Sexy And Totally Comfortable Shoes For Women

Wedge Booties

Sexy, comfortable shoes?  Total oxymoron.  Usually.  But Brian James, a relatively new shoe company defies the un-sexy odds of comfortable, day-to-day staple shoes by making some seriously hot shoes for women.

summer sanda;s

Brian James is a shoe company started in 2012 by Angela Edgeworth, founder of the adorable children’s footwear line, pediped.  Angela named the new shoe company for women after her husband Brian James (so cute!) because aside from her love for her two daughters and her shoe collection (OBVS), her husband Brian is her favorite.

wedge pumps

Now, let’s talk about the shoes.  Last summer I was gifted a pair of Brian James sandals.  I was in the middle of hosting a party for 350 women in Chicago, in July.  It was hot, I was tired and my feet swollen, and I’d just walked 5 blocks in the heat and humidity before I put my new sandals on.  I’m always skeptical when it comes to new shoes, especially when my feet don’t feel awesome, and I’m here to tell you, WHOA.  These shoes, you guys!  So comfortable.

I’m a total shoe wimp.  My feet can only handle certain kinds of shoes, and I really won’t suffer for fashion.  I’m too old for blisters and pinched toes at this age, shoes have to feel good or I just won’t buy them.  So I wore the sandals all summer, and then in the Fall I got a pair of Brian James wedge boots.  I genuinely thought they wouldn’t be comfortable, but they were so sexy I couldn’t help checking them out just because, you know, sexy shoes.


You know there’s no breaking in period for honest-to-goodness quality shoes, right?  They should feel comfortable from the start, in the store, the very first time you try them on.  Sometimes shoes need a little wear-and-tear to be “broken in” to your particular feet, but you shouldn’t have to suffer the first time you wear a new pair of shoes.  Period.

Both the sandals, and the high heel wedge booties, were perfectly comfortable the first time I wore them.  So comfortable, in fact, that I wore the boots almost every day all Fall and Winter long.  I wore them in terribly snowy, slide-y, rotten weather.  I wore them in and out of cars, cooking dinner, blogging, running up and down flights of wet stairs at swim practice with my kids every day, and through airports.

I’m not the sort of person who does all that nonsense in wedge heels, or platforms, or sky high Manolos, I’m just not.  I like a good pair of ballet flats or tall winter riding boots with good tread, but I almost never wear heels in the Winter, it’s just not worth it to me.

comfortable ballet flats

These shoes though, they’ve made me a believer in the worth of expensive, sexy shoes.  Brian James footwear is 100% worth every penny for the comfort of wearing gorgeous shoes that secretly feel a bit like slippers.  Go on, grab a pair, you won’t regret it.

Check out Brian James on Facebook + Twitter , and go buy yourself a pair of sexy shoes, you deserve it.

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