How to Rock a Sale

If your summer plans include hitting up every great sale that comes along, it’s time you had some training. Might sound silly, but trust me, if you go into a sale with a plan and a purpose, you come out at the other end quicker, happier, and significantly less broke. Let’s eighty-six the buyer’s remorse, mmkay?


There are too many summer “blow-outs” to keep track of, but a personal favorite of mine is the “Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual” which is happening right now! How do I survive that explosion of lace, sequins, and smelly body lotion? These are seven tips and tricks that I have picked up by working in retail and by indulging in (sometimes over-indulging in) sales myself, with pictures from my last semi-annual haul.

  • Know what you want. Check online and see what you are looking for, before you go. I always start with the basics: “I’m looking for a nude bra, black bra, and pajamas.”




  • Go early! You are not the only one looking to take advantage of half-priced heaven, but you can be one of the few early birds.
  • Be prepared to budge. Sometimes the store will be out of the exact item you imagined, don’t let that discourage you – imagine yourself imagining something else.




  • Summer is a great time to buy sweaters and winter is a great time to buy swimsuits, so think ahead!  If you can pick out simple cuts/colors and timeless looks, then you can buy very inexpensive off-season looks.
  • Don’t buy junk! Don’t think, “well, I don’t love this – but it is on sale!” No. If you don’t love it in the store, you won’t wear it ever again. It will take up space in your closet, and it will be a waste of money.




  • Know their return policy. Don’t be heartbroken when you try to take something back – most sales are final.
  • Thursdays are the best. Many stores start putting sales up on Thursdays, to prepare for the weekend.



Keep these tips in mind as you make your way through every electric summer sale!

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