see kai run giveaway!

It feels about time for another giveaway doesn’t it? I mean, it’s been awhile, so let’s get this party started! And for those of you who don’t really need this giveaway, no worries, I have your back. There’s maybe a big, um, shhhh….. something next week. So don’t stress, I have it all under control.

Meanwhile, for those of you who do need a pair of shoes for your little one, I have TWO pair of See Kai Run Smaller shoes to give away! There are 15 styles to choose from and they range from a size 0-12 months and are valued at around $30 each. See giveaway details below.

Giveaway Guidelines:
  1. To enter the See Kai Run , leave me a comment telling me which See Kai Run shoes you love the most.
  2. Leave only one comment please.
  3. Anonymous comments will be deleted.
  4. One winner will be chosen and announced Friday December 12th on Petit Elefant.
  5. If I don’t hear from you within 7 days to claim your giveaway another winner will be chosen.
  6. Good luck!
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  1. Jeanne :

    I love the Addison shoes – thanks!

  2. Thea :

    Aren’t they all soooo cute! I do love the Lewis. Thanks!

  3. MidCityGal :

    I adore the Tine shoes– my daughter would look so cute in those little ballet flats. Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  4. Jack Attack :

    I have been looking at the shoes for some time. I love the Henry. So cute!

  5. Azúcar :

    I love the Ali. Is it bad I want to put my boys in coral? I hope not.

  6. Jan :

    I love the Peter shoes. They would be perfect on my little grandson!

  7. ky2here :

    I’m loving the Lewis. Please pick me! Come on

  8. Beth H :

    I love green shoes on little ones so the Addison has my vote. BUT…if this little one that’s brewing turns out to be a girl a pair of those super cute mary janes would probably win out!!

  9. Mary512 :

    I like the Nora Boots from the Eleven Collection. Great giveaway, thanks!

  10. ailie :

    The Addison shoes would be perfect on my sweet baby boy. Thanks!

  11. Michele P. :

    I love the Tamar for little girls and the Mazi is such a pretty blue for little boys!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  12. Jenna :

    my favorite shoes are the Monica shoes. So cute! Thanks!

  13. *Meg Larsen* :

    So hard to pick! I like the Oliver, Paul, and Radik…have to keep thinking about which is my first choice :o)

  14. sarah :

    oh how do I pick just one. . .the Tamar shoes are adorable for a girl.

  15. Libby Design :

    The “Nancy” are my favorite for a girl!! They’re all adorable!!


  16. oona. :

    I love the Mazi style of See Kai Run, they are sweetly classic and totally hip at the same time!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  17. Qwill :

    I like the bunny and the Mazi shoes.

  18. Sarah :

    I have to choose one pair I love the most? Gosh, that’s hard. I like the “Lisa” shoes the best! So simple. So cute. So sweet.

  19. dk Buckmaster :

    I LOVE these shoes! Monica is by far my fave – for my little girl growing, due in a month!

  20. Lisa S :

    I think the Tine are so adorable….gotta lova a classic Mary Jane : )

  21. Kathleen W. :

    The Addison are my favorite, with Peter as a second choice.

  22. Wehaf :

    I love the Mazi style!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  23. Alli :

    I love the Avery or the Sylvia! I can’t decide!

  24. Mandy :

    It’s hard to choose but I am going to say the Emilee shoes.

  25. Amber :

    I love the Lisa, and Ali shoes. so cute!!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  26. Kayla C :

    I would absoulotley love a pair of the “Peter” shoes for my handsome lil man!! Thank You so much!! My baby boy does not have a pair of shoes that fits him right and these shoes look so comfy and im sure he would love them! Thank you for considering me

  27. Hannah :

    Those are the cutest shoes! I don’t know which ones I like the most…but I really like the Alis!

  28. Chris :

    I LOve the Jake shoes!

  29. Andrea C. :

    The Addison and Gavins are the cutest – and my baby I’m expecting in 6 weeks would be so stylin’ in either!

  30. Durrett Family Band :

    My heart kinda melted when I saw the Lisa shoes.

  31. C. :

    This is the 4th See Kai Run giveaway I’ve entered and I just have to win this time! Love the Tines!

