Play package giveaway for kids


play kits for kids

I may have mentioned I’m an ambassador for Let’s Play, an organization partnered with Dr Pepper that works double time, around the clock, to bring play to every corner in America.  There are a lot of kids out there without a safe place to play, and Let’s Play works really, really hard to build new playgrounds in cities and states for deserving kids every single year.  But those of you who need a little play right now for the small people in your life, Let’s Play is giving away 3 play packages for kids!  Sweet.

3 winners will receive a “save play” kit which includes:

  • 1 10’ play parachute
  • 1 sand bucket
  • 1 jump rope
  • 1 carton of sidewalk chalk
  • 1 Let’s Play-branded Frisbee
  • “How to Save Play Card”: This card will offer handy suggestions for saving play, including resources like the Playground Finder App and Play Ideas on
  • Creative ideas for active play with sidewalk chalk (e.g. Save the King, Hopscotch, Roman Ball)

Get ready to play!  If you haven’t already taken the Let’s Play Pledge on Facebook, now would be a great time to do it! Every person who takes the pledge gets Let’s Play a little closer to reaching their goal of building a safe place to play for kids all across America.

Giveaway details:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me the craziest thing the short people in your life have said to you lately.  Be sure to leave an email address so we can contact you!
  • For an extra entry “Like” Petit Elefant on Facebook.
  • 3 winners will be randomly selected and announced at the top of THIS POST.
  • Giveaway ends Tuesday June 19th at midnight, MDT.
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  1. Jennie :

    Wow, a parachute? My kids would LOOOOOVE that!!

    Craziest thing I’ve heard….we went outside to play the day after school let out. My 3 year old was riding his bike on the sidewalk, and would turn around in our neighbors drive and ride back. Our sidewalk is a little uneven, and he had gotten stuck a few times, but I told him to push his legs and he would get moving. He turns around, and gets stuck, and this time can’t get moving, so he calls out to me, “Um, Mommy? A little help here!” It was funny, yet slightly smart-mouthed. I totally had to bite my tongue not to laugh.

  2. Barb @ getupandplay :

    My little 3 year old has learned to say, “Oh, alright,” instead of yes or sure or okay. It’s pretty cute.

  3. Emily :

    Sweet! My 3 year old says “instead” a lot, which is pretty funny. She also tries to sing “We Are Young” and says the middle part sounds like a clown song. . . . haha.

  4. Marion :

    I think the craziest thing my kids have said lately is when my 4 year old stopped dead and said, “O. M. G.” when something surprised him. Appropriate pauses and everything. HA!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Theresa :

    All three of my girls have one point over the last week listed reasons why baby #5 can’t be born this week – he is due today. I have heard everything from “I don’t want to share my birthday (which I get)” to “No one does my pony like you do, Mom”. The topper was at dinner last night where my 5 year old announced that “everyone better eat up and enjoy because Daddy only makes bagels”. Love those little people!

  6. Theresa :

    Have LIKED you on FB 4ever!

  7. Laura Payne :

    My 3yo (the youngest of 6 daughters) told me that she couldn’t show off her freshly-painted nails at pre-school because “they’re just fingers and fingers don’t fit in the basket.”

  8. Paula :

    My 3 year old came up to me and out of the blue said — “Mama, do you know what you can get from strangers?” “Um”, I say, my brain ringing with huge alarm bells and struggling not to say the answer I would give a teenager, “what baby? what can you get from strangers?” “Beans, Mama, Magic beans that grow and grow and then you get a giant and gold and gooses and…” Whew, just a flesh eating giant stranger – it is all about perspective.

  9. Elizabeth Thompson :

    My daughter yelled in alarm from the backseat one day when she was 2, “I can’t see my neck!!!”

  10. Mimi :

    Out of the blue one day recently, my 5 yr old daughter announced from the back seat of the car: “I live on an asteroid.” Very straightforward, deadpan, and serious. I’m just glad she’s visiting here on earth for a (hopefully very long) while!

  11. Aarika :

    My 5 1/2 year old nephew is super chatty and lived primarily in Australia his whole life until recently relocating to Ohio. He likes to reintroduce himself to everyone he meets, even if he saw them a few hours before. One of our family friends stopped by his house and he stared at her then said, “Um, excuse me, but have we met somewhere before?”

  12. emilie p :

    MY 5 (almost 6) y/o uses the word abomination a lot. She usually uses it correctly too, but she has a serious lisp (we’re working on that), so it usually sounds really funny. Unfortunately when she is saying abomination, she really DOES NOT want you to laugh, so it amps the drama up even higher

    emiliepecka at gmail dot com

  13. emilie p :

    i “like” you on FB

    emiliepecka at gmail dot com

  14. Bethany :

    My 3 year old and I were talking about getting big and growing up. He said getting married was something you do. I asked him who he was going to marry. “You, mommy.” was all he said. Love the things they say.

