running woman.

I figured you wanted to start your day with a photo of my hurting, blistered feet. You’re welcome.

{yes, I gave myself a pedicure in the dark, why do you ask?}

Up to this point I’ve been hesitant to call myself a bona fide runner, but I think I’m there. All the training for the relay in May is starting to get to my body.

And not in an eat-all-the-creamies-you-can-in-one-sitting way, although I’m giving that my best.

Charming couldn’t figure out for the life of him why I took pictures of my bloody and bandaged feet this morning. He still doesn’t understand why I need to post them online. I told him *It’s for posterity.*

So my posterity understands that, yes, mommy did spend some time outside. Running, even.

I’m sorry if I just ruined your Tuesday.

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  1. Elz :

    Wow, that is a badge of honor. I'm hoping my feet won't get so bandaged as I get closer to my half. Right now I'm at 6, so there's not too much need for band-aids…yet. Congratulations!

  2. Boston Mamas :

    War wounds dude. You are rocking it.

    At least you don't have bunions. I am seriously considering surgery some day. They truly cramp my running and stiletto style.

  3. Julie {Angry Julie Monday} :

    Well look at you, Ms. Runner….

    ok, you have really long toes…mine look like Flintstone toes…

  4. Rebecca :

    Lol. Of all the normally covered up body parts to expose on your blog, feet are probably the least offensive.

  5. MiaKatia :

    This is my kind of post for posterity! Yeah for running, which I never do ;)

  6. Mrs. Potts :

    Go you! Now, can you bottle your motivation and sell it to me please?

  7. Camille :

    At least you have proof that you run! That IS something to blog about!
    My feet? smooth as a baby's butt. that's embarrassing.

  8. liz stanley :

    wow! that looks bad! looks like you need a fancy new pair of running shoes that won't hurt your feet. to match your relay outfit of course.

  9. Kami :

    You have the most skinny, dainty feminine feet I've ever seen. Seriously.

    ps. I'm proud of you!

  10. Emily :

    I think your nighttime pedicure looks better than the ones I give in daylight! Your poor feet–they deserve a spa day, don't you think?

    You're rockin' the running world. I'm so impressed!

  11. AshleyB :

    Three (really four words) Blister Bandaids & Blister Block.

  12. Rebecca :

    Good for you for running! My sister got us started running 4 years ago with a 5.5 mile leg of a relay which we've done every year since. It's so much fun! This year, in May, I'm splitting a marathon with my husband. I'm already freaking out!

    What kind of sneakers are you using? I found Brooks to be the best for my feet.

  13. Jaimers :

    put your battered feet on your blog. hooray for you! and hooray for running! we are both part of the gall-bladderless women's running club!

  14. Jill K :

    And THAT is why I don't run.

    Or maybe the reason is because I'm lazy.

    Hope those little tootsies feel better soon!

  15. Amy Mac :

    You should see the pictures I took last year after I crashed while running sprints … let's just say there were stitches involved. I think our blisters and boo-boos are the proof that we're REAL runners, not how fast we run (but maybe that's because I've slowed down quite a bit after that crash:) I always love finding other moms who run- Happy Running!

  16. jules @ The Diversion Project :

    yowser, that looks painful! hope you had a stiff drink and a lie down after that. but seriously, well done!!

    had to laugh at the nail polish comment – reminded me of a text i sent my girlfriends one night, 'touching up your black toe nail polish after half a bottle of champagne = counterproductive'

  17. Jenny :

    Running shoes from a running store are (the more expensive) but only way to go. I am so sorry about your feet. I bet you looked marvelous as you gimped around the house.

  18. Donna :

    I think you need new shoes! I can help in that department, just dont' expect me to go running with you.

  19. Deb :

    You need to get a pair of Asic Kayano's… they are worth every penny and ever since me and my husband started wearing them, we don't get blisters any more. They are amazing!!

  20. Stacy of KSW :

    I don’t know if you’re still having this problem or not but I thought I’d throw in some advice I learned from 11.5 years in the military. When I first started running my feet were so soft & fresh they didn’t hold up well to all the distance running I was doing, Huge blisters formed and well, you know how that feels. The Dr’s gave me moleskin to help keep me on my feet. You cut out the area where your blisters go in and it provides a barrier between your socks, shoes and your feet. That helped a lot but didn’t solve the issue in the first place. Once the moleskin gave me enough relief for the blisters to begin healing and I was some what normal looking again … someone told me to rub vaseline over my blisters. I have no idea why this works but it does. Rub vaseline over the areas where your feet rub on your shoes and it will help with the friction. Over time your feet will toughen up and harden and you won’t get blisters anymore. At least not ones that you will have to bandage. On the down side, your feet won’t be as pretty and lady like as they once were :( Great job, keep it up!