  32. jenny :

    wow i realy love all there girl shoes and i be happy to have any one of them for my little one thanks

  33. Mysharona :

    I like the Jake

  34. john1948 :

    Could use the Peter shoes here

  35. dreeg :

    I like the Addison.

  36. Shannon :

    I like the ali shoes.

  37. peg42 :

    My favorite is the Lewis shoes. These are just so adorable. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  38. abby :

    I love the Gavins. Super great giveaway!

  39. clynsg :

    I like the Jake–would be great for the soon-to-be born grandson!

    clynsg at

  40. reb :

    I love the tine.

    rebbi511 at

  41. Sam and Lacey :

    I have an Ali spelled exactly the same and love those shoes. But she is too old. I also have a son that we just adopted that would love a pair of the boy ones. Oh so cute!!!

  42. Crazycat :

    I like the Mazi. I love anything blue.

  43. rachel :

    the boy shoes, all of them! my little boy is due in april.

  44. Maiz :

    Ooh! Those Addison shoes are perfect. My 4 year old is on his second pair of J’cito sandals (I don’t see them on the site any more), and they are the best… I’d buy them for myself if they made grownup shoes!

  45. Sarah S :

    I love the Mazi in the smaller size – so cute!!

  46. Erin :

    I love the little Tine shoes and would be very happy to win a pair for our little girl. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Erin H.

  47. Vicky H. :

    I love the Mazi design~


  48. Erik and Megan Pyper :

    I love the Jake and Addison! These are the cutest shoes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Melissa :

    Cute! These would make a great baby gift for my best friend!

  50. Noelle :

    the mazi ones are very sweet they’d fit my hyrum’s feet so neat!

  51. Deb :

    I love the Addison shoes… so darling!

  52. Barbara :

    the rhondas although it was really hard to choose they were all adorable

  53. Andrea H :

    I like the Melody shoes in the smaller line.

  54. Lori :

    Although I worked with a kid named Kai once that was totally lame – these shoes are not. I love the Henry, but I need to be looking at girly shoes now.

  55. mverno :

    the lewis

  56. Mia J. :

    I like the Tine shoes. They are so adorable.

  57. Stacy :

    My favorite are the Paul.


  58. piece of me :

    My favorite is the Tamar style.
    livlifelov at yahoo dot com

  59. Emmi :

    OH! How can I decide?! They all have their own personality, adorable!

    I think I would say that the Monica shoes are my favorite! I love hearts.

    Thanks so much!


  60. danosor :

    The Henry is my choice.

  61. strawberry3d :

    i love the jake shoe.

  62. Potter Family :

    Mazi…mazi…my poor babe gets hand me downs that were hand me downs from the people who gave them to us! He needs something new!! Thanks!

  63. Jennie :

    Wow, after you posted about these shoes, I specifically picked out the Peter ones (how funny that you chose to use a picture of them in this post) as my favorite for my son. I even emailed my husband about them! :)

  64. Stepi :

    I really love the Gavin but the Mazi shoes are a close second!!

  65. Sharon :

    I LOVE “Bunny”!!!
    Thanks :)

  66. Linda :

    I like the “Nancy”

  67. Karen Scoffield :

    I love them all and really can’t pick. One that I did like was the Ali.

  68. Connie :

    It’s a tie between the Tamar and the Rhonda for me.

  69. kdkdkd :

    the Monica, just too precious with those little hearts

  70. moushka :

    Bunny and Rhonda are my two faves! But you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  71. zene34 :

    My older daughter loves the Monica shoes for her baby sister! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  72. outtalent :

    I like the Oliver

  73. Someone Being Me :

    I love the Jake shoes. Too adorable!

  74. Donna R. :

    The Peter shoes would be very nice for my little grandson. Thanks for the contest.

  75. Lisa :

    I love tamar so cute!

  76. Andrea :

    I would love to win the Nancy and the Rhonda shoes…to cute. I love See Kai Run!!!

  77. boba :

    The Bunny style is my fav! They’d be great for winter. Thanks for the contest!

  78. Twincere :

    The Jake shoes would be perfectly fitting for my 8 month old Jake!

  79. vboackle :

    i like the gavin.

  80. Amanda U. :

    I love the Nancy shoes!

