nails for 2½ weeks minimum. To me, a long-time nail-biter, this $10-$20 fix has been a revelation. Check your favorite beauty supply retailer for Shellac polish, or ask your favorite salon if they do Shellac manicures.

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