When I was three I had a favorite pair of tights. They were ribbed white tights with ruffles on the bum, and they were the cutest things you’ve ever seen. Sometimes I wore them with a dress, sometimes I wore them alone. I held onto them for years and pulled them out from time to time just to see what I was missing.

When P was born I was determined to find a pair of ruffled something. I looked extensively for ruffled tights, diaper covers, {anything} to no avail and P went through her baby years sadly ruffle-free.

Pa-pa-ta-pa: RuffleButt! I recently became aware of a company that sells a myriad of ruffled things to adorn the bottom of your little girl: ruffled onesies, diaper covers, panties. Ruffle heaven. They are honestly so adorable I want to buy a pair for every little girl I know under the age of five. Do me a favor and buy some for your little girl to make up for the fact that P never wore ruffles. A deprived childhood indeed.

RuffleButts Crawler.
{sizes 3 months-4T}.

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  1. jill :

    Oh how I love these pants! I just love ruffles all over little girls- so sweet!

  2. KJ :

    severe cuteness

  3. Indy :

    I wish I had girls!

  4. Megalopolis :

    My child will not be wearing ruffles on her butt, thankyouverymuch.