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It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so perhaps your wearing a bit o’ green or downing a Guinness or enjoying some Irish soda bread and corned beef. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you. Several members of our Team Petit Elefant, though, are swimming their hearts out at swim meets. Lots and lots of swim meets, today, tomorrow, and what feels like forever. It’s really something quite amazing, to witness all the hard work, time, sacrifices, physical strain, discipline and pancakes that are shaping these kids. They are developing a skill, a talent, for sure, but also character and stamina and wisdom. And we are tremendously proud of them. Parents who stand by and support these crazy kids? We are proud of them, too. Heck, we are them. Or they. Or, whatever.

swim meet In case you didn’t know before now, swimming is some gosh dang hard work. And in case you haven’t yet seen the new Under Armour ad featuring Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, we are sharing it with you today. Not just for the swimmers in your life, but for all the athletes, musicians, scholars, caregivers and loved ones you know that work their guts out (literally, in this case) to do their very very best, every single time. Frigid pre-dawn practices, meticulous diets, grueling training regimens, thousands of hours of practice, performances, competitions, relentless demands, sleepless nights of study and work. The blood, sweat and tears.  For their defeats, triumphs, and for trying again. For the ones who say “I will.”

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with anyone involved in the production of this video, or the entities represented. No person from petitelefant.com was paid in any way to share this. It just made us feel something. Along with about 3 million other people. And Michael himself reportedly even cried the first time he saw it.

And hey, team Petit Elefant swim thugs: good luck!


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