Quick Homemade Christmas Neighbor Gift

Christmas just isn’t Christmas until I’ve made my famous homemade toffee.  It’s gotten to the point where if I don’t make it and hand it out as gifts, my neighbors ask if everything is okay at my house.  It really is that good, but it takes enough butter that I only make it once a year.  It’s my favorite quick, homemade Christmas neighbor gift.  And this year I added caramel popcorn for something a little extra delicious.

neighbor-giftHere’s how the whole thing goes down:

  • Use my homemade toffee recipe to make as many batches of toffee as you need. One batch makes about 1 pound of candy, so I make about 3-4 batches to have enough for about 15 neighbor gifts.  This year I added caramel popcorn to the treat bag.  It not only adds extra deliciousness, it also fills out the bag so the homemade toffee goes a little further.  I got about 20 neighbor gifts out of 3 batches of toffee after I added popcorn.

Everyone wins.




  • Using any labels you want (I used Martha Stewart labels from an office store) write out your Christmas / holiday message.
  • Stick label to a cellophane bag before filling.
  • Fill bag with popcorn first, then add a handful of toffee pieces.
  • Fold the top of the bag over and staple in the middle.
  • For a little extra pizzazz, add a strip of washi tape down the middle of the bag.  It will not only add some color, you’ll cover up the staple.  BOOM.
  • Deliver to happy, delighted neighbors.
  • Win at life.


Quick Homemade Christmas Neighbor Gifts neighbor-gifts

washi-tapeThere you go.  Deliver a little bit of handmade, homemade goodness to the people you love this Christmas!



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