running in the rain.

I’m training for something that I can’t really talk about yet, but am crazy excited to be doing. Crazy excited and just plain crazy all at the same time. But it involves running, lots and lots of running. I needed to go for a run the other day but the weather weather was really crummy; someone on Twitter dared me to go anyway, and I did.

I took a picture so I could show you just how drenched I got. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it just proves I have zero vanity left in my life.

But, in order to train for this thing I’m doing I’m going to need some massive music help. This is the part where I’m on my knees begging for music suggestions. I’m more of a {blushing} rap girl when it comes to running, Michael Jackson just doesn’t get it done for me. Ideas? Suggestions? Play lists? PLEASE?

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  1. vanessa :

    even though hes a punk put some kanye on there

    and jayz

    and i might have to switch you over to punk, i would have a HUGE list for you then

  2. Petit Elefant :

    Oh for sure Kanye, even though he's BA-NA-NAS.

    re: punk. Welcome to my life circa 1995-1999.

  3. ap :

    Lucy (, in addition to supacool workout attire, used to have supacool–and free!–workout playlists on iTunes. Might be worth checking out!
    –ap, a petit elefant lurker

  4. KJ :

    kanye, beyonce, pink, work it mr. schu style with bust a move.

  5. MiaKatia :

    If it weren't for all the swearing, rap would be some of my favorite music! I also like the beats on Vampire Weekend (although again with the swearing)

  6. Trisha :

    on my shuffle right now, for running days is: Girlfriend (Avril), Say Hey (Michael Franti), That's Not My Name (ting tings), Spaceman (the Killers), Black Parade (my chemical romance), and some good MJ of course- how can you not like running to smooth criminal and billie jean? Also, some fast ones by black eyed peas, Lady Gaga (she's great to run to). Also, Shakiras Hips don't lie and She Wolf.
    Maybe there was a song or two for you to add.
    I'm training for something awesome too!

  7. Jen :

    Grace Kelly, MIKA
    My life would suck without you, Kelly Clarkson
    Human, the Killers (this one makes me want to run-dance embarrassingly great workout)
    Video Killed the Radio Star, POTUS
    Hot N Cold, Katy Perry
    Walk On, U2 (weird but I like it.)

    Also, if you look on i-tunes there is a podrunner podcast that sounds dumb when you listen to the sample, but it's actually great for pacing while you run.

  8. jen :

    i've run two marathons and the first one – my playlist started with – don't laugh – but rocky's theme song — it really got me going, because it was just so not me to have it on there – -loved it though!!! and i remember a ten mile run in the pouring rain – the blisters afterwards weren't so pretty! keep up the training – whatever it is! i am jealous – wish i had the time management skills to train for something!

  9. wilkinson_fam :

    I don't know if these are a "fit" for you (not a huge rap fan, myself) but here's some songs on my workout playlist:
    I dare you to move (switchfoot), life is a highway (rascal flatts), proud (heather small), holding out for a hero (jennifer saunders), I run for life (melissa etheridge), I can only imagine (mercy me), The climb (miley cyrus), With arms wide open (creed), stand in the rain (superchic), soak up the sun (sheryl crow), ain't nothin' gonna break my stride (men at work), all the single ladies (beyonce), irreplaceable (beyonce), and AMEN on Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie"

  10. Kim :

    No need to blush! Being a 'rap girl' isn't the same as being "one of those rap guys' girlfriends." I listen to NPR when I run, so I'm no help. Good luck!

  11. Petit Elefant :

    ap: so glad you de-lurked! I'm checking out supacool right now, thank you!


    Pink! Yes, love me some pink. Why is it that all the good ones are a little nuts?


    I know, I'm partial to the uh, cleaned up versions of rap songs. It gets to be a little much.


    How could I not already have Lady Gaga on my playlist? Thank you! And when I finally disclose what I'm doing, maybe we can swap training tips?

    First of all, there's nothing weird about U2, ever. Walk On is one of the greatest inspirational songs of all time. I might have to add it to my play list and see if it helps.


    Fierce or totally bananas, not sure which. ;)


    I think it's awesome that you put Rocky's theme song on. I think I'm going to need that while I run this, whateverI'mDoing. I'm not sure if I'm organized, or crazy!

    Wilkinson Fam,

    Looking up all your songs, thank you!


    I love NPR as much as the next girl but it just doesn't help me get up and move! Rap is an out-of-body experience for me, but in a really good way.

  12. Jenny :

    The Glee version of golddigger is so much better than Lame Kanye. I would get like all the Glee songs.

    I also like these purely for working out purposes…

    Justin Timberlake (sexyback in particular)


    Build me up buttercup by the foundations is not rap, but is a must have for any run.
    Rain makes me want to go for a run. I was a xc runner in like the rainiest place on earth (other than Forks, apparently).

  13. Jamie :

    Some No Doubt usually helps me. I also love an old CD by Anastacia called Force of Nature.

  14. Kami :

    All the Glee stuff that's upbeat and is it horrible to admit that I am loving Miley's song Party in the USA?! cuz I do. :)

  15. marisa :

    Beggin' by Madcon always gets me moving!

  16. Erin :

    you are so fierce!

  17. Jenny :

    Another way to die by Alicia Keys/Jack White.

  18. Camille :

    First of all: you are a doll! dry or drenched!

    And second of all: J Lo! "Let's Get Loud!"
    Black Eyed Peas
    Pink (Fun House!)
    and you can't go wrong with a little ol' school Dre or Dogg… "California"

    I can also introduce you to some fun latin music that will make your feet (and hips) move!

  19. Jessie :

    Ok, I never comment, but I have to share for this one. I've run a few marathons…I hope that is what you are doing…it's the best! I highly recommend. I listen to lots of Usher…the upbeat stuff, Beyonce, and some of the P Diddy featuring people is really good. Hope this helps!!

  20. Miranda :

    I'm quite positive I have that exact same jacket.

  21. pieface :

    The running Anthem "Living on a prayer" by JBJ is my running anthem. Totally gets me rockin' and rollin'.

    "We're halfway there!! … Take my hand, we'll make it I swear!!"

  22. Anonymous :

    you totally need to add some busta rhymes in there and LL cool J…but not his slow stuff. – Claire

  23. Beansoup :

    I'm running the LA Marathon in 11 days and I'm breaking the playlist down by locale… East LA (Los Lobos, Santana, War, Randy Newman)Hollywood (Tom Petty, Ramones, Bad Religion, Concrete Blonde, Red Hot Chili Peppers) Sunset Strip (Tupac, LL Cool J, Flo Rida) Beverly Hills to the finish at the Santa Monica Pier(America, Counting Crows, Weezer, Sublime, 311 and of course the Beach Boys)

    Am I strange or what? Good luck in your endeavor.

  24. beaucourt :

    I actually met you at ALT! I have been reading your blog ever since. I saw your post about music and thought I would share with you my running playlist! You can see it on my blog linked here:
    I can't wait to hear more about what you are training for!