Pro Tips for Taking Photos of Kids

My kids are the focus of most of my day-to-day photos, whether I’m just using the camera on my phone, or pulling out my big girl camera.  And would you like to learn something interesting about kids?

They can be very hard to photograph.

photography tipsTake my daughter for example, she’s old enough to know what I want when I’m taking a photo of her, but I usually end up with 10-15 of these before I get 1 “normal” shot.

family photosIt’s hard for me to capture the spontaneous moments of my kids on camera, and I was under the impression that having children pose for the photo you were just trying to grab spontaneously, but didn’t get your cell phone out of your purse/pocket/car fast enough.

taking photos of kids

Me Ra says it’s cool to re-position your kids to have them re-create the magical moment you were striving for in the first place.  Probably neither you nor your children will remember that you took several pictures until you got the right one.

photographing kids

Me Ra shares all sorts of pro tips like that in this book.  Stuff for those of us who need help with settings so we can capture the spontaneous, and tips about light and how to make a buttery background in the photo of your spectacular child.

kids photography book

Your Child In Pictures is choc-a-bloc full of ideas for the average photographer. For the everyday mom and dad who want great pictures of their kids but don’t know quite how to get there.  Me Rah has another book devoted entirely to baby, and has a new book available for pre-order, Your Family in Pictures, which is totally on my wish list right now; I need all the help I can get taking photos of teenagers.  Because they are difficult.

* Me Ra is a dear friend, and this is not a sponsored post of any kind.  The world needs to know about Me Ra and her philosophy on photography, but I get no kickbacks of any kind sharing this with you. Peace out. *

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    Thank you for sharing your family’s personal struggle. In that struggle you have found hope, and you are using that hope to help others. Amazing!