Playlist you should be listening to today

It’s playlist time.  Well, for me it’s always playlist time, but right now it’s time to listen to a little Fall something, something.  And since I’m currently listening to a great playlist I made on Spotify, I thought I’d share what I’m loving right now.  P.S. if you aren’t already on Spotify, go sign up right now.  My dear friend Jane Maynard made me do it (I’ve been listening to Pandora for years) and I can’t tell you how much I love it.  The basic version is free! (for the fellow cheapies like myself), and  I can make playlists and listen to entire albums on demand.  I can’t get enough Spotify in my life.  Thanks Janey!

sound track

Maybe you’ll love this playlist, maybe you won’t.  Hopefully you hear something new and interesting, and at the very least if you listen to different stuff, the neurons in your brain will fire like crazy and connect to all sorts of new neurons, and boom, you’re already smarter for having read this.

There literally are only about 2 genres of music I hate:  Western (very twang-y) and death metal.  I love everything else.  Every type of music has a mood, and I have a few of those too, so there’s always a playlist in my brain.

In fact, I think it would be pretty fantastic to have a soundtrack to my life.  My teen years would flow nicely in a photo montage to a background of Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine (not to be confused with the amazing blog of my good friend Kristen called Rage Against the Minivan), Nirvana, and Pearl Jam.  College would be all about Bare Naked Ladies, The Pixies, Sublime, MXPX, The Clash, and Stone Temple Pilots.

play list

Do you do this?  Have mental soundtracks that represent each time period of your life?  Right now I’m listening to both Lorde and Bastille round the clock and shamefully, (sort of / not really / kind of) some Miley Cyrus sneaks in every once in a while.  By the way, if you haven’t heard the new Bastille album, Bad Blood, gooooooooooooo.  Look up their performance on Jimmy Kimmel, maybe YouTube has it, and watch your socks actually blow off.  It’s amazing.

Anyway, here’s my Fall playlist.  I listen to this on repeat all day long while I write, and scrub bathrooms and wash dishes, drive the swim team carpool, and sometimes even as I fall asleep at night.  Enjoy!

playlist you should be listening to

Fall Playlist for my Lovers

  • Roar – Katy Perry
  • England – The National
  • Ball and Chain – Social Distortion
  • Lemonworld – The National
  • Lovesick – Lindstrøm & Christabelle
  • Magic – Ladyhawke
  • Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinead O’Connor
  • Raise Your Glass – Pink
  • The Love Club – Lorde
  • The Veldt – Deadmou5, Chris James
  • Under the Milky Way – The Church
  • We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus
  • Safe and Sound – Capital Cities
  • Same Love – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert
  • Pompeii – Bastille
  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk
  • Ho Hey – The Lumineer
  • Cups – Anna Kendrick
  • Counting Stars – OneRepublic
  • I Love  It – Icona Pop

Tell me what you think of the playlist in the comments!  What do you love, what do you hate? What are YOU listening to?  Are there any music genres that make you want to stab people in the face?  Come on be honest, you can tell me.

DISCLAIMER:  There isn’t one.  This post isn’t sponsored by Pandora or Spotify, or anyone else for that matter.  I just thought you might like an awesome playlist.

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  1. donna :

    i love spotify too! i suck at making playlists so i really enjoy the radio station aspect of spotify

  2. 2wellsmade5 :

    I follow and stalk this blog, rarely commenting. However, this is awesome. I dont have Spotify, but will get it. I absolutely love,love your playlist! Our music style is Spot-on(yes,shameless play on words). I am an all-genre kinda gal too. On a side note, I love your story and seemingly carefree style of life. Thanks for sharing :)