pendant necklace.

If you have your eye on a little something for Valentine’s Day, for yourself, or your best girlfriend, or your mother, look no further.

Aren’t these monogrammed pendants from Ritzy Misfit darling? I love mine. It’s turquoise, and it makes me feel in charge, which I also love.

A portion of each sale will benefit the people of Haiti, so buy up.

{I was given a pendant. And I love it. And I wear it all over town: to market, to market, home again, home again.}

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  1. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    I love mine. I got it at a local boutique she was at. It's so fun to have an "M" around my neck!

  2. Donna :

    Those are adorable! I'll hafta get one

  3. atozmamma :

    OOoo, adding that to my wishlist! So cute. I see a turquoise M in my future.

  4. Jenny :

    I love the colors. I want the scarlet A for my sister as a joke. HA! Only she might not find it funny.

  5. a pina colada :

    These are so great! I just love them and have wanted to get one for some time now…. I think the time has come! :) Happy V-day!

  6. strawberry lemonade girl :

    These are so cool. I'll take that "A" please!

  7. Dorothy :

    Yes, the pendant looks beautiful what a great idea.

    Dorothy from grammology

  8. Petit Elefant :


    Let's coordinate so we don't wear ours the same day. That would be *awkward*. :)


    You really do, get a D, or a C for your wee ones.


    Aren't they darling?


    It's even cuter in real life.


    How weird is it that we're on the exact same mental wavelength? I had to go with turquoise for that very reason.

    Pina Colada,

    You need one, you deserve one, you have to get one!


    Aren't they cool? I love it too.


    It's one of those must own pieces I think. Darling.

  9. The Mumaw's :

    I loved these and HAD to get one for myself!
    Amy Marinello -Mumaw
    I love your blog too:)