Send a card to someone you love

I’m a card person.  I love getting cards the old school way, in my tin mailbox.  It can turn a blah blah blah Monday into YAY DAY.  (See what I did there?  Shhh.)  But seriously, is there anything better than actual ink to paper mail in a friend’s handwriting?  I’m serious, cards are totally my thing.  I told you all about my love for legit handwritten snail mail few years ago, because I think you should say hello to someone you love every once in a while.

I leave a card for each of my kids when I travel, and love notes to my husband telling him how much I love his sexy manly beard, and on the regular I send cards to friends just for fun to tell them I miss their faces.

It’s a thing.

This is a pile of cards currently sitting on my dining room table, awaiting stamps so they can be sent off to a bunch of someone (s) I love.


send some cards to someone you love


I’ve partnered with Hallmark several times (obviously, I love them) and today I’m super excited to partner with them again to share their most recent awesome venture: Hallmark Card Rewards.  Basically, because you’re fantastic and send cards on the regular Hallmark wants to reward you for being loyal.

Rewards = awesome.


hallmark card rewards


For every 5 Hallmark cards you buy Hallmark will reward you with their stash of gift cards, dollars off discounts, and sweet deals from Hallmark partners.  Plus, you’ll get the inside scoop + sweet deals just for signing up.

And because Hallmark is made of bubbles and sunshine, they’ve sweetened the deal for you.  Not only will you get rewarded every time you buy a handful of cards, each of the first 400 new members (that’s you!) will receive a Hallmark card pack to get your rewards started. The deal is about to get even sweeter: one of the first 400 new members will win $500!


That’s the business.


send a greeting card


Go here to sign up right now, RIGHT NOW, hurrrrrry!  I want each one of you to get a card pack to send to your besties and also, hey, win five hundred dollars.  GO!


hallmark cards

//  This post is sponsored by Hallmark.  Obviously.  My love for the written word, pen and paper, cannot be bought or sold.  Additionally, my devotion and love for Hallmark is legit.  Go check out the Card Rewards business to read all about why you want to be all in this fun new reward card business.  //

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