kid’s shoes.

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{via See Kai Run}

Do you know about See Kai Run? Well I do now, now that I no longer have children to wear these scrumptious shoes. Seriously I know I beat this drum a lot but where were they when I needed them? My little C had such fat feet as a baby that nothing fit. At all. It was a good thing he liked being barefoot because I just didn’t have the heart to ram his squishy little feet into stiff sneakers, {which really weren’t all that attractive to start with, I mean really}. So let’s take a look at the {See Kai Run} facts.

See Kai Run shoes:

  • Are “handcrafted from butter-soft sheepskin leather” {nothing synthetic here folks}
  • Have a “breathable leather insole and lining”
  • Have “soft suede sole with non-slip rubber pads”

  • “Arrives in snazzy silver packaging for easy gift giving

And you’ve seen the shoes. Not only will your kids want to wear them because they’re adorable, their little tootsies will be able to breathe, they won’t slip all over when they try to walk, and they’ll be comfortable. Did you see the Bunny’s? I need a size 9 women, please.

sale $30.40

{See Kai Run}.

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  1. KJ :

    they really are wonderful shoes for kiddos.

  2. Anna :

    i never realized they named shoes after my son!