  81. cu :

    I love the Monica and the Tamarr, the shoes look great and seem durable and comfortable for the little ones!

  82. Tori :

    I love the Bunny shoes. So cute!

  83. one frugal lady :

    Too cute! I can’t decide between the “peter” or the “rhonda”… we have twins due in January and this would be awesome to win!

  84. Tori :

    I absolutely love the Monica…and they love me back!!

  85. Kristal :

    I like the Rhonda for girls and the Peter for boys! Thanks!

  86. Leah :

    I love the Gavin smaller they are SO cute!!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway

  87. Angel :

    Tine would look so cute on my little girl!

  88. Tuesday Girl :

    The jake shoes are adorable!

    tuesdayef (at) aol dot com

  89. Chris :

    I would have to pick the Monica shoes. So very cute! Thanks!

  90. mogrill :

    I love the Paul’s!!

  91. tarahsfoodreviews :

    The Addison are cute


  92. Kristy :

    Oh, I’m lovin’ the Gavin. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  93. T. :

    I love the Radik ones! :)

  94. Mrs. Olsen :

    I like the Tines. So cute! rebolsen at gmail dot com

  95. Tenille :

    The Addison ones are cute, so are the Mazi ones. How can you pick just one, I’d want them all!

  96. Lisa :

    I love the Peter shoes. They make me want my baby boy that’s due in 2 weeks to come even sooner!!

  97. Lizabeth :

    Peter shoes are for my son – they are adorable! Thx for hosting the giveaway (love giveaways – both giving and winning). Lizabeth

  98. umlauf :

    The Addison shoes are adorable! It was hard to choose a favorite, though.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. 3LittleGirls :

    The Addison ones are adorable

  100. liruco :

    I love the Rhonda shoes, too cute!!

    lrc105 at gmail dot com

  101. Jenny :

    I know the most adorable little twin babies who would look so cute in coordinating peter and nancy shoes.

  102. rick :

    My granddaughter Grace would look cute in the Rhonda shoes.

  103. tribedavenport :

    Baby Gracie would love the Rhonda shoes! :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  104. paula michele :

    I love the Mazi shoes.

  105. CaseyDeuce :

    I really like the Mazi and the Jakes… I just cant decide!!

  106. Jayme :

    i love the Ali shoes. thanks!


  107. Bunny B :

    I love the Jakes!
    bunnybx at gmail . com

  108. dolls123 :



  109. Shari & Andrew :

    My son’s feet would be lucky if he was covered in Peter!

  110. Deirdre :

    I love the Gavin shoes!


  111. Shaunta :

    I think that my little boy’s chubby cheeks would go very well with the Jake shoes! Thanks :)

  112. HollySteffen :

    i like the jake shoes.

    =] but they are all so cute!

    thanks for the fun giveaway!

  113. Barbara :

    I love the Bunny shoes. Pink and furry. It’s an unbeatable combination.

  114. Mistress Meeyee :

    I love the Jake in is 6 to 9 months.I have been trying to win some of these shoes for months!!!Thanks and have a nice week.!

  115. Lady Staples :

    I absolutely LOVE the TINE and NANCY but all of of them are adorable!!!

  116. Paula :

    My favorite are the Gavins and Ali shoes…how adorable are those?

    I hope I win.


  117. Type A Chronicles :

    I love the Jakes… or maybe the Gavin… ok, maybe the Lewis…

    I guess if I HAD to pick one it would be the Jake… oh, it’s so hard.



  118. Tisa :

    I love the Addison shoe! ~ :) Thanks!

    jmagloro [at]

  119. Sara L :

    These are all so cute – how can I choose just one? Ok – Lewis!

  120. RG :

    I like the Peter shoes.

  121. Chelsey :

    I like the Jake shoes in the smaller sizes! So handsome…
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. Sky :

    The Tine are my favorite. I love the strappys. These look like really great shoes!

  123. Nicole :

    Cute shoes!

  124. Melissa, Ryan and Addy :

    I think the little Nancy shoes are very cute! My baby girl would look stylin’ in them!

  125. Anonymous :

    I really like the Nancy ones.

  126. Lu Ann :

    I like the Mazi.