  15. Amanda :

    My two year old daughter is obsessed with construction sites right now. Whenever we pass one, she points out all the different pieces of equipment. Passing a site the other day, she explained to me that Daddy fixes the cranes (he doesn’t – he works in an office), Mommy fixes the excavators, and she (my daughter) fixes the port-a-potties!

  16. Rik :

    My son can barely talk, but the funniest thing he says is… instead of “Fish” he says “Shoes”. It’s hilarious! He’s got the “Shhhh” part right at least! :)

  17. girlsmama :

    “Mommy, you are so soft and fluffy. Just like a big pillow pet.” My 5-year-old daughter. Sometimes you just have to own your fluffiness.

  18. Prism :

    Smallone: “Mom, does our house smell like brownies?”
    Me: “no.”
    Smallone: “well, it should!”

    (Which I have to admit, IS a really good point!)

  19. Suzanne :

    My little boy loves to say, “oh banana” and it just makes me laugh! My little girl who is 2 loves to run through the house yelling Batman.

  20. Suzanne :

    I like you on Facebook

  21. Cassie :

    Talking to my 9 year old son the other day about when I went to college, etc. His next question…Well, I don’t want to be nosy mom but did you and dad go on a honeymoon? I told him yes that we went to St. Louis. Him: Did you watch any games? Me: Yes. That was it. Glad that’s as nosy as he got about the honeymoon. lol

  22. Jen M :

    My four year old came up behind me and grabbed my bum. I told him not to grab my bum and he replied with, “but it’s so chubby I just have to grab it!” Nothing like a kid to keep you humble.

  23. Jen M :

    I already like petite elephant on facebook

  24. Caroline Teeple :

    The craziest thing the short people in my life have said lately? A few days ago I was putting the grocery cart away after loading groceries and two of my three short ones (ages four and almost eight) into the car. As soon as I opened the door to our SUV they screamed “Mom is stupendous!” As loud as they could. They scared me, they certainly startled everyone else in the parking lot within earshot, but it was so random and priceless…

  25. Kendra Wright :

    My baby is 12 months and says the common words that babies his age say, like dadda and mama and MoMoMo(more) but his favorite thing to say is “Vroom Vroom” We could just go sit outside and watch cars go by all day long. He is obsessed and compleltely fasinated with vehicles!

  26. Kendra Wright :

    I’m following you on facebook!

  27. Molly B :

    My three year old said, on the way to pee-wee camp, that he hoped “to kiss a baby wolf”. Luckily, he did not!

  28. Molly B :

    I like you on facebook!

  29. Erin B :

    My 2 year old has been prompted by my husband to walk into rooms and say “Whats happening” With arm actions and all…

    Also the other day when asked what she was going to play with she said toys of course.

  30. Jamie :

    Not that my kid has said anything but the look on his face…….

    Taco night last night so I text my son to let him know everything is ready. He gets home just as I’m putting things away so I get it all back out again and Dylan sees the bowl of avocado (almost empty) that I had mashed up.

    He’s like “is that guacamole?” and I said “well not really. I was gonna use this last bit as a face mask cuz there’s not much left”. So as he’s making a bowl of taco salad, I spoon a big glop on my hand so he can have the rest and then I start smearing it on my face in the middle of the kitchen and he’s just looking at me like I’m crazy.

    My face is seriously covered in green avocado slime…but it’s soooooooooo good for your skin. I’m still crackin up at the look on his face. ;)

  31. girlsmama :

    I like you on FB!

  32. Colby :

    My daughter has taken to using the word “actually” when correcting me. With hands on hips, she tells me, “actually, Mom….” I can’t help but laugh!!

  33. Brooke :

    I’m on vacation with my family right now and my three year old is reading the hotel Bible and she just closed it and said, “And they all lived happily ever after” ha!

  34. Brooke :

    I like Petit Elefant on Facebook

  35. Dawn :

    My short person has only a few words in his vocabulary, but he makes them work hard. At the moment, all animals other than dogs are “goats”.

  36. Lydia :

    My 3 year old son watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time this past week. When the Beast transformed at the end he exclaimed “He’s a boy princess!!”

  37. Lydia :

    I like you on facebook.

  38. Missy :

    My 3 year old daughter witnessed me spill my water all over the floor. She put her hands on her hips and exclaimed “oh mama, you made a terrible mess”.