Round-Up Of Over 20 DIY Holiday Gifts

DIY holiday gifts for are the best! I would rather get a homemade gift than any other kind.  I never thought I’d say that, maybe it’s a true marker for my age that I’d rather have something someone put time and thought into than a random gift bought at the last second. I still have homemade gifts friends and family made for me decades ago.  There’s something just so thoughtful and warm about using gifts people made with you specifically in mind, isn’t there?

To return the favor, I’ve come up with over 20+ homemade recipes and DIY tutorials for you to use for the holiday season.  All your friends and family will love you (even more than they already do!) when they open up the homemade gift you made just for them. Enjoy!

roundup of DIY holiday gifts
  1. DIY Lavender Body Scrub
  2. Homemade Citrus Body Scrub
  3. Homemade Citrus Coconut Soap
  4. Homemade Neighbor Gift
  5. Make Jeweled Bobby Pins From Old Earrings
  6. DIY Polka-Dot T-Shirt Scarf
  7. How To Make A DIY Stud Wrapped Bracelet With Hardware
  8. DIY Recycled Can Desk Organizers
  9. DIY Chalk Paint Craft Organizers
  10. Boot Cuffs From Recycled Sweaters
  11. Make Your Own DIY Hexagon Earrings With Hardware Supplies
  12. DIY Tea Cup Sleeve With Printable Template
  13. DIY Tote Bag From A Tea Towel
  14. DIY T-Shirt Necklaces With Beads
  15. DIY Bracelet from Recycled Old Brooches
  16. Make Your Own DIY Geometric Earrings
  17. DIY Homemade Cookie Mix In A Jar
  18. How To Make Your Own Home Made Marshmallows
  19. Make A DIY Clay Heart Pendant Necklace
  20. DIY Hardware Bracelet Tutorial
  21. How To Make a Jeweled Collar Necklace
roundup of DIY holiday gifts
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