  127. Anya :

    Love the Rhonda pair.

  128. April S. :

    I love the Peter they would be really cute for my nephew.

  129. Krista :

    Choose one??! How do you choose one? I’ve managed to narrow it to two: a top boy choice (Gavin) and a top girl choice (Madison).

  130. Shannon :

    Oh I looove the Peter ones. I love See Kai Run shoes.

  131. Ames Family :

    How am I suppose to choose?! I guess the Nora boots, soooo cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. Jodi :

    I love the Mazi, I also like Peter, but Mazi is my favorite.


  133. Chris and Julie :

    I love the Mazi in Smaller:)

  134. CuckooBoo :

    The paul shoes are so great!

  135. Lisa :

    I love the Jakes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Jennifer M :

    The Tamar are my favorite.

  137. :

    love them all…but i choose Tamar.

  138. Malaika :

    I would love the Nancy for my little girl, thanks!

  139. Baba :

    I love the Monica shoes. They would look so cute on my grand-daughter. Thanks so much for the chance!

  140. Ashpey :

    Love the Addison shoes and just the name Addison!!

  141. valerie2350 :

    Clara :)

  142. Mommyhood is Thankless :

    I love the Peggy shoes!


  143. Kari :

    I love the peter shoes for my new nephew!!

  144. Kari :

    Im also a subscriber!!

  145. Julie :

    I love the Monica shoes!

  146. cheri :

    monica or bunny or….

    mrscheribrown at gmail dot com

  147. tcreid0 :

    OMG! These shoes are sooooo cute! I love the pink Bunny boots!

  148. tcreid0 :

    These shoes are absolutely adorable! I love the pink Bunny boots! Too cute!

  149. Kristen :

    I love the Mazi shoes!! tnajk at cox dot net

  150. Carolsue :

    I love Nancy (9-12 mos)

  151. Jinxy and Me :

    I love the Paul with the Gavin a close 2nd!

  152. klp1965 :

    i love the lewis :)

  153. Amira M :

    I have a hard time choosing between jake and mazi…i am leaning more towards mazi

  154. Rachel Leigh :

    I love the Tamar shoes. They are so precious!!

  155. the fellers :

    I LOVE nancy!

  156. mckay :

    I LOVE the addison shoes, and my new little Asher would rock them. Plus, he doesn’t have any shoes yet, and these would be perfect!

  157. besosforpesos :

    I love the little yuna shoes — My dd has two pair of See Kai Run shoes and I adore them. She also receives compliments on them constantly!

  158. Jennireesa :

    I like the bunny shoes! Too cute.

  159. EILEEN :


    eatien at yahoo dot com

  160. Kathy :

    Aww the Monica are so cute but so are the Rhonda! If I had to choose, it would be the Rhonda.

  161. liliesrnice :

    I love the Addison shoes. My favorite color is green so they are perfect!

  162. MySentimentExactLee :

    I know my son would love the Mazi!

    Lee :)
    leechrista @ gmail dot com

  163. Bakersdozen :

    I love the “Peter” shoes, but they are all darling. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  164. dvice :

    I like Addison shoes the most

  165. Kate :

    I really like the Addison shoes! THanks!!

  166. Jaye :

    These are adorable! And look so comfortable. I love the Rhonda shoes the best.


  167. PsychMamma :

    What a great giveaway! I love the Monica. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  168. Carolyn G :

    I love the Ali shoes.

  169. Helen :

    I like the Tamar pair.

  170. Aisling :

    I just love the Sasha style.

  171. artmarcia :

    My favorite “See Kai Run” shoes are Tamar.

  172. Sara Furch :

    I love the Lisa shoes!

  173. lilyk :

    I love the Emilie shoes!

  174. Kathcolo :

    Love the Addison and Monica…so adorable!

  175. Gianna :

    I love the Mazi :)

  176. betty R.~Simply Southern :

    I REALLY LIKE THE Tamar for little girls..
    merry christmas everyone!!
    added you to blog also

  177. mbeit :

    I love the Jake shoe. They are so cute and will go with anything my son wears.. And hey .. if we have a girl one day she can wear them too. Thanks!

  178. ihchicky :

    The Gavin shoes are my favorite! Thanks for the